October 28, 2009

Handing out treats

I know what everyone is thinking ... that I forgot something, right? ... well you're wrong, I didn't forget ... I'm a little behind that's all!! ... I promised treats for last Friday's VBF and I'm here to hand out the goodies today. Not an easy task since ALL participants have been blowing me away each Friday with new black finds and inspiration ... I'm also surprised to see the growing number of VBF Gypsies playing along each week ... it's been a fun game/party to play and we are half way through playing it ... I'm already dreaming up the next party idea in my head, I'll save that one for after the holiday rush! Okay, okay .... I know blah, blah, blah ... here are last week's treat winners ... remember these are "picked" from completely random ideas that come to mind ... you never know what will win a treat!

Miranda from 'The Sobbing settee' ... for being the only participant from Europe, The Netherlands to be exact.

Claudia from 'Mockingbird Hill Cottage' and Marsha from 'Sassy Mini Dolls' for being two of the most loyal and faithful commenters. (sp?)

Laura from '52 Flea' for being the 26th person to join VBF, the number 26 because it's my birthday .... and second for this magical post ... one of my favorites to date.

Debra from 'Common Ground' for "raising the bar" of VBF, so to speak ... I'm sure her beautiful and extensive posts have not gone unnoticed by all participants!

Will the above mentioned, please, please, please, drop me an e-mail at: gypsybrocante@gmail.com with your mailing address so that I can send off your treat asap ; )

Also, don't forget each and every comment, each and every week on my post, will enter you into the grand prize of a $50 Black Friday shopping spree at Gypsy Brocante ... not to worry, the brocante will be well stocked by Black Friday!!

Want to enter another fab give-away?? ... go check out fellow VBF Gypsy gal, Anne, of 'Fiona and Twig' she's celebrating reaching over 200 followers!

That's all for now ... I have a lot more catching up to do!!


  1. OMG, NO WAY!?!?! Thank you so much Jill!! I'll just keep celebrating my birthday which by the way I went down to the Red Door yesterday and now have some special things to share this VBG!!!

    Woo-hoo, doing the happy dance!!

    I'll email you my addy.

    Congratulations to all!

    I truly have enjoyed visiting all the VBF blogs, such wonderful inspiration!


  2. Oh boy! Thank you, thank you! I will email my address to you right away. I love Vintage Black Friday - and everyone's contributions. That reminds me, I have to figure out what to post this week!


  3. Yeeaaaa....Congratulations to all winners...I sure have enjoyed looking at all your vintage black goodies every friday. In fact I dont want it to end....I want to keep on doing this every Friday..lol

  4. Congrats to all of the fabulous VBF winners!! I love visiting all of these creative spaces!! Thanks so much Jill....this really was fun!! xOxO

  5. I say hurray for all these gals and their awesome posts. It has been so fun seeing all the VBF. Way to go Jill.

  6. Congrats to all of these terrific bloggers, and to you for such a great idea!

  7. Debra is one of my favorite bloggers, so yay for her!

  8. Well I am happy for everyone of you. Can't wait to visit again on Friday. Jill you are fab!!!!.....julie

  9. Happy winners, actually we are all winners... This is an amazing venue-VBF! I am having a blast, thanks Jill!

  10. Thank you Jill! This has been so much fun....and Happy Birthday for the 26th of whatever month your birthday is!
    Take care, Laura

  11. Thank you, my gypsy sista!

  12. Thanks for hosting each week.
    I'm ready when you are!!

    barbara jean
    PS Congrats to everyone!!

  13. Jill!!!! Thank you so much! How sweet! If you only knew how much fun this is for me. I'm the one that needs to be sending YOU a present! I was just linking up with you for the VBF post, and SURPRISE!!!

  14. Good morning! I am already off to some yard sales to find some BB things for next Friday's post... Have a wonderful day! Suzy

  15. isn't it funny how you can get on here & time flies :) great clothes & jane russell looks like me, or....i look like her LOL

  16. Hello, HPS (I'm participating vicariously) and happy Halloween. Lovely Blog and Vintage Post! My favorite holiday is today because it involves costumes and fantasy. And candy of course, but I'm not indulging in that this year. I am at the store, dressed up as a witch and looking very scary I'm sure.

    Have a great day! xJ


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