July 23, 2009

It's A blog party!!
"Share your creative space" hosted by Karen Valentine from "My Desert Cottage"
Let's get this party started ...

Welcome to my favorite corner of the studio.
I have this area set up on our sun porch ... it over looks the garden, play yard, and pool area ... perfect for watching the Gypsy Prince playing outside in the yard and me creating all at the same time.

Oh yeah right ... that's in my "make-believe-dream" world!!
The little guy is usually playing trucks or coloring right under my feet or at my elbows, begging for a snack!

The porch is surrounded by windows ... tons of natural light ... but, no heat or air conditioning.
{when it gets too cold I'll move to another room in the house,
basement, attic,dining room ... I've used them all}

I usually open both doors on either end of the porch to let the breeze blow through ...

Every now and then the chipmunks will get lost in a game of chase and come flying through one end to the other ... scared the "*#!%" out of me the first time it happened!!
I thought they were squirrel babies ... I have a strange squirrel phobia
{I'll save that for another post!}

I have a bird feeder hanging from a cherry tree nearby ... lots of activity and bird song.
It really is a peaceful spot {at nap time} to work in,
you get to enjoy all the seasons ...
I especially like when it is a rainy day ...
on those days I like to stretch out on one of the vintage sofas and read a favorite craft or design or home magazine.

This area I work mostly on jewelry ... lots of this and that to choose from ...
everything from rusty and tarnished to rhinestone and sparkle.

I've had these antique bottles for some time .. I've been wanted to make "something" with them ... I see all sorts of ideas on blogs and in magazines ... there just never seems to be enough time to do it all!

Drawers and drawers full of "treasures" to create with.
The greatest fun for me is hunting for unique objects to work with,
sometimes I have a hard time letting go of all the goodies!

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek into my corner of creative space ...
I'm posting a day early so that I can spend tomorrow poking my nose around all of your FABULOUS work areas!!


  1. Yay! You are the first creative space I've looked at! And I fell INSTANTLY in love! Oh I could spend hours just gazing at all your delightful treasures! I'm hooked and I'm following!
    Great job! It's just beautiful!

  2. Love your blog, so glad I stumbled across it!! Janna

  3. This space is so inspirational with the large windows and airy feel...very pretty. I see why you are so creative. Lots of goodies to choose from and right at your fingertips!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Enjoy your blog crawling!!
    Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

  4. That´s a gorgeous studio space you have! I love it - so inspiring. Full of beautiful things and I can imagine the light is just magic. I love working in our conservatory too, there´s nothing like natural light.

    Bye Kirsten

  5. I could live on that sun porch morning, noon and night! So incredibly inspiratonal...what a beautiful and enchanted spot to create!

  6. Oh, what a fabulous space! I absolutely see why you choose to create on that porch. It is beautiful, light and airy! I love all your creations and the dress form, too! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow! So glad you joined the party so I could find you! Great Space! Love those treasures! Thanks, for sharing! Hugz, Z

  8. Hey Chickadee!
    Oh lala soo pretty and chick! I would love to create there too!!!
    Big mermaid hugs


  9. Your studio space is just wonderful and I love vintage finds. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks for sharing your wonderful space!!!

  11. Nothing quite like a light-filled porch room for creating and dreaming. Your chipmunk story made me laugh out loud! Hope you'll have a chance to visit my little corner of the world! Just link through Karen's invitation list to find me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Such beautiful things made in a beautiful space! I have become a follower. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I'm glad to see a another blogger KINDA close to me -lol!
    Looks good.


  14. OOOOOO LA LA!! Gorgeous stuff and lovely space! Very, very inspiring! Beautiful. Simply Beautiful!


  15. What a fab place to create! I love natural daylight, too bad you cannot use it all year around, but perhaps you can heat it in the future. That frame with all those goodies, mmmmmm yummy!
    Thanks for sharing, I will be back, this is not a threat but a compliment, I like your blog!

  16. What an absolutely dreamy place to work!!! I love the fact that you are surrounded by nature! I would never leave that room. Especially during a rain storm. (Those are so precious out here) Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful porch.

    My Desert Cottage

  17. What a beautiful space you have! I have been in your Etsy shop quite a few times, lots of pretty things :) Thank you for sharing

  18. glitz and glam and bling oh my, Your space is Gorgeous!

  19. Your space is beautiful and full of light. Simply gorgeous.

  20. Oh gosh I love everything!! How fabulous that you are set up on your porch, with all those beautiful windows. I really enjoyed looking at all of your vintage treasures. Everything is displayed in such a pretty way that it looks like a charming boutique!
    Thanks for the tour.

