September 16, 2009

Now open for business ...
did I forget to let everyone know that I opened a "Lollishop"?
{so many projects happening at the same time ... can't wait to spill the beans on ALL of them}

well... I took the plunge into the sweetest waters of all ... Lolli Land, "the frou frou friendly market place" !!

what fun it has been to be covered in sugar and wrapped in sweetness,
just like a piece of salt water taffy from the Jersey shore!

Big sticky hugs and kisses to Sadie Lou Who for holding my hand through out my setting up shoppe ... I hope I didn't annoy you too much!?
{note:Sadie is vacation ... much needed rest,I'm sure!}

What a BIG surprise for me today when I went to check on the shoppe only to see "Gypsy Brocante" listed as the featured seller ... and ... one of the hand picked items ...
Hmmmmm ... a girl could get used to licking up all this sugar,


  1. Congratulation Gypsy Girl! You're so talented!!! your shop looks just lolli yummy!
    gypsy hugs

  2. Congrats on your Lollishop! Your shop looks great & I'm sure you'll love having a shop there. Everything I've read (so far) about Lollishops has been very nice. The main thing that I remember reading is how they really care about their sellers & do their best to treat them right. That can make so much of a difference. I wish you all the best!

  3. You're blog is wonderful! SO nice to "meet" another antiquer/ fleamarketer. I'll have to follow you so I can come back and seewhat you find. Congrats on taking the "plunge" with the lollishops. I have thought about it myself.


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