May 20, 2009

The carousel of life

Do you ever feel like you are spinning in circles on a fabulous carnival ride ... whirling, twirling fast ... lots of bright colors ... music filling the air ... all fun and exhilarating? Well, that's how I have been feeling for the past couple of weeks ... to be honest, It's ALL GREAT ... but this old gal is a little dizzy and a bit tired ... sometimes I'd rather be sitting on the bench holding the bags, eating funnel cake, and people watching!

So many positive and rewarding moments have occurred during the past month, a lot regarding my amazing daughter who is graduating from High School this year ... very bittersweet watching her meet goals and milestones in her young life.
Graduation,Prom,Varsity Lacrosse,Sr. trip,College,Driver's license {finally!}
I'm so proud of her, she has had many struggles, but has come through beautifully!

In my spare time {ha!} I have been diligently working on new jewelry designs, something I haven't done in awhile ... I have really missed being totally absorbed in the creative process ... I have TONS of new vintage items to work with ... keep your peepers open, I will soon be listing them for sale here and of course you can always find them in person here!

Here's a little sneak peek ...

Hope all of you are enjoying your ride on the carousel of life !!

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