September 24, 2009

Vintage Black Friday ... No.01

Hello all and welcome to the first Vintage Black Friday ... I'm glad you are here! I think almost everyone seems to think finding Black items to share will be a challenge, honestly ... I felt the same way...until I started looking around and digging a bit. I believe I have mentioned in the past that I have ROOMS full of "treasures" ... you know, an Oprah episode waiting to happen. Well, needless to say I think I have found plenty of items to sustain me through out the challenge ... and hey, if I run out's a good excuse to go shopping/hunting, right? Right?

First up ... a recent find, a small collection of vintage printer's stamps. My two favorite groupings are the J&H {my initials} and the X & O ... how sweet!

Second this old German dictionary ... the worn cover and pages have such a rich texture and the type set is gorgeous ~ so "fancy" looking, I'm sorry this picture doesn't do them justice.

And third ... here are some vintage cameras I found last week, they don't work, they don't open, and I really don't know a thing about them ... but used in a fall vignette? Instant perfection!

That's it! ... I had to stop myself from posting too many pictures off the bat, now I'm off to blog hop and see what all of you have lurking in your rooms full of treasures ... thanks again for playing along!

Speaking of treasures, here is one super blog give away you do not want to miss ... if you LOVE Anthropologie as much as I do hurry up and check this out!!!! Click on the link button below and you will be whisked away to Lola B's ...

Gypsy Fish Studio

Reveal of the third project I've been hiding up my sleeve .... I'm holding class!! The shop, Gypsy Fish, were I sell my wares, has now opened a studio ... Gypsy Fish Studio ... I will be teaching various classes ... the first three being China Tile Mosaics, Chicken Wire, and a Found Object Charm Bracelet.

I'm really looking forward to this new adventure ... work was done over the summer revamping the "back room" into an intimate place to gather with girlfriends to ...


If you happen to be in our neck of the woods, check it out and for those of you that are not close by watch for our projects you can purchase and make in your own home!

You can find the entire list {so far} of classes here:

And you can follow along with the fun on the blog here:

This is going to be fun!

September 22, 2009

Vintage Black Friday .... It's a Party!

To kick off Fall, the spirit of Halloween, and the beginning of shopping season ... I'm hosting my first blog gig ....
"Vintage Black Friday" ...

Running for a limited time only, beginning this Friday September 25th and closing on Black Friday November 27th. If you haven't caught on yet ... the theme of the party is vintage black ... to participate, please post on Friday's a few photographs of your favorite vintage finds that are black. You can join us as much or little as you like, every week or only once ~ the choice is yours ... the catch is the more you play, the more likely your chances of winning the black Friday shopping spree at Gypsy Brocante !!

I will leave a "linked" list of participating gypsy friends on my blog throughout the entire time frame. To be added to the list please leave your name and blog address to be linked to in the comments section of this post...grab the button from the sidebar and post on your blog with a link back to here ... simple!

Get your cameras out and start shooting away ... you never know when a surprise gift award will be bestowed upon an unsuspecting participant, for example ... spookiest,kookiest,most unique,etc....

Rules simplified:
1.Add the above button to your blog with a link back to
2.leave a comment on this post with your name and blog address {you will be linked to a blogroll}
3.On Fridays, beginning Sept.25th - ending November 27th post pictures of your favorite vintage finds that are black.
4.Leave a comment each Friday on my post for a chance to win a "Black Friday" shopping spree at Gypsy Brocante ... {one comment per week only please.}
5. I will draw a random winner on Friday the 27th from all comments left for a Gypsy Brocante shopping spree ~ $50 value.
6.Go and blog hop with all participating Gypsy friends on Fridays to see what they have posted!!

September 21, 2009

A New Look for the Brocante

HAPPY Monday! ... a fresh new week and a fresh new look ... what do you think? Remember me hinting about wanting to spill the beans on some new projects? Well, here's the first one, a new blog design and title {you may have noticed the title switch a few weeks ago} ... I'm sure you have noticed I've been changing headers,backgrounds, and layouts frequently ... I love "to play" with all the gadgets but thought it was time to call in the professionals, Catherine Haugland of Avalon Rose Design is my "go to gal" ... she is an incredible digital artist and a pleasure to work with!! If you need any graphics, check her out ... I'm never surprised when I come across a site I LOVE the look of and find her name on the credits list. Thank you Catherine xoxo!

Well, I guess I have to spill the second project {because it's linked to the first} ... I'm finally stocking up my new website ... yep, www.Gypsy will soon be up and running, full to the rafters with irresistible goodies for sale! It has truly been a labor of love ... a lot of work sorting, photographing, editing, pricing, and listing ... but the end result is so worth it, I'll be planning an "official" opening on-line party soon ... keep your peepers open!

