October 7, 2009

Dreaming of Texas and Antiques

Wish I could have been there ... these past few weeks I've been longing to be elsewhere, not just anywhere ... somewhere special, exciting, and enchanting ... Texas ... Round Top Texas to be exact. I'm sure you all {ya'll} know just what I am talking about ... "those" antique shows, markets, venues, pastures FULL of junque ... One week every Spring and Fall I spend ample amounts of time on the computer perusing various "creative~Antique~type" blogs drooling over posts about the shows, admiring all the displays {works of art!} ... the furniture ... the unusual ... the people ... the parties .... the cowboys and cowgirls ... the list goes on and on!

This past summer I was contacted by Donna from "Virgins, Sinners and Saints"... a "soulfully hip company" ... asking me If I could fulfill a wholesale order of my Gypsy slip dresses for her ... to take to ROUND TOP of all places!! She said she liked my look and thought they would work well with her line ... I said "YES!!" even before I heard all the details ... maybe I couldn't get to Round Top personally, but I felt like I could at least send a portion of my "gypsy spirit" along with my dresses ... {I would have packed myself into the box if I could have} ... I spent a week with my hands in dye ... they looked like a blueberry pie! Donna was wonderful to work with ... we had a nice telephone conversation one day and she invited "to show me around round top" ... she has NO CLUE I am totally going to take her up on that offer ; ) .... she also promised me pictures from the show ... in the meantime, like I said, I've spent hours stalking the internet for glimpses of all of the Texas goodness ...

One blog I follow regularly is "Tongue in Cheek" ... you know Corey Amaro, the fabulous American woman who meets and marries fabulous French husband and lives happily ever after in the south of France ... who takes the time to blog everyday and share her life with us ... AND gets to hook up with friends and go to Round Top Texas to eat, breath and live antiques while away from home? I knew you would know her. Anyway, I realized she was blogging everyday from her post at the antique fair ... so first thing every morning I would get my coffee and sit down to scope out her blog ... then it happened on September 28th this was her post ...I had to do a double take ... LOOK! someone is wearing a Gypsy Dress!!

photo source Annie at The Bunny Bungalow

Okay now I had to get more info and off on my hunt I went ... I sent a note to Corey inquiring about the woman in the photo ... totally did not expect to hear back from her {don't know why I get such a case of anxiety when I contact people who are "blogfabulous" }... well she did send me a sweet note back telling me who was who, etc. etc ... and I quote "... I saw more than one person wearing your dress... in fact a group of women at the Blogger Party were talking about it...." My jaw hit the floor oh and THEN she proceeds to tell her readers where they can find my dresses ... my impression of Corey is now not only is she "blogfabulous" but she is genuine, the real deal, and a very kind person ... thank you Corey!

Off to the Bunny Bungalow blog ... where I find and meet "Annie"...to learn she is not "the one" wearing my dress but rather the "photographer" of the dress picture ... another kind and generous blogger who helps point me in the right direction on my mission ... hop by her blog for more pictures of Round Top activities!

I arrive at Garden Antiques Vintage and I eye up "Theresa" ... nope, not "the one", not whom I'm looking for, but so glad I stopped by ... check out her eye candy from the show! ... and a video, hey do I spy with my little eye another Gypsy Dress? Theresa is an amazing creative antique dealer who also just so happens to host the well known blog party at Round Top.

Yes! This is who I'm looking for "the one", "The other Theresa", "Tot" ... from Time Worn Interiors!! ... is this some sort of name game they play in Texas to confuse us "Northerners"? I'm still not positive I know her real name ... but what a doll she is ... she EVEN mentions me on her blog! Thank you ... hmmm, I'm going to call you "the one" ... Thank you for liking my dress, buying my dress, wearing my dress, and writing about my dress ... most of all thank you for letting my Gypsy spirit have a bite of that Texas pie they call Round Top ... I'll savor the taste for a long time!

ps ... please take a moment to check out all of the amazing pictures and stories the above bloggers have to share ... they truly make you feel like you've experienced the biggest antique fair in the world ... and if you have any other must see links, I'd LOVE to see them ... send them my way!!


  1. Ok Jill, I will explain why I have so many names! Theresa Cano is the first person to have a blog between the two of us. Of course my name is Theresa as well! Everyone kept getting us confused so I came up with Theothertheresa! I thought is was funny and believe it or not some people couldn't figure out what is spelled. Then along comes Deb, of Talking Trash and she shortens it to TOT, I guess she's all into texting and they have letters for everything. Boy, that was a long story, but now you know why I have three different names!

    But the fact remains I love my dress. When I found it at Virgins, Saints and Sinners booth I was so excited I undressed right in the booth and put it on so I could wear it to the blog party! I was bummed cause I didn't have my cowboy boots on, but I pulled it off anyway!
    Thanks again! TOT

  2. Hi Jill! I just became your 100th follower - how cool! It's so nice to get recognition and praise for something you work so hard on and pour your heart into...I'm so glad your lovely dresses are being noticed!!!

    :) T

  3. Whoo Whoo! - Congratulations on the success of your dresses! How exciting for you!

  4. Love this post...I have two gypsy dresses and I love them both.
    {{gypsy hugs}}


  6. Oooh my goodness me ... Your slip dresses are gorgeous!!

    Just came over from the 'Anything goes ...' blog after reading Joan' Black Friday post.
    Would love to join in the fun ... black vintage finds are just really up my alley.



  7. Good Morning Jill,
    Loved your posting...it so captures that special friendship between bloggers.

    And thanks so much for the byline/link.

    Hope you can make it to Texas soon!

  8. Hi Jill, I also spent this past week following blogs in Round Top. I am a good days drive from there and I still haven't been. So my cousin (not a blogger) and I have decided to plan for next year.
    I love your work and what a great feeling I know you must have, seeing your slip dresses on so many ladies. They are wonderful...julie

  9. Oh my gosh Jill....this is fabulous news!! Your dresses are so pretty and I am so happy that the Round Top crowd now knows who you are!! I have loved the whole Round Top adventure ever since I found the Junk Gypsies a few years ago!! I really would love to venture down there one of theses days....it would really be a trek...but...you know what...it would be a blast!! Thanks so much for this fantastic post, it's like you are just sitting across from me and we are sharing...you are awesome...I will now go and check out all of the Round Top festivities!! xOxO Nerina :)

  10. Jill, thanks for the shout out! Can I save a place for you at the next Spring Warrenton Blogger party? I hope you get to make it out, it's an experience in itself. Happy Friday, Theresa

  11. Hey sweetie!

    I was sent here via my yaya buddy...TOT! ;) LOVE the dress...I too make items for my buddies Donna & Tina for their booth....and I sell their stuff in my shop in Houston. Small world isn't it?

    Would love to see more of your dresses...xo...deb

  12. I absolutely love your blog site. Your jewelry is beautiful.
    Melinda at
    Alabaster Rose Designs


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