August 13, 2009

It's Friday {it is in Australia!} and you know what that means around here ...

This week I'm participating in Natasha Burn's
"Revamp It" blog party ... this will be fun!
Everyone had to "revamp", upstyle, recyle, redo, etc. etc.. a piece of clothing,
all of this in honor of the new seasons of
Project Runway.

Thanks for coming up with the great party idea and thanks for being a gracious host, Natasha!
Let's party ...

Looking for inspiration ... I didn't have to go far, only the book shelf ...
Magnolia Pearl, YES!! Just what I'm in the mood for ...
soft, feminine, and romantic ... but ALWAYS with that touch of funk!

Robin Brown is one of my most favorite designers ... if you haven't seen her book yet ...
A Bit of Velvet and a Dash of Lace
you really don't know what you are missing ... it is more than full of inspiration, not only loaded with design and style ideas but also, so motivational in living the life you want to live ... hurry, go get a copy for yourself!

Here's one last round of inspiration ... do you not just want to climb into this video and dance around? ... I do!

Ok ... now that I'm inspired ... I needed to find something to work on. I had a particular dress in mind but of course I couldn't find it, so after wasting an hour of precious creative time I had to settle for something else ... and I'm glad I did! I have been collecting vintage bed jackets for a while, don't know why ... I just liked them. Every now and then I will pair one with jeans to dress them up a a bit, like a casual short jacket. Well, I found the collection easy enough .. they were hanging from a pipe in the basement right next to me! I snapped up this pretty basic white one.

~Front Before~

~Back Before~

The color was way too white for my taste ....

... off for a nice long soak in a tea bath ... ahhhhh ...

While the jacket was soaking, I went in search of my stash of antique and vintage lace, doilies, and tablecloths ...

A handmade rosette, small floral printed material, tons of antique crocheted lace ...

Don't forget the cowgirl boots!

Yummy vintage millinery in creamy faded pastels ...
Yellow rose of Texas cotton ruffled fabric.

Authentic antique pantaloons ... these came from one of my favorite shops ...
Gypsy Fish, courtesy of Beth ... Thank you!! You'll be sorry, I swear I'm gonna wear these to work one day!

I started sewing on all of the lace and embellishments ... I didn't stop too many times to take photographs ... I was VERY into what I was doing
{NO dinner tonight}

Here is the first round of lace ...


And here is how I ended one days worth of work ...

One more row of lace added to the bottom and a rosette added to the top.

This project was a lot of fun ... I'm not stopping here, I still have a few more ideas swirling around in my head. I think the back needs more lace and I would love to embellish the whole jacket with vintage millinery flowers ... I have a feeling this is ONLY the beginning.
The bed jacket re-do actually makes a nice compliment to The Gypsy Dress ...
Hmmmm, any suggestions on a name for the jacket?

The hardest part of all?
Asking The Man to take my picture in pantaloons and trying to keep a straight face.
I couldn't do it and neither could he ... sure was fun though ; )

To be continued ... xo Jill


  1. Awesome! and the pics were not even blurry with the giggling going on.

  2. Hi there! We met at the blogging for bliss party and it seems that we both are party girls! Whooohaaa! This is just your cup of tea isn't it? I love what you did and of course I checked that video and now I am going to check that book. Thanks for inspiration, have a great party!

  3. hahahaha! Now that is ME laughing at YOU in your p a n t a l ooooo n s.

    lol. Seriously, nice job and I love the lace.


  4. I, think this is one of the most beautiful transformations!!!! I would love this and Lili M.'s shoes, above, and I would feel like a country princess. Robin is one of my favorite people, as well. She has the magic faery touch. Blessings.

  5. What a wonderful make-over...I'm so impressed with what you achieved in such a short space of time...and you look so pretty in it too...very wearable.
    Just noticed your etsy store...must be off for a good look round,

  6. THis is so amazing!!! I love love love your bed jacket transformation, it's out of this world! I'd wear this the way you have, with jeans and of course, cowgirl boots! LOVE those!

    The pantaloons crack me up! I have my great grandmother's pair here, with hand made lace on them. No way I'm gonna pose in them though, I don't have tiny hips like you!!!

    Thanks so much for joining in, I knew you'd do something amazing when you said you'd take part and I checked out your lovely etsy shop! What talent!!

  7. OHMYGOSH!!! your revamp is unbelievably gorgeous!!! i love how you paired your ultra feminine frilly top with a pair of jeans...that looks fabulous!!!

  8. Hi! Awesome! what a fantastic work!


  9. Wow I'd where your jacket with the jeans anyday, You have now inspired me to change my style in dressing. LOVE IT!!!! will be back to see the oncall!



  10. love what you did to it! it's so romantic!

  11. Unbelievably beautiful! So feminine and romantic! Gorgeous.

  12. Fabulous! I am loving this Magnolia Pearl style. Very inspiring!

    Cathy ♥

  13. You have an amazing talent!! This is the prettiest bed jacket ever!! Your post is lovely, so well put together, really tells the story!!
    So romantic, thanks for sharing!!
    Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

  14. So gorgeous, you did such a great job! And I love the combination of lace and denim/boots. Perfect!

  15. Omigosh! I'm so impressed. You even have it modeled and everything. GREAT, LOVELY, Sweet!

  16. I.
    OMGosh. I had never even heard of Magnolia Pearl before today, but I'll sure be studying her more after this!!
    Shoot, I want the velvet and lace book just for the name, lol!

    I have to laugh at your bloomers... at least the crotch is sewn up, ROFL! I have about 5 pair and I think they're all open but one. :P
    Wear em loud and proud girl!

  17. What a beautiful transformation. I love Magnolia Pearl and you have certainly captured the pure beauty of her work. Your revamped bed jacket is gorgeous.

    I'm off to visit other revamp-er's, this has been such fun to see all the fantastic re-creations!

  18. Great Job~Fabulous!


  19. So very romantic and beautiful looking! Rachael:)

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! I love what you did that bed jacket - it looks incredibly beautiful now. I especially love how you modelled it!

  21. Hi Jill, thank you for your lovely visit! Your project turned out beautiful and we must admit you look adorable! Now...regarding the bottoms: are you sure??? LOL!!!

  22. Wow!!!! I am sitting here still squealing from that video!! You totally captured the essence with your stunning jacket. Oh my what talent you have :) And the lace...and the flowers...Beautiful!!!!!I'm tweeting your post :)

  23. Gorgeous! I love what you did with it! I would have had to use a tripod to get a photo in the pantaloons. My hubby would have been on the ground gasping for air from laughing at me. hee,hee,hee.
    bunny hugs,

  24. Hi Jill! This jacket is gorgeous! I did something similar to a strapless dress earlier this Summer. I really should take some pictures.
    I am loving your new jewelry! Will you be adding slip dresses to your new store as well?

  25. Your site is FANTASTIC, so glad I stumbled across it. The dye in the bucket was bold move - and it turned out beautifully!

  26. I think you did a marvelous transformation... I loved everything about it and I especially love that you have the graceful heart to pose in those lil pantaloons :) sure made me smile!
    Now about those handmade roses...did you make them yourself? and if so, could you teach me :) I have some vintage pieces that Natasha Burns has inspired me to redo, only thing holding me back is takin the time to read the manual for my new sewing machine...did I mention it has been in the box, new for over 2 years :)I am so loving your blog...Rose

  27. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful transformation!!!! And Jill, it looks lovely on you ~ xxoo, Dawn


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