September 22, 2009

Vintage Black Friday .... It's a Party!

To kick off Fall, the spirit of Halloween, and the beginning of shopping season ... I'm hosting my first blog gig ....
"Vintage Black Friday" ...

Running for a limited time only, beginning this Friday September 25th and closing on Black Friday November 27th. If you haven't caught on yet ... the theme of the party is vintage black ... to participate, please post on Friday's a few photographs of your favorite vintage finds that are black. You can join us as much or little as you like, every week or only once ~ the choice is yours ... the catch is the more you play, the more likely your chances of winning the black Friday shopping spree at Gypsy Brocante !!

I will leave a "linked" list of participating gypsy friends on my blog throughout the entire time frame. To be added to the list please leave your name and blog address to be linked to in the comments section of this post...grab the button from the sidebar and post on your blog with a link back to here ... simple!

Get your cameras out and start shooting away ... you never know when a surprise gift award will be bestowed upon an unsuspecting participant, for example ... spookiest,kookiest,most unique,etc....

Rules simplified:
1.Add the above button to your blog with a link back to
2.leave a comment on this post with your name and blog address {you will be linked to a blogroll}
3.On Fridays, beginning Sept.25th - ending November 27th post pictures of your favorite vintage finds that are black.
4.Leave a comment each Friday on my post for a chance to win a "Black Friday" shopping spree at Gypsy Brocante ... {one comment per week only please.}
5. I will draw a random winner on Friday the 27th from all comments left for a Gypsy Brocante shopping spree ~ $50 value.
6.Go and blog hop with all participating Gypsy friends on Fridays to see what they have posted!!


  1. Oh sign me up! I will have to start looking for black around here - but I bet I can find a few things! Sounds like great fun!

  2. This sounds like fun! Count me in! I am going to have to start looking for all my vintage black items. This is going to be hard!

    Thanks for your lovely comments you left on my blog. I have been working on new jewelry lately and I much have 30 finished pieces that need to be photographed. I wish I had a magic wand that did that part for me, because taking photos and editing can be quite tedious.

    I went to a couple of thrift stores and was looking at the bedding today and came across a pretty pink ruffled sheet. It was Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic for Target and looked new - there were still crease marks in the sheets like it had just been unfolded out of the package. I hunted around and found the matching fitted sheet, two pillow cases and a white dust ruffle! All for the grand total of 4.99! I already washed, dryed and put it on my bed! I will have shabby chic dreams tonight!

  3. WOW Jill....all of this news is fabulous!!
    Love love the new fresh yet still you!! I would love to join in your Vintage Black Friday parties...will have to dig deep to play every week...we'll see how it goes....sounds like a ton of fun!!
    Enjoy the rest of your day!! xOxO Nerina :)

  4. Yes I am so excited... I do love black as I do love white, pink and creamy shades of taupes as well. What a great idea... I will be ther Friday morning :)


  5. julie again leaving my

  6. this sounds so good...and slightly challenging:) i like it - please add me to your black friday list! thank you...


  7. Hello
    Thank you for stopping by I so appreciate it. Your new look is fabulous...everything looks great. Have a great week

  8. Black is a favorite accent of mine...I love to wear it,use it in my decor and I love black wrought iron.

    Please count me in :)


  9. Hi Jill,
    I learned about your Vintage Black Friday through Mary at Vintage Patina, and thought I would join in the fun! I will put your button in my sidebar tonight and will put together a post if I can...otherwise I will start my posts next week!

  10. Ohhhh I am so in! Love this idea! I have plenty of vintage black things to haul out for pics. I found you from NicNacManiac. I am off to add the button!

  11. Hi, I just found your blog and Vintage Black Friday sounds like lots of fun, please count me in. I am sure I can find some vintage stuff around the house.

  12. I'd love to participate! My blog address is


  13. I would love to be added to your vintage black Friday blog parties. I love Halloween which is the perfect black holiday. Let me know if I will be linked up for tomorrow's party so I can get something together.

  14. I will be participating beginning October 2. Oh, I just love this idea, because I have tons of great vintage black decor and finds!
    thank you,

  15. Please count me in!

  16. Great site! I found you from Common Ground,,,another great site....I may have to get the camera out as I have always used black in decorating or art,,,

  17. ton étiquette est superbe.


  18. I just found out about this.

    so fun. I have lots of black, vintage black too.

    Can't wait to join the fun.
    Oh, tomorrow's Friday. Better get busy! =0))

    barbara jean

  19. This sounds fun! I'd love to join in.
    Chris Verstraete at Candid Canine

  20. So unique and fun, please count me (us) in! VivaLaYardSale is excited about Black Friday!

  21. Just popped over from Barb's Treasures from the Heart. So happy to join the fun. Will post on my side bar and see ya every Friday.
    Cheers! ;-)

  22. Hi! Thought I would try this...hope that is ok!

  23. hey! i'm joining in today for the first time...and hopefully the rest of the Vintage Black Fridays! Alicia

  24. thank you so much for featuring the glasses from my shop,, AND for maintaining such a lovely and friendly blog. it's funny bc I just tweeted about black items in my shop yesterday:
    Basic Black Wardrobe Essentials:
    What a pleasure to see this as a regular feature!
    All the best...

  25. Yea! Finally got my blog up and have linked to this site.
    Marilyn aka The Lone Dollier

  26. Sign me up! I am all in!!! My Vintage Fashion Friday blog this week will be Vintage Black Friday! Such an amazing idea!
    My blog is:

  27. ... am I too late to sign up please? If so I'll wait 'patiently' (not really) for the next event. Fabulous doesn't begin to describe finding you all and being here. xo

  28. Good eve to all,

    We merrily found our way here from the fantastic House of Hearts Blog we frequent. Sign us up as well please. Though we are in the process of overhauling our website, a VBF button will be added asap. Kudos for such a great topic.

  29. I wandered here from Fiona and Twig!!! Sign me up please. Adding your button now. I am Six Divided By Two at I just posted my first Black Friday Blog!!

  30. I Linked to VBF and would love to be entered in the shopping spree! I am posting the link to VBF on my blog now. What fun!


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