October 16, 2009

Black Wrought Iron

Vintage Black Friday is here .... I LOVE black old wrought iron, any shape or form ... it can be ornate or simplistic ... shiny with black lacquer or chipped, rusty and peeling ... doesn't matter I adore ALL of it! But ... I don't own a single piece of iron fencing {mine is white picket}. I do have some candle sconces, planters, small decorative items ... just not the big, heavy, massive impressive stuff ~maybe one day when I live in a French or English mansion? Since I have no photos of my own I tried a new mosaic maker at Flickr, oh this is dangerous ... I feel hours slipping away and no dinner again .... enjoy my mosaic!! This week I'm giving away some surprise gifts to a few chosen comments ... let's hear what you have to say!!

click on mosaic to enlarge

1. HWIBW (Happy Wrought Iron Bokeh Wednesday:], 2. HWIBW (Happy Wrought Iron Bokeh Wednesday:), 3. wrought iron, 4. wrought iron, 5. Enter of your free will, 6. Wrought Iron Railings, 7. Wrough Iron Star - Texas Capitol, 8. Wrought Iron Fence, 9. Iron Bokeh ~, 10. Iron Gate, 11. Wrought iron gate, 12. wrought iron gate, 13. en.trance, 14. St johns lutheran church wrought iron gate_5367, 15. Iron like a lion in .... Darmstadt?, 16. Red Berries and Black Wrought Iron, 17. wrought iron door, 18. Wrought Iron Railing, 19. Wrought Iron Fence, 20. Wrought Iron House, 21. Lafayette Cemetery, 22. Wrought Iron, 23. Salvation. (Wrought-Iron. Monochrome Series #2), 24. Decision. (Wrought-Iron. Monochrome Series #4), 25. Wrought Iron Fence


  1. TGIF! I'm joining in for VBF! Cannot wait to see what everyone else has posted!


  2. Ohhhhh, fabulous mosiac. I too love vintage wrought iron . . . I always think of gravesites . . . old, haunted mansions, fog rolling in . . . ghostly silhouettes . . .

    Have a fab Vintage Black Friday!


  3. Jill this is a fabulous collection of beauty. I think you should blow it up and put it in a massive frame. I just love black wrought iron. Have a great Vintage Black Friday...julie

  4. Great mosaic! I love vintage wrought iron too...I would love to live behind a gated wrought iron mansion in France! Oh to dream....

  5. Love the images .... and agree with julie about framing the collage! Makes me want to dig out the pics I've taken and put them together with a few from Flickr to re-energize them. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Betty :)

  6. Very ornate.....reminds me of Dracula's castle.
    The ornate iron gates are so Gothic and beautiful......my camera batteries are being charged so my post will be this evening.

    I am going to go to my space and take pictures of my black iron :)

    off subject.....I too would love to go to Round top one day. I have seen your slips everywhere lately. The prices are sooo great and the flowers you make would be beautiful on them.

    I am using your slips as inspiration....for my weight loss. Maybe....I can treat myself soon :)

    Happy Vintage Black Friday...and congratulations on being so successful with your line(slips/jewelry/etc).

    Forgot to say....the gates also remind me of your website.

    Sheri /Pawsh Poodle

  7. Ha! I know exactly what you mean about losing hours of your time doing these mosaics! Blogging is a time sucker isn't it :) Love your pictures!!

    :) T

  8. These are so gorgeous! I have a bedframe made from old iron fencing, it was sealed with it's patina so it isn't black anymore, but I am sure that it was painted black once in it's long life. What a pretty VBF post.
    My bed celebration post is here!

  9. Oh boy! ... How amazing is your collage.
    Just adore the picture in the centre ... wooden house, lovely iron gate and side pillars.

    Your mosaic is really worth all the long hours and lack of dinners ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Jill, fabulous collection of wrought iron!! They are perfect for VBF, also for this time of year...eerie yet elegant!!
    Have a fantastic time this evening at your soiree!! xOxO Nerina :)

  11. I too am a huge fan of black wrought iron and sure love your photo collage. I have fond memories of my romantic trip to Italy with my dh last year where I saw the most fantastic wrought iron.

  12. Oh dont you wish you could find some wrought iron like these at garage sales or thrift stores?
    Happy VBF!

  13. I love iron work too.
    And for me, the rustier the better!!!

    Great job on the mosaic. I want to try that sometime, but oh tooo busy right now. =0))

    I'm sure enjoying the vintage black Friday.
    Great idea. Thanks.


    barbara jean

  14. Beautiful mosaic.
    Definately frame worthy!

  15. Wonderful haunted pictures! Now, I have to further explore your blog and shop....

    Happy Halloween!

  16. Jill,
    Your mosaic is beautiful! I love wrought iron too! I have a few pieces (one I featured a couple of weeks ago), but none so grand. I finally got my post done. I got home last night at midnight after a wine tasting and could not bring myself to sit at the computer, then this morning it was off to soccer games and volunteering at the church rummage! Now it feels good to sit down! Have a great rest of the weekend!

  17. What marvelous images - thanks for sharing! And I love black - great concept for a post! I'm so happy to have found your blog and I look forward to return visits.


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