  21. Gorgeous! I love your pretty porch space. Thank you for sharing and have a sweet weekend.

  22. Oh my gosh, I am drooling! your sunlit space is gorgeous! Love your jewelry- cool blog, I'll have to come back for more. Thanks for sharing this!

  23. Oh, I love your porch. How could you not be inspired by such a lovely place! I don't like squirrels either...we have lots but they are spooky! Thanks for sharing you beautiful space.

  24. Wow, working on a sun portch with all that vintage bling, lucky you!!!! Come on by and visit my studio at:


    I am lovin' this party!!!!

  25. Oh be still my beating heart. Your studio is DIVINE!

  26. Oh Wow! What an absolutely fabulous place to play! Love, love, love it!! Love your blog too!

    Cathy ♥

  27. How romantic, enchanting your space is! I just want to be one of those chipmunks that run through! LOL They really just wanna see what you are up to, ya know! They remind me of little "hot wheel" critters..they move soooo quickly.

    Please come take a peek at my "studio in progress"...as I've just recently moved into our home and have been and still am remodeling after two months! But it's getting there and that's what counts.

    Hope to see you,

  28. Oh, wow, I would so love to rummage around in your jewelry making stuff! What a wonderful collection to work with! I love the bulletin board with all those pieces hanging on it. And I love all your windows! Absolutely beautiful!


  29. What a GORGEOUS creative space!! Funny about the chipmunks!
    I didn't photograph my studio for this event, but I am having a "Christmas in July" giveaway on my blog today, if you'd like to stop by! (it's something pink :)

  30. You really have a beautiful creative space here. I too am a lover of all the natural light. I will be back to look more after I make the rounds. Truly beautiful here and very inspiring to me!

  31. Oh my, what a truly scrumptious work space, so, so beautiful, thank you for sharing. Mandy x

  32. LOVE IT! Such an enchanting and refreshing place to create. Love you bead filled bottles, and pink, and crafting treasures. So magical.
    LOL about the squirrels. I'll try and tell my furry friends to come back to my forest and stay out of your creative space. How funny.

  33. I love it! your stuff is so pretty. I wish my porch looked like that!
    come visit me when you get a chance
    :) Missy

  34. Wow what wonderful light you have...all so pretty thank you for inviting me to see your great space

  35. Gorgeous! Love your space and super cool ideas! Thanks for sharing and come visit when you have a moment!

  36. Wow...fabulous space. LOVE LOVE LOVE the table and the jewelry is heavenly!

  37. Your space is SO pretty! I love the windows, and the glass table, and the lovely array of bottles and beads and creative stuff! You are an amazing designer! LOVE IT ALL! Hugs, Patti paintinpatti.typepad.com

  38. What a beautiful, pretty and charming place to create in!

  39. What a beautiful creative space you have. No wonder you create such beautiful pieces :) Rose

  40. What a F-A-B space to work! My favorite thing was the pearls in the old bottles! love your blog!

  41. Hi Jill, wow..your studio looks great!! I had the pleasure of seeing your studio and I do have to say that it is full of goodies. Sure doesn't look like my studio in the garage..

  42. Hi Jill,
    I love your creative space!!! Wow what fantastic things you have! I'd love to get my hands on some, lol!

    I'm so glad you're going to join me in the REVAMP IT challenge! I can see from your etsy store that is PERFECTLY right up your alley, and I can't wait to see what you create!!!

  43. Just gorgeous! So dreamy and elegant! Love your little drawers of goodies. Love your studio.

    yapping cat

  44. Beautiful! Just beautiful! I'm totally drooling over that gorgeous table! It would look fabulous in my house!
    I had a great visit with you and I'm now following your blog so I'll be back to visit again!
    bunny hugs,

  45. Thank you for dropping by and for your sweet comment on my studio space. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  46. Thank you for sharing such an awesome "vintage-inspired" studio! It is just gorgeous! ~Nan

  47. One fabulous work space and thanks for sharing,you blog is fantastic.

  48. This is totally incredible! That table is a dream. Can I just hang out here for awhile and take in the view?

  49. Ohhhhhhh...I love your space. I just started doing jewelry last week-end, so I'm all agog at your gorgeous stuff. Sadly, school started for the teachers today...kids don't come until day after tomorrow. But that means summer's over and so is most of my creativity time.

  50. Jill, just gorgeous, first of all the setting is just heavenly. Your sunroom is amazing. The light, the windows, the space!!! You have it decorated perfectly. The french sofa is my favorite of all the "favorites". Every inch is such a beautiful relection of you!


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