September 17, 2009

A Day at the Flea With Mom

This morning was a little iffy for making the jaunt to the flea market ... overcast, cold, drizzle ... I checked the good 'ol weather channel, looked at the radar and saw nothing "major" heading our direction ...
so off I went !!

Stopped by to pick up my Mom who was up {and I literally mean "up"} for joining me today ... this I have to say was a real treat to spend some quality alone time with her .. we rarely make the time to do so, sad but true. Mom and I operate on different time zones ... I wake at 6am and go to bed at 8pm ... Mom is usually rising at 3pm and going down after midnight.

Any way .... off we went ... and I'm SOOOOO glad we did ... the weather held out ...
I found some of the items I have been searching a while, a long while for with no luck.
Not today .... here they were waiting for me!!

An antique dress form, to die for!! ... she's not real fancy ... worn, torn, tattered and a bit rusty around the edges .... that makes her perfect in my eyes!

Buttons, buttons, buttons everywhere! .... big deal you say? No way! .... that pail is holding 18lbs {yes, I weighed them} of every type of button you could imagine .... just what I've needed for various projects ... and the price? the icing on the cake!

A milk bottle holder {I'm pretty sure} with no bottles but the nicest patina ever... will go in my powder room with guest towels.

A leather binder/journal full of military photographs and letters from around the world ... very interesting, I haven't read any yet ... I'll save that for a rainy day and a cup of tea.

A handful of rosaries,rhinestones,old books, bits and bobs ... complete my catch for the day,
I am one happy camper ... now I'm off to stare at my dress form for awhile ... until I have to hide her in the attic before the man comes home ... I told you before, there are just some things he doesn't understand ; )


  1. Oooh, that dress form! I've been lusting for one for a while now. Congratulations on your finds! Looks like you found some great things and had quality time with your Mom.

  2. Oh don't get me started on my husband. What does he understand about my obsession with old junkie stuff. I'll tell you what - NOTHING!!!!! I love the new dress form and I checked out your new Lollishops store and it looks great! Are you going to be adding any more slip dresses anytime soon?

  3. Oh I've gotten so good at hiding things! Under beds, in cabinets, attics, behind stuff, over stuff, etc. Hubby just doesn't understand.



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