July 10, 2009

I went to the the flea market last week and it was AMAZING!
It was one of those trips that I was working with limited time and funds, but the vendors had EVERYTHING I was looking for ... I was only able to accomplish a few rows and spend only a few extra minutes with my favorite sellers.

I did find what I was in search for that day ... vintage rosaries and such for jewelry making ... and basically blew all my spending money in one spot. Probably a good thing ... if I had seen the things I liked, but wasn't shopping for I would have bought those instead and then really been in trouble

This gentleman always plays Irish ballads on his stereo and he speaks with such a heavy Irish accent, I swear you feel like you are in another land when doing business with him.
This week he had tables and tables full of vintage fabrics {this is only a small portion}
I was so close to tears and it must have shown ... he looked at me and said "what's the matter darlin'?" in his thick brogue ... my reply was "I'm out of money, really, and I want to buy some fabric" as I stared longingly at the tables piled high to the sky ... to my shock, he offered to let me pick out whatever I wanted and put it back in the truck so that he could bring it back for me next week and I could pay then! I swear it! These guys don't do that, they want the money from the first person who will give it to them!! You know where I'll be next week ...

Cute poodle purse ...

Lot's of junk ... but do you see those two tall creamy chippy paint wrought iron lamps on the left ... yeah, those would have went home with me ... if I had money ...

This lamp, too ... this was just the base, the top was pretty as well .... I would have snagged this for $10, if I had had ten dollars ....

Well, it was a good trip ... you never know what you will find,
hopefully next week will be as good as this one ... I will bring extra cash!!

Next topic: I've been tagged by my newest blog buddy Nerina at NicNacManiac!
Nerina gave me a nice blog award {see my last post} a little while back ... I didn't know it came with strings attached!!
Then again doesn't everything!?
Hmmmm ....thank you, Nerina ....
Now I'm suppose to divulge ten things about myself that you may not know about me.

Let's go ...
{these are in random order as they come to mind,
not on level of importance, in case you were wondering}

1.)I can't stand lint, I carry a lint brush everywhere I go and do not carry a hairbrush.

2.)I'm TERRIBLE at keeping in touch with people, horrible, the worst.

3.)I don't like chatting on the phone

4.)I met my husband thru an on-line dating service, the service didn't cost anything back then ... so I guess you could say I got him for free?

5.)I am an only child, may explain my inability to share.

6.)I don't let my children help decorate the Christmas tree or hang their handmade ornaments on it, I know it sounds mean and my mother-in-law thinks it's a disgrace...but, I'm way too much of a perfectionist...when I have a vision I don't want it messed with. I'm getting better ... I have set up a tree in the foyer and they can do whatever they want to that one...it's all theirs!!

7.)I will never get out of bed at 7:13am or on the wrong side of the bed {the side I'm not sleeping on} I'm sure I'll have a bad day if I do either of these two things...I have no clue how this all began, none.

8.)I love to read and read every night in bed.

9.)I have lived in 4 different states, 2 different countries, and way too many different homes to count.

10.)My favorite flowers are peonies

Here are the next four people I'm tagging ... have fun and don't think too hard about your answers!!





Have a HAPPY weekend!


  1. so, what flea market did you go to? that was Phillip you were speaking of. he has the greatest stuff! did you go to columbus on thurs? let me know and i'll meet you at a flea market sometime! two jersey jypsies hitting the flea!

  2. Jill, You are a riot, Your secrets about yourself cracked me up! Especially the restrictions on your Christmas Tree Decorating! I sat here just chuckling to myself. I too have admired your Shops and just love all your custom hand stamped ribbons and your slips are charming. I have you marked a favorite too, and will pop on back often.
    Hugs, Diane

  3. First of all, Love love the blog background and header....fabulous!!
    Secondly, great vendor, obviously he has the hots for you and wants to see you again!!
    Lastly, we have a lot in common, I am a bad friend, don't call or write, they contact me. I also don't let anyone near the tree, they usually go out and come home for the big reveal, many years of tears have taught them. I read every night & day for that matter and hate chatting on the phone. Way to go for getting your husband for free. Hope it was a great deal!!
    Have a fantastic weekend xOxO
    Hugs, Nerina :)


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