August 21, 2009

Something for us ...

Doing something for ourselves ...

My friend Beth and I took a mini hiatus yesterday from shopkeeping, children and housework.

We hit the road early and headed East ...

Typical Southern New Jersey roadside scenery ... fresh from the garden tomatoes.
The most welcoming sign of all ... the flea market !!

This stop was actually just a tease ... we really had a particular destination to reach ON TIME.
The flea just so happened to be "on the way there" ... seriously.

I loved this old safari hat ... I would love to do a rustic, hunt, grungy metal, dusty canvas tent, etc ...'Out of Africa' vignette without any pink or flowers ... just my mood of late ...

We made it ... on time ... Kecia greeted us warmly at the front arbor, her gardens are amazing ... twisting paths loaded with architectural salvage dripping with tangles of flowers and vines ... rusty iron gates, primitive birdhouses and various seating areas ... a wonderful place to hang out for a while.

Inside the studio our cheerful "table mates" for the day were waiting for us ... Abby and Holly, "hello girls!"

Here's our instructor counting off our rules to follow ... Kecia is an excellent teacher ... she has a large amount of "tips" and tricks she shares generously ... things you could NEVER learn from a book ... her wealth of information is invaluable ... if you ever have the opportunity to learn from her ... DO IT!

If you just want to buy from her ... here is where her totally cool jewelry pieces can be purchased.

Her I am "doing it" ...
As you can imagine, not only did we learn how to solder, but we also had a ton of laughs ... which we've been sworn to secrecy not to share {darn it!}

Here's my final project ... a collage of items pressed between two beveled pieces of glass, soldered together, jump rings attached and chain added for hanging.

One side depicts two little girls, sisters perhaps? ... with a scrap of vintage fabric, the words "wish" ... "hope" ... "dream" ... all placed on top of a vintage map of California.

The other side is a woman, the little girls' Mom? ... with a bird resting on her shoulder, a scrap of lace and again on top of a vintage piece of map, actually one of my all time favorite locations ... Monterey Bay California.

For a finishing touch I incorporated bits of vintage fabric that I like to think may have been snippets of these ladies dresses and a key that unlocked the door to their seaside cottage.

Beth and I came home feeling very inspired and rejuvenated ... what a treat to ourselves, taking the entire day to create in such an encouraging and supportive atmosphere ... without all of life's daily distractions.

I'm pretty sure we made a pledge to do this at least once a month from here on out!
What do you and your friends do to "escape" ? ... I'd like to know ... we are new at this and could use suggestions, please share yours with me.


  1. what a lovely post, thanks so much for sharing it. i'm glad you guys had such a nice time and i think it was a great decision to take the time out for your selves to do something fun, creative and different. see you at Columbus - going thurs?

  2. It was so fun to meet you and Beth. Great tablemates! It really was a very inspiring day and was a hiatus for me too!! Holly

  3. Jill,
    Love love the necklace!! You solder like a pro and the finished product is really charming!!
    Looks like a fun day was had by all!!
    Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

  4. Well what a fun day. Love the necklace, love your blog...julie

  5. Had a blast!....can't wait for out next adventure!
    {{gypsy hugs}}


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