September 5, 2009

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend ... we are spending a few days at the lake with Grandma and Grandpa before continuing south to South Carolina. It's been a crazy busy summer ... we plan on ending the season on a slower less frantic pace ... southern style.

Took a ride to quaint Culpeper to check out some antique & boutique shops .... charming little town ... I'm heading back to a few roadside shacks this morning with my daughter while Grandma and Grandpa go pick up The Man in Fredricksburg .... I saw some good junk that I just have to go back for ...

Have a safe and fun filled labor day!!


  1. Jill. what a lovely family you have...Looks like you are having a wonderful time, enjoy it and take lost of pictures. Be loved. Rose

  2. Jill...such wonderful photos of yourself and your children...who are both gorgeous by the way!!
    Looks like you guys were enjoying yourselves!!
    Have fun in SC and enjoy the rest of the weekend!
    Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

  3. Wow looks like a blast!!!! Things are good here in NJ but look like alot more fun in VA....
    {{gypsy hugs}}


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