April 16, 2009

I can't resist ... my sugar indulgence!
These pictures are sweeter to me than any chocolate Easter bunny!

I know I promised Flea market fun from Arizona ... but I had to sneak this in, I'm such a proud Mama ... my little guy looked so handsome Easter day, I wanted to eat him up ... love the older/teenager/adult kids just as much, but let's be honest, at some point they lose that quality of wanting to eat them up - plus they don't want to be eaten anymore!
So, I'm taking all the nibbles I can get while I can ... YUM!

Hope your Holidays were full of sweet nibbles!
Now back to flea markets ...
I swear I can get through 4 markets faster than I can edit through photographs!

p.s. see the painted buffet in background? ... will soon be for sale, keep your eyes open etsy shoppers and yard salers!


  1. Ohhhh how cute is he?! I see sugar sweet rebellion in his adorable little eyes..tee hee Just like his momma.

  2. he's precious..I love that age...when chocolate and plush are the best things in the world....wait! they still are!!! well, chocolate is.
    have a great day...and enjoy your nibbles!!


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