April 21, 2009

Ok...so if you didn't notice, this is a somewhat older post....sorry girls...I guess I kinda cheated?...give the newbie a break, I just signed up yesterday, sheesh.

Anyhoo...I really, really wanted to participate, so I did...but these are the only "before" and "afters" I have at the moment. I am always so excited to get busy on the "after" I don't take the time to do the "before" round ... PATIENCE...not my middle name.

My latest junk creations have been The Gypsy Slip {I'm giving one away this weekend} and Jewelery at Sugar Sweet Rebellion.

I do love the whole process of taking some one's trash and creating it into "treasure" ... I'm off to check out all of your wonderful creations.

Thanks for looking!!

p.s. the revamped chest sold the following week at my yard sale to my next door neighbor for over $200. I can't disclose the amount I paid because she reads this blog ... let's just say "she" doesn't shop at Goodwill ... thank God ; )

Saturday yard sale finds and a quick afternoon "before and after" furniture project.

I only managed to hit one yard sale this weekend on my way to the grocery for milk. Took me 10 minutes to shop, make my pile,pay, load up the truck and be on my way ... I do love that! I find it frustrating to spend an entire morning driving around in circles with nothing to show for it! Patience is NOT one of my best qualities!!

So I was pleased as pie with my loot ... very industrial items, rusty metal, square edges, nothing very romantic today
{except for the vintage ice-cream scooper}

A small wood step ladder, perfect shade of weathered gray ...
will make a perfect display piece for linens.

Vintage ice-cream scoop with lime green handle, fun!

An orange, rusty, metal toolbox ... I see it's future covered with painted flowers ...

A shabby white tin wall cabinet with shelves ...more painted flowers perhaps?
or maybe "LAUNDRY" written on the front?
Would be a nice piece for a vintage inspired wash room to store away detergent, etc.

Old olive green wonderful patina metal file drawers.
I think this may be my favorite ... especially the hardware, just waiting for cute labels!

After I put away my loot I decide I needed to tackle one project for the day ... this antique cedar chest was a find from a local Goodwill store and has been residing on my back porch waiting for me to come to the rescue ... hold on Mama's comin'!

Before Shots

Lovely carved detail.

Two coats of paint and a little distressing ... Huge difference!
I almost stopped here.
I was going for a warmer rustic look .... this was still too white and soft.

A coat of stain rubbed on and then off.
Heavier distressing and I'm done!

After shot

I'm pleased with my results, so was The Man ... he thought we should
"keep this one".
I do love it, but I 'm going to part with it.
If I keep all the ones I like there won't be any room for more projects to keep me busy!

Speaking of keeping busy, we are getting ready for a town wide yard sale here on May 2nd,
I'll post more details later .... if you are anywhere in the Southern Jersey area, you do NOT want to miss this event!!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and found some time to treasure hunt!


  1. Can't wait for the yard sales....love this chest...superb!

  2. You did a fantastic job on the chest - love it!

  3. OMG! THIS is SO up my alley! I love it! You rock and so does your creative eye! (I see you, I see you..) LOL! Anyhow, thanks for joining in on the junk party...it was worth the wait for your sign up. Love your blog and can't wait to see more!

  4. Hi, first time Junk Partyer here! I wish I could refinish and distress furniture like that. That chest looks like a million bucks! I like the little file drawers too. I picked up 2 from the curb, and they didn't look like much, but they weighed a TON!

  5. LOVE your blog layout...VERY Artsy, just how I like it! Your chest is awesome (the one in your post, heehe!) The detail is really something!

  6. Love what you did with that cedar chest! It's absolutely fabulous.


  7. Very nice transformations. You got some skills.

  8. Nice job! My husband always wants to keep my latest project too. It's sweet! But like you I just want it out of my way so I can move on to the next thing!


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