November 30, 2009

Holiday Home Tour ... Welcome to The Gypsy Brocante Home

I'm very excited to be participating in Jen's house party today!
Thank you for hosting Jen and THANK YOU for sharing amazing homes with us last week ... loads of holiday cheer and inspiration!

So much inspiration, I'm not done decorating yet!
So, I thought I would do a kind of before and after this week ...
today I'm sharing a "before" ... this was my home a few years back.

If you want, you can come back later and see what I've done this year.
I'll be posting through out the week.

Enjoy your tour ; )

Welcome to our home ... I've begun the process of decorating for the season and thought you may want to take a peek inside ... I LOVE looking at all the decorations this time of year and home tours are high on my to-do list ... I'll be sharing those 'real' tours with you soon as well ... but for today, dust off the snow, grab a cup of coffee, and come visit with me for awhile ...

This year's inspiration ... burlap upholstery webbing .... used for garland ... just the right color, texture, and most of all indestructible! The burlap is even easier than ribbon to work with, it naturally wanted to twist and fold gracefully ... it is also a cinch to gather together with the wired greens in order to secure it ... I highly recommend trying this out, very simple!

Note added ... Saturday December 5th .... I've had a few inquiries about finding the burlap webbing ... I bought mine at Joanne's Fabric, I bought the whole roll that contained 36 yards at .78 cents a yard = $28.08 ... plus I had my 40% of coupon {LOVE that coupon!} which brought my cost down to a whopping $16.88 {plus tax} ... the one roll covered my 9' tree, 6' fireplace mantel, and 12' entertainment center, with plenty of room for 'swagging' and 'draping' .... EXTREMELY budget friendly

A small gathering of some more supplies ... I chose only the 'unbreakable' decorations this year, wood, fabric, feathers,glitter,pine cones ... I have a large collection of hand blown glass ornaments, mercury glass, and vintage Christmas balls that I usually decorate the living room tree with ... that was a mistake last year, I can't tell you how many I loss to the little Gypsy Prince's curious fingers ... too many ... that's the reason for the 'sturdier' style of decor this year.

As you can see, the colors of the living room ... reds, greens, creams, and browns ... makes traditional holiday decorating pretty much a snap .... my base is already there ... I add a layer of real and artificial greens ... some white twinkle lights ... a nutcracker collection ... and it's almost finished ... all we need now are some presents under the tree!

A tarnished silver trophy vase filled with dried hydrangeas from the garden this year ... spruced up with some fresh cut greens from the yard ... I later added a stack of poetry books in deep green to this vignette, guess that happened after picture taking.

Don't let the innocence in the photo below fool you ... that little hand is about ready to reach out and snatch an ornament off the closest branch!

Here's the second reason for the indestructible decor, I can't put all the blame on the Prince ... that's "Mac" one of our dogs ... who, as soon as I turned my back plucked one of those feathered birds right off the tree! He has a thing for holiday themed chew toys ; )

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my living room ... I wanted to share much, much more of the house with you ... but time got the better of me and this is all I was able to accomplish this weekend ... I did take some before shots of the space that I will use at a later time to show you the actually transformation ... If you would like to see more, stop back soon ... I'll be posting about the dining room, foyer and staircase, powder room, butler's pantry, a few bedrooms and maybe even the kitchen if time allows ...
see part two here

Vintage Christmas Monday .... A Wink From Santa

For Vintage Christmas Monday I found something a little better than last week ... these two cute ceramic, handmade Santa Clauses from 1963 ... signed by 'MB' ... in my opinion 'MB' was a wonderful artist, not quite sure my photos do her work justice, but the painting on these Santas is superb! .... their cheeks are just the perfect shade of rosey pink and I could swear their baby blue eyes have a sparkle to them!


Head on over to Joan's at Anything Goes Here our hostess for this holiday party to visit all the participants, that's where I'm trotting off to! Lots of inspiration to be found ....

For more Holiday fun ... check back tomorrow ... for a virtual holiday home tour party! ... uh oh, I feel the party train rolling in again ; )

November 29, 2009

Vintage Black Friday ... We Have Winners!

Hey all VBFers!! ... hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday weekend .... enjoyed time with family and friends and maybe got lucky enough to hit a flea market or two ... well as promised tonite's post is all about announcing the "winners" of Vintage Black Friday. It could go without saying, but I wouldn't dare let it ... that ALL the participants are winners ... I know I feel like a winner to have had the chance to meet so many new bloggers with similar interests, who knew there was so much vintage black out there? Thank you to everyone for sharing your treasures, your knowledge and most of all your friendship ... the biggest treasure of all.

Winner from Game #1 ..........................
is Marilyn from The Lone Dollier ... Woo-hoo Marilyn!! ... you've won the 'Secret Surprise Prize' ... you'll be receiving a super sized Gypsy treasure bundle ... loaded with goodies!!

Winners from Game #2 ........................
will win the prize that they spotted the 'VBF' initials on, and they are ...

Marsha from Sassy Mini Dolls won
Gypsy Bundle No.071 Stamped French Muslin Ribbon

Laura from 52 flea won
Vintage white millinery flowers

Claudia from Mockingbird Hill Cottage won
Gypsy Bundle No. 44 Stamped muslin ribbon.

