April 11, 2009

Wishing all of you a happy and blessed Easter,
from our home to yours.

We will be enjoying time with family and good friends,
I hope you are able to do the same ...

We have a yummy menu planned and have
been cooking and baking most of the week!

My son is home from college, my daughter on her way
home from her Senior trip to Florida,
{I understand she's bringing home a pierced bellybutton as a souvenir}
and the little guy has been Mommy's helper!

I can't wait to share my next post with you,
I'm still going through hundreds of pictures!
We had a great time exploring Arizona last week,
I found a few flea markets,yard sales, and swap meets.
But it was the beautiful landscape
that stole my heart this time around!

Till then ... enjoy your weekend,
Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

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