August 4, 2009

Party day!!
Another party you say?
Wooo hoooo ... and I haven't partied like this since .... Hmmmmm mid 80's?

Big thank you to two party girls ... Tara Frey for giving us a reason to celebrate
and Kari Ramstrom for hosting the blog event!

As you all know the party theme is "Blogging for Bliss" and why do you blog? How/why did you start a blog, etc. .... you know, open up, tell us a bit about YOU and your relationship with blogland.

As I start to ponder this challenge, I have to be honest and say it was like a party buzz killer.
I'll explain ...
When I first stumbled into the blog world, by accident, I was CONSUMED with reading about every one's day in and day out lives. I was truly amazed how easily women were sharing snippets of their lives with "strangers" ... I wanted to chat back and say "hey, I know what you mean ... I've been through that ..." So, I created my own blog ... and froze ... for about a year.
I continued to read and follow, but still of course feeling like an outsider or a peeping Tom ... I wanted to join in! What was holding me back? I knew what it was ... I don't "share" myself easily, I tend to be guarded and spend some time getting to know people before I open I questioned "who wants to hear about me? who cares about what I did today, etc and etc."
I kept throwing up all of the road blocks.

Then I opened my Etsy shop and read that you HAVE to Blog in order to drive traffic, for marketing, for exposure, the list goes on and on. Okay back to that scary place of blogland, but now it was a little easier ... I could talk about my product, it didn't have to be personal ... I didn't have to open up and share.

Fast forward seven months and here I am "sharing" and I might add a little more easily ... I'm definitely getting better, but I feel I still have a ways to go ... On one hand, I don't think I'll ever be the one to air my most private thoughts for the world to "see" ... but on the other hand, I'm NOT the peeping Tom lurking in the shadows either ; )

Enough of that stuff ... I'm ready for my party buzz back!
The fun part about blogging for me is truly connecting with other women who have the same interests, goals, philosophies as myself ... to have conversations about art, life and children without crappy DRAMA that somehow creeps into "real life" and ultimately sucks the fun out of relationships. Here it's all good, yes people have bad times or suffer losses, life happens ... but you find yourself in a supportive network of friends when it does ... people who "get you" ... friends who understand and don't question.

Plus, it's EASY to stay connected ... in our busy times it's not so convenient to walk down the street to a friends house to swap recipes or have a cup of coffee or share your latest craft obsession ... I can do it all here in bloggy land!

The best? When you do finally meet someone in person that you have already made an on-line connection with ... it's like visiting with a long lost friend or sister!

Enough rambling ... I'm off to read about all you ... I guess I do still enjoy a little bit of the peeping Tom aspect after all ; )


  1. Jill, what a great post! honest, well written, exactly what blogging should be. I love to meet new women through blogging, and really, you don't have to make it so personal that it's uncomfy for you. Enjoy the party, and come on over to have some French Tarts.
    xo Lidy

  2. I understand the hesitation about jumping in the blog pool. I have my toes in right now. Love your blog and will be bcak for more!

  3. I can really relate. I've been blogging for awhile and do still feel like an outsider. I appreciate what people write and like to connect- I am just terrible at leaving clever little comments. I'm trying to change that. I look forward to checking back and seeing what you have to share! (I promise I won't be a peeping Tom :)

  4. Hey there,
    Glad you made the fill my days with sunshine!!

  5. Jil, You have a super great Etsy Shop and I was then led to your blog, well I think thats how it worked or was it visiting your blog just lit off a spark in the old brain, I know this gals merchandise from Etsy. Anyway you cut it your places are always a joy to visit. Congratulations you deserve the exposure (: Diane

  6. I can so relate to your post! & I'm so glad I found your blog..the title appealed to me, gee wonder why? ;-)

  7. Hello there, compliments to you for going a long way, from shy person to one that tells us all about that. What I think is important is that you stay true to yourself, what you don't want to tell, just don't.
    Have fun blogging!

  8. I love your story - I remember wondering who would want to read what I had to say! But it is so worth it to jump in and blog!

  9. Great sentiments. Thanks for playing along!
    Cheers to blogging~

  10. Hi Jill, what an honest post, very well shared. I am glad that you have found a way to blog that works for you. I think that is the beauty of blogging that you have writers freedom to share as little or as much as you like.

  11. Your blog is sooo pretty...and I really enjoyed your post! It really does get easier to share more of yourself when you start to make friends from other blogs. And it's so nice to have people who 'get you' to share with.

  12. Hi Jill
    It's so nice to meet you :) Thanks for your sweet words about my blog.
    I love your post! Well said. It really is great when you meet that bloggy friend in person.
    I'm glad you've decided to share yourself in your blog. Your blog is full of inspiration & I'll be back.
    Take care


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