July 15, 2009

This past Saturday The Man and I took a day trip out to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to do a little antiquing .... and car shopping {did you really think I could get him to go solely for antiquing?}

Actually it's not that bad, we are in the market for a new Gypsy Wagon ... I'm searching for a bigger truck to add to the caravan, more space to haul more gypsy loot!

The 2 1/2 hour trip went fast ... SO much scenery to take in ... you couldn't see it all ... I figured if I kept my head pointed out my window each way I wouldn't miss anything, I would see everything on both sides of the road.

So, the truck we saw was just okay, did not end up buying it ... I was a little disappointed ... I quickly got over my disappointment as soon as the shopping started!!

Here is the first stop we made in the small town of Shrewsbury, PA

This Antique co-op had over a hundred dealers ... a lot of interesting finds under one roof...that back in the day used to be a chicken coop, you'd never know today ... very nice inside, neat and orderly.


This was the second stop.
This is only ONE of the FOUR barns on this property that was full of everything you could imagine, floor to ceiling ... AMAZING finds everywhere you turned ... rows and rows of shutters with chippy paint,

rusty iron gates galore, the list goes on and on...
junk scattered everywhere, this is my favorite way to shop!

...and the prices were just as good, probably the best I've seen in awhile.

I could only buy what would fit in the back of a VERY SMALL two door convertible ... not much ... now I'm wishing the truck deal had worked out!

A little further down the road in Strasburg,PA we came across this old fashioned candy shop and ice-cream parlor. I LOVE candy stores, I have to say the pictures inside the shop are a little blurry because my hands were shaking from excitement!

I wish you could smell the inside of this quaint store...homemade waffle cones mixing with fudge cooking topped off with sweet smell of fresh dairy ice-cream ...yeah, it was that good!

Wouldn't it be cool to have a kitchen like this?
Warm and homey?

Shelves stocked with everything you needed or imagined you needed.
Kinda reminds of one of my favorite bloggers
"Aunt Ruthie" at
Sugar Pie Farmhouse,
she has a kitchen that is modeled after a general store!

Here is where they make the fresh waffle cones ....

Check out the teenagers who work here ... can you believe their uniforms? ... beats the golden arches any day!

Typical scene in Amish country ...
this was the back of the candy store ..

{the crowd was sitting outside in front of the shop on Main Street}

This was also in the "rear" of the candy shop ... maybe this had something to do with everyone sitting out front? You think? .... I'm just sayin' ...

Everything is "Fresher" in the country!
gotta love it!


  1. What awesome photos! It looks like such a fun trip...my kind of day. I'm right there with you....I don't think I could convince my hubby to go antique-ing without an added incentive like car shopping either. ;)


  2. This was the most charming post. I loved all of the fantastic places that you were able to visit. I also enjoy candy stores as I love candy...wish you had scratch and sniff pix.
    Enjoy the rest of your day!!
    Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

  3. oh my god, you and i both have the same definition of Heaven! i have to check that place out!

  4. Your second stop would have my been my first stop (and maybe last)! Would love to spend hrs there!


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