The online brocante is also the reason for combing my Etsy shops under one roof ... "Gypsy Brocante" on Etsy. I'm doing my best to bring everything together with one cohesive look and name ... much easier for you and me!

The third project ... I don't want to overwhelm you all in one day ; ) Let's save the third surprise for Wednesday, whatta' ya say?

No pictures today ... just new bloggy prettiness ... Ahhhhh
I would love to hear what you think of the new layout, drop me a comment and leave some feedback, pretty please.

September 17, 2009

A Day at the Flea With Mom

This morning was a little iffy for making the jaunt to the flea market ... overcast, cold, drizzle ... I checked the good 'ol weather channel, looked at the radar and saw nothing "major" heading our direction ...
so off I went !!

Stopped by to pick up my Mom who was up {and I literally mean "up"} for joining me today ... this I have to say was a real treat to spend some quality alone time with her .. we rarely make the time to do so, sad but true. Mom and I operate on different time zones ... I wake at 6am and go to bed at 8pm ... Mom is usually rising at 3pm and going down after midnight.

Any way .... off we went ... and I'm SOOOOO glad we did ... the weather held out ...
I found some of the items I have been searching a while, a long while for with no luck.
Not today .... here they were waiting for me!!

An antique dress form, to die for!! ... she's not real fancy ... worn, torn, tattered and a bit rusty around the edges .... that makes her perfect in my eyes!

Buttons, buttons, buttons everywhere! .... big deal you say? No way! .... that pail is holding 18lbs {yes, I weighed them} of every type of button you could imagine .... just what I've needed for various projects ... and the price? the icing on the cake!

A milk bottle holder {I'm pretty sure} with no bottles but the nicest patina ever... will go in my powder room with guest towels.

A leather binder/journal full of military photographs and letters from around the world ... very interesting, I haven't read any yet ... I'll save that for a rainy day and a cup of tea.

A handful of rosaries,rhinestones,old books, bits and bobs ... complete my catch for the day,
I am one happy camper ... now I'm off to stare at my dress form for awhile ... until I have to hide her in the attic before the man comes home ... I told you before, there are just some things he doesn't understand ; )

September 16, 2009

Now open for business ...
did I forget to let everyone know that I opened a "Lollishop"?
{so many projects happening at the same time ... can't wait to spill the beans on ALL of them}

well... I took the plunge into the sweetest waters of all ... Lolli Land, "the frou frou friendly market place" !!

what fun it has been to be covered in sugar and wrapped in sweetness,
just like a piece of salt water taffy from the Jersey shore!

Big sticky hugs and kisses to Sadie Lou Who for holding my hand through out my setting up shoppe ... I hope I didn't annoy you too much!?
{note:Sadie is vacation ... much needed rest,I'm sure!}

What a BIG surprise for me today when I went to check on the shoppe only to see "Gypsy Brocante" listed as the featured seller ... and ... one of the hand picked items ...
Hmmmmm ... a girl could get used to licking up all this sugar,

September 15, 2009

Vivre le Shabby !!

Despite what you may have heard ... Shabby is NOT dead !!

This may not be news to all, but I wanted to pass along this joyful happening ...
The "Quintessential" Queen of Shabby is back and reopening stores in Santa Monica and New York.

If you have not been following the Shabby Chic story, you can do so here ...
Rachel blogs openly and honestly from her heart about the ups and downs over the last year or so ... both in her business life and personal life.

Whatever your design style may be ... shabby,romantic,French country,cottage,coastal chic,Swedish country, the list goes on and on ...
You have to admire this woman's dedication to her vision, her drive and her passion. I do believe she is a perfect example of living the life you love.

Welcome back Rachel, I've missed you!

p.s. I'm on my way to the bookstore now ....

September 13, 2009

This one's for Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop at home ...
wish you were here !!

I love you
Gypsy Prince

September 12, 2009

Having an awesome time exploring ... relaxing ... rejuvenating ... and sightseeing
Savannah is one of my favorite cities ... can't wait to share my shopping trip in depth with you when I return home.

Headed for the beach ... hope you are enjoying your weekend as well !!

September 5, 2009

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend ... we are spending a few days at the lake with Grandma and Grandpa before continuing south to South Carolina. It's been a crazy busy summer ... we plan on ending the season on a slower less frantic pace ... southern style.

Took a ride to quaint Culpeper to check out some antique & boutique shops .... charming little town ... I'm heading back to a few roadside shacks this morning with my daughter while Grandma and Grandpa go pick up The Man in Fredricksburg .... I saw some good junk that I just have to go back for ...

Have a safe and fun filled labor day!!