Sylvia from My Trinkets won
No. 003e Holy St. Jude Guardian Angel Earrings

Julie from Glam and Glittery Thoughts won
Vintage millinery flowers in bright pink

Barbara Jean from Treasures from the Heart won
Two blue vintage glass bottles

Marilyn from The Lone Dollier won
Gypsy Bundle No. 070 Hand Stamped Muslin Ribbon

Susan from A Work in Progress won
No.031 Glamour Girl Necklace

Jonna fro Rudoo won
Small metal vintage tray at Vintageology

Kelli from Outofmymind won
Small vintage brown leather coin purse

Winner from game #3 ..................................
"Pass on the Love"A $25 Gypsy shopping spree {gift certificate}
is Marsha from Sassy Mini Dolls ... congratulations Marsha! Not sure exactly what your odds at winning were, but they were high!! ... thank you VERY MUCH for passing the love around!

And FINALLY our Grand Prize Winner .....................................
A $50 Gypsy shopping spree {gift certificate}
WELL OVER 220 comments were in the drawing .... I gave the Gypsy Prince the honor of pulling the name out of the hat {vintage black, of course!!} ... and the winner is ...... drum roll, please ............ Debra from Common Ground .... hooray!! big gypsy hugs and kisses to you Debra, have fun shopping!!

For those of you who would still like a chance to win a piece of Gypsy Brocante Jewelry, dance on over to The Shabby Chic Cottage, I have donated the necklace below for a give-away that runs until this Tuesday .... oh, and you won't be disappointed once you are there ... I think about 20 different items are being given away at the Christmas Carnival!! ... you have until 'sometime' on Tuesday to enter as many of the give aways that you wish.

Hey not so fast everyone ... don't forget to sign up for the next biggest party to hit blogville, I'll be there and I hope you are too! ... Beth at Gypsy Fish Studios has dreamed up "Silver Sunday" ... It's running only for a short time, January 3rd thru February 7th ... a perfect little winter party past time ... watch Beth's blog for upcoming details.

That's all for now girls ... don't be strangers, okay? I know I'll be checking up on each and everyone of you!! .... and mark your calenders for next year's Vintage Black Friday playing Friday October 1st thru Black Friday November 26th ... see ya'll there ; )

p.s. all prize winners please e-mail me your mailing address and I'll get the goods out asap!

November 27, 2009

Vintage Black Friday ... The Roundup

Happy Vintage Black Friday FINALE!! ... yes, it's over well, almost ... there's still a boatload of prizes to give out... This little blog party has really gone beyond my initial thought of "wouldn't it be fun to host something ... how about ..." I hesitated at first, who would play along? Won't I look foolish if nobody signs up? Well, I fixed that... the very first person I signed up was my VeryBestFriend, Beth from Gypsy Fish Studios ... heck if I was going down lookin' silly in blogland she was coming with me ... that's what friends are for right? Who knew I would ultimately end up making 31 new VBFs??

Girls, all I can say is simply ... Thank you ... thanks for playing and sharing your vintage black, thanks for checking in on a regular basis and thank you for spreading the word about VBF ... I sincerely hope you have enjoyed playing as much as I have enjoyed hosting ALL of you!!

{click on mosaic to get a better view}

I promised you some fun today ... I'll try my best to live up to that ... I've planned THREE party games for today, complete with prizes, you can play in all the games you want~you can win more than one game, and they are ....

NUMBER ONE ... See these two VBF mosaics? We're going to play a little "I spy with my little eye ... something vintage and black" {can you tell I've been hanging out with The Gypsy Prince day and night?} ... all you have to do is spy at least one of your pictures you posted about for VBF, tell me which picture it is and what day you posted it on your blog ... all correct answers will go into a random drawing for a SECRET SURPRISE PRIZE! {yes, it's a good one!}

Only one 'correct' entry per person for the eye-spy game ; )

{click on mosaic to get a better view}

GAME NUMBER TWO is a little treasure hunt .. this one's not so easy ..... I've hidden the infamous "VBF" initials on prizes in all three of my etsy shops .... go search here, here, and here .... when you find a photo with "VBF" on it... you win that particular prize, IF you are the FIRST person to find it and TELL me were you've found it via a comment here ... dig deep, may not be the first photo in a series ... the "VBF" may be faint .. it's a challenge ... lots of prizes hiding here at this game!! {more than one in each different shop}

Prizes will be deleted as they are found ...
Additional note added: You can find as many prizes as you wish, please send each one in a separate comment .... you will win your first correct answer and this will be the only comment for this game of yours I will publish .... IF there are leftover prizes at the end of game time ... I will go back thru the comments {that weren't posted} to see if you qualify for any additional 'un-found' prizes.
Note added Saturday morning at 7 am ... there are still 2 more prizes in game number 2 waiting to be found!!

THE THIRD AND FINAL GAME is "pass on the love" game ... For any NEW follower of my blog that mentions YOUR name in a comment to me will go into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate that can be used at any of my on-line shopping venues Gypsy Vintageology.etsy, Gypsy Flea Market.etsy, or Gypsy Brocante.etsy
example, new follower is added once to drawing and you are added every time a 'newbie' mentions your name ... the more people that pass your name along the greater your chance of winning! ... this will continue thru Sunday, November 29th's post ... Talk it up girls, you have two plus days to up your odds!

Here's a button you can use for an easy link to my blog ... make sure you link the button back here AND remind them to "pass on the love" and mention your name!!

And just because I can ... random prizes this week are going to .....

1.)Nerina from NicNacManiac for finding this gypsy related vintage black item and for making me smile and always lifting my spirits.

2.)Michelle from Vintage Junky for driving the same vintage car as me ... a very old Jeep Grand Wagoneer
3.)Marie from Lemondrop Vintage for all the fabulous photos and layouts she designed each week for VBF ... she has ressurected my inner 80's more than once!
4.)Diana from Vintage Blue