May 22, 2009

Couldn't wait to share what I've been working on!!

I tend to be one of those type "A" personalities ... everything has to be "perfect" {details,details,details} to my eye before I feel comfortable presenting a new product line.
Well, I'm taking a leap of faith here and trusting that you'll love these new slip dresses as much as I do, even though they still need some tweeking here and there!!

Some still need embellishments ... lace, velvet ribbon, or a rhinestone or two.
Others only need their photograph done.

I have made over 45 of these dresses ... in sooooo many yummy colors ...
faded violets, pale pinks, muted greens, sea glass blue, and so on.

One batch made it up to the shop last week for our Gypsy Soiree night,
I wanted to get a "preview" for how/if the customers would like them ...
well...the customers didn't get a chance at them!
The "Shoppe Girls" swooped in first and ...
two went to Beth
one to Cory
and FOUR to Stephanie
leaving one for our customer Dolly to purchase!
{I'm glad I wore one that night, I would have been out of luck!}

I'm doing my best to get all of these cuties up on line over the next week or so ...
But I really couldn't wait to post a few pics on these new dresses coming soon!!


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