August 3, 2009

My Lucky Weekend ....

I'm not usually the "lucky type" ... but I have to say, my luck turned this weekend!
First and most importantly my best friend came for a weekend visit ... all the way from Seattle!!
Mary and I have not seen each other for over eight years ... two new husbands, four new babies, a few career changes,two new homes and 2827.03 miles kinda puts the breaks on frequent visiting trips ... but certainly not remaining close at heart.

We hung out Friday night here at the house ... this was the first time I got to meet her wonderful hubby, Russ ... we spent hours catching up on all that "girl" stuff!

Then Saturday we took off for the shore, Borgata Casino, and outlet shopping ...
We spent most of the time just eating and talking at the buffet!!
Here we are posing at the Borgata ... Mary hasn't changed a bit, love her.

Someone else was also at the Borgata posing that night ... Julianne Hough was celebrating her 21st birthday at a club inside the casino. We caught a glimpse of her as she walked past us into Bobby Flays steakhouse for dinner ... this was actually The Man's lucky part of the weekend ... I've never seen him so starstruck
before {we are both Dancing With the Stars fans}
... she really is a cutie!

This picture is for Beth ... me striking a goofy pose at "The Gypsy Bar" ... also in the casino.
So, I did win a couple hundred dollars playing the slot machines ... I told ya, LUCKY!

On the way home Sunday I was lucky enough to stop by one of my favorite flea/farmers markets in Berlin, NJ ... we had just enough time to do the whole market
right before it rained ... hard.

Finally Sunday night, after dinner, dishes, putting the baby to bed, and paying bills ... I sat down to enjoy a few of my most favorite blogs ... one of them being "ABitOfParis2U" by Alys Geertsen ... and my luck appears AGAIN!! ... I saw that I had won her awesome and most generous gift-away!! Yippee ... talk about the icing on the cake, could there not have been a more perfect ending to such a lucky weekend?

Thank you Alys, for making my lucky weekend even luckier!!

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  1. WOW.....awesome weekend!! Old friends are the best....just like it was yesterday when you got together!! Great casino night, celebrities and cash.....excellent!!
    Congrats on the blog win...great stuff!!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!!
    Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)


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