January 3, 2010

Silver Sunday No.1

Silver Sunday ... what a fun way to start a New Year ... shiny and new ... SILVER !! ... okay, maybe dark and tarnished is favoured by some {most?} ... but I've resolved to look on the bright side of life {New Year's resolution No.102} ... here are two of my most favoured pieces. A large round vintage champagne bucket and a vintage silver trophy vase.

This champagne bowl is huge, it can be used for many purposes ... not just for champagne, but holds 52 juice boxes nicely! ... that lil' Gypsy Prince knows how to party in style ; )

Right now I have it sitting on the shelf in the pantry, tucked in with my hammered tin collection ... I like the contrast of various tones of silver and metals combined.

I may be borrowing our hostess' idea this summer and using it for a large succulent garden container, I think that would look awesome ... thanks Beth!

My other favorite piece is this trophy vase ... it gets used year round moved from room to room, filled with different flowers and greens ... I recently had it in the living room for Christmas, but it has now made it's way back to the pantry.

While we are here for Silver Sunday ... I wanted to say thank you to two of my fab friends this morning and share with you a few very special gifts that were bestowed upon me this past holiday season from them ...

first our hostess, Beth gave me a copy of this incredible magazine .. let me just tell you now, I'm in LOVE ... with this publication! I know most of you have seen it before, but if you haven't, do whatever it takes to get yourself a copy ... whatever it takes, trust me!

Notice Beth's attention to detail? See how she wrapped the gift so pretty in the French-Nordic style ... simple vintage music sheets, tied with natural twine, a piece of greenery and vintage tinsel to top it off ... simple perfection.

Here is another example of Beth's attention to details ... check out the cool necklace she recently made for me ... I LOVE it! ... you can see more of her jewelry designs here ... isn't it wonderful to have such a talented and generous friend? I'm truly blessed.

I'm also a lucky girl to be blessed with the best blogging buddies ... check out this pretty surprise package I had the honor of finding in my mailbox Christmas week ... yummy silver and brown wrapping !!

My gift came from Debra at Common Ground ... take a look at this sweet collage she made especially for me ... talk about making someone feel extra special ... this will do it!

A wonderful assemblage of vintage papers and images .... roses and birds, children on sleds.

A glittered "J" for some bling ... a butterfly above a mother and daughter, all tucked into a vintage frame. Debra told me she doesn't consider herself an 'artist', I have to say I disagree ... her talent and kindness from her heart are of great inspiration ... thank you dear Debra!

There are many party girls getting down with Silver Sunday ... get out your silver and join the party ... see ya there ; )


  1. What a "gorg" collection...hammered aluminum..love love love it!...and I know we will be friends even when we ourselves are Sexy Silver Sistas!
    love ya

  2. Oh, I LOVE that silver trophy! See, I never would have thought of putting flowers in it or like Beth's succulent garden!

    Such lovely gifts you received! I really like the necklace :)

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. That trophy vase looks fantastic with all the flowers in it!

  4. Hi ho Silver...tarnish away!

  5. The Champagne bowl is gorgeous...I can see it filled with cold coronas next to the pool during those hot summer days...Beautiful gifts, you are blessed to have such wonderful friends. Happy Silver Sunday Jill....

  6. I love that magazine too! And your silver is stunning.

    Happy Silver Sunday. Blessings... Polly

  7. Jill...you are loved and I can see that your silver is also!! Love the flowers in the trophy!!
    Happy Silver Sunday Sweetie!! xOxO Nerina

  8. Jill, I am loving your silver, especially that champagne bucket filled with hydrangeas, I have one myself, now I am on the hunt for the dried flowers to fill it, you think it would be rude to "borrow" some from a kind neighbor? :) I love your gifts too, I am addicted to that magazine too and I totally agree with you...Debra is an artist! What a beautiful collage piece she made for you! Besos, Rose

  9. hi...i just found you and love your blog. great silver pieces!

  10. Just hopped over from Beths for the party... love both of your silver pieces! I've never seen a champagne bowl before, it's so gorgeous! I love the trophy vase too and yes you are a lucky girl to have such good friends! I'll be back soon ~ Theresa

  11. I love your trophy vase. I would be using it all over the house too! And yes, you do have some wonderful giving friends. Your gifts are fantastic!

  12. I ~heart~ that great big silver bowl and trophy vase... what treasures I am finding today!

    blessings... Dixie

  13. Wow such pretty silver! I will buy a trophy vase if I ever see one, yours is so pretty with the flowers! Thanks for sharing and look forward to next Sunday.

  14. I must say that your pantry is awesome! Wish I had one. (sigh)
    I love your silver collection, it's all so lovely.


  15. Oh yes, that punch bowl is something else to look at and so is your beautiful trophy vase. I just love that tarnished gray patina that forms on those silver pieces. Yours truly are gorgeous! Keepers for sure.

    Robin's Egg Blues

  16. I'm in love with the trophy vase. It's a gorgeous piece! Looks like you have a wonderful collection of silver in your pantry. Look forward to seeing what you show next week.

  17. Love this idea - seeing it everywhere this evening - too late for me to "play" today but I just grabbed three adorable super round soup spoons at a thrift shop yesterday.
    Hope to jump in next Sunday.

  18. Lovely post, I adore that trophy urn turned vase, gorgeous! The magazine looks very interesting!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  19. Wow - LOVE that gorgeous old champagne bucket!

  20. Hi Jill!
    Love your collection...you have some fabulous pieces! This Silver Sunday idea is really fun...looking forward to next week....wheels are turning! :)

  21. I love the trophy vase. Your collection is wonderful...julie

  22. Hi Jill, thank you for the sweet compliment, so glad you like it! And WOW your butler's pantry is amazing. The Punch bowl, how wonderful! I missed out on SS this last Sunday, but I signed up for next weedend!

  23. Beautiful silver, especially the champagne bowl. So unusual and versatile. Such sweet gifts from blogland too! Looking forward to your next silver post ~ Angela

  24. Hi Jill ~

    You know that silver Tree Topper is All Glass, I actually bought it last year after Christmas at my Target Store ~ I think it was 90% off.... for that little Treasure to still be there, it Must have been meant for Me~
    See Ya Next time on SS

  25. I finally found a small silver trophy for myself. They aren't easy to get. Lucky you for getting a copy of THE magazine. I hope to be able to get one on eBay some day.

  26. I love the silver - especially the trophy vase! And what wonderful gifts you got!! I simply must get one of those magazines....

  27. Hi Jill:
    I think I really like your trophy vase, too. Oh, and I'm not even going to mention your pantry...sigh!
    Debra is one talented artist...I don't care what she says! I love her beautiful use of a double frame.
    See you soon.

  28. I love your trophy vase! It looks gorgeous filled with the hydrangeas! The champagne bowl is awesome too and what lovely gifts you have received!



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