July 1, 2009

The latest Gypsy road trip was a lot of fun and full of much needed laughs with good friends!

Staged in the storybook setting of quaint historic log cabins of Rancocas Woods,
the Gypsy Trunk Show started early, 6:30 am and lasted all day.

Took us ONLY two and a half hours to get ready for the party!
Here's what we looked like!!
Gypsies in the Jersey woods...

Speaking of Gypsies in the woods ... at one point {and I won't name names} I turned and found some customers stripping off clothing behind trees and trying on slip dresses ... guess I better work on that "changing booth" for next time ... funny thing was, they didn't bother putting their street clothes back on, just wore their Gypsy Slip Dresses home!!
Love those girls, you know who you are!

Treasures galore ...

Tired and exhausted upon returning home, this is what I found ....
looks like the Gypsy Prince was busy creating his own artwork on Mama's latest project ... was anyone watching this child!?!

His taste leans towards the abstract ... oh well, no use crying over spilled milk or discouraging his "creativeness" ... back to the drawing board for me though.

All in all a GREAT day ... thanks for all the laughs, Beth ... isn't it funny where conversation turns to when two women get together and sit in the woods all day?


  1. Absolutely ethereal!!! As though a flock of fairies would fly out and greet you at any moment!!
    Gotta love that childhood creativity....it was a blank canvas calling out to be filled with color!!
    Have a fabulous day!!
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  2. OMG! Rancocas Woods is right near me!! I can't believe I missed it =(

  3. Yes, gypsies in the woods, fairies in the trees, dream location on a sunshine filled day!
    We couldn't have asked for better.

  4. love your creations we have the same loves... slips, vintage treasures... come visit I am originally from Hackensack. xoxo Laura

  5. PS we should bring a pole next time for the gypsy strippers


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