April 4, 2017

Looking for you ....

We're looking for you,  are you still here?
Well, it's been awhile ....
Like over two years awhile!
I'm not even sure I remember how to blog, 
things have changed a bit, 
hopefully, it'll be like riding a bike.
Maybe, maybe not.

(photo by Danielle McKeever)

Once I discovered Facebook, I got out of my blogging routine ...
and then came Pinterest, right behind that Instagram.
Needless to say ... I miss you and blogging!

I feel like a lot, but nothing, has happened over the past years. We've experienced the ups and downs 
that go hand in hand with life.
Birthdays, vacations, finding lost relatives and losing some.
Happy times sprinkled with some sad.
Exciting and some ho-hum. 
I'd like to share what's been going on and hear all about what's new with you!

How about you go first? 
Tell me what you've been up to, what have I missed?
Leave a comment so I can find you again, I'd love to visit and  
I'm all ears ....


December 23, 2014

I think it's time .....

I think it's time to stop and take a break ...

I think it's time to NEST and enjoy the season!
Wishing you PEACE and time to nest ...
xoxo Jill

December 16, 2014

Recent finds ...

If you're like me, you can completely appreciate an old snippet of needlepoint ... and rarely do I pass one up when I find it at the bottom of an unwanted pile of scrap material.

In my opinion, the dedication and artistry spent on creating these treasures should not go unappreciated ... although rarely without a missing stitch, stain, or imperfection - usually caused by age, these are beautiful reminders of a simpler time.

From now on, I think it will be my personal goal to rescue everyone I can find.
What do you find beauty in and are willing to rescue?