October 22, 2009

Vintage needlepoint

Hosting Vintage Black Friday each week has made me realize how quickly the weeks are flying by, could someone please slow things down a little bit? Just a little is all I'm asking ... My VBF item today is simple, but it is one of my most treasured pieces I own ... it is my Great Grandmother's black needlepoint footstool. I'm not sure if she did the handwork herself, but I do have vague memories of her resting her feet upon it as she did her mending {ok, she was really watching General Hospital ~ but I'm trying to create a 'feeling' here!} ... I do treasure it ... even in it's torn and tattered state of repair ... it is one of those pieces that "speaks" to me, {I'm being serious here} it's simple, practical and served a purposed, but still beautiful in it's own right.

I'm contemplating about using this as my 'inspiration' for simplifying some areas in my home. Weeding out the unnecessary items and paring down to essentials ... practical and purposeful but beautiful ... that would be a challenge to say the least ... I'm a huge visual person ... if I like the way it looks I'll put it there, even if it doesn't serve a purpose ... hmmmm maybe it's purpose is only to please me? .... like I said I'm contemplating!

{click photo to enlarge}

That's all I'm sharing this Friday of my vintage black collection .... I'm going to concentrate on handing out treats today to Vintage Black Friday gypsy gals ... you never know what might inspire a surprise trick-or-treat!

Not enough eye-candy you say? ... I did pick some of my favorite Vintage Black items from Etsy last night ... have all the eye candy you want!

One last note ... run on over to Garden Antqs Vintage and wish Theresa a happy anniversery, you don't want to miss her super give-a-way!


  1. that footstool is gorgeous...and how awesome that it has sentimental value, too! thanks for sharing and for hosting this awesome party!

  2. Hi Jill,
    Your black footstool is fabulous and reminds me of my own grandmother's footstool which has a blue flowered top....it too, is so special to me. Thank you for sharing yours with us! I am happy to be participating for the first time today...and look forward to visiting all the other party players!
    Take care, Laura

  3. That footstool is just beautiful, Jill! And how special, wow, your great-grandmother's!

    Oh, yeah, that's vintage black eye candy! Love love love the dressy black rhinestone buttons, billbox hat and those Ferragamo boots! I have a pair of similiar boots (not Ferragamo :) ) that I bought in the 90's and I still have them. Or was it the 80's?!?! Hey, they're vintage, LOL

    Have a fab day and if you'd like a "ride" today, I'd be happy to give ya a lift **wink**


  4. Hi Jill, thanks for mentioning my Anniversary. Love seeing all your black pretties. Hope you have an awesome Friday!

  5. Oh my gosh Jill, I love the footstool. It's fabulous to have such wonderful memories associated with the items in our homes. Lovin all of the black eye candy that you shared today!
    Happy VBF to you!! Hugs xOxO Nerina :)

  6. I love that you picked an item which means so much to you. Cannot wait to see what everyone else is showing.

  7. I do believe my gram had a footstool very similar to that. I love vintage needlepoint.
    I'm sharing my 2 black vintage pieces today.

  8. Hi there!
    Thanks for showing my saddle shoes!
    I hope you all enjoy!


  9. Thanks again -- blogged about yr shop and blog. Enjoy!

  10. That footstool is so perfect. I agree with you on minimizing....but I am a visual person too, so it is hard!!!

    I took some items out of my room...and it really made it appear put together..problem is~ I am hunting for things to put back in~LOL

    My favorite items are always those....that have special meaning~mostly things that my children gave me :)

    Got to create a bit for VBF.... this has been my favorite blog event~I am so passionate about black. Thanks again for being a terrific hostess.

  11. I'm loving black a lot lately. I notice it everywhere. Great footstool, and all your other black things too. I read this morning that you collect dress forms..me too!

  12. That footstool is just way too cute. Love it, love it, love it.

    Now, your leather and lace vest in your Etsy shop.......

  13. I love that footstool - it is lovely, but the best part is the memories of your Grandmother! Happy Vintage Black Friday!

  14. Just had to come back and tell you..Thanks for showing the Etsy goods..think Marsha from Sassy mini dolls bought the buttons and I have that great mirror/brush set reserved for me(you can see it on your blog) Sheri

  15. I sure did!! I bought the buttons as soon as I saw them!!

    Good thing you reserved the mirror/brush set, Sheri, LOL, I was keeping an eye on them!!!!


  16. Ohhhh, I am in love with your collages and the Esty mosaic is divine. Thank you for lal the inspiration and happy vbf! xoxo Suzy

  17. Hi Jill. what a lovely piece and I love the paticular piece of sheet music. Happy VBF....julie

  18. Yes you are so right about the little mink ball thingies. It is acually a little thingie that you put a scarf through around you neck...happy day...julie

  19. Jill

    thanks for taking the time to come by.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

    barbara jean

  20. Hi Jill...sorry so late but I made it! Love the foot stool, the colors of the flowers really stand out against the black. What a great treasured heirloom!

  21. awesome! I love your footstool and your favorites! Have a great weekend!


  22. Jill... I love the vintage black square cameo so, so, lovely... I am sorry that i have lamed out the past 2 weeks on V.B.F. I will be better from now on, I have just been way to overwhelmed to even think of blogging and well being into it at all lately. I feel I am in a better place now and have got caught up to catch my breath :) I will see you next week.


  23. What a fun event! Now that I know about it, I will have to go back and look at the earlier ones to get new ideas for using black! :-)

    Pecan Corner

  24. What a drop dead gorgeous footstool!!!

    Have a great weekend,

  25. So beautiful--your blog, the work you put into it--your eye for detail and beauty. I can't get enough!

    Thanks for including my boots in the spot--they certainly look so lovely with everything else. And someone is going to buy them! Which is fabulous news.

    I truly appreciate you looking at my shop and taking the time to put one of my items in your blog. I'm honored!



  26. Gorgeous!!! I will try and play this on Friday (if I remember...LOL). I am assuming that we post pics of black vintage items and then post back to your blog? Have never played this...so, will let you know if I remember.

    Have a beautiful and creative week! xo...deb

  27. ooooohhhh.... I love all of the vintage black stuff!!!!

  28. I love the black foot stool and the how it brings so much sentiment to your Vintage Black Friday.
    I do something similar but it's just Vintage Fashion Friday at http://thehouseofhearts.com/
    I should join you sassy ladies since my grandparents where both gypsies it only makes sense!
    Amazing blog through and through!

  29. Thanks for posting this. I just found my winter coat I think. Just bought that great black vintage coat with the mink tails...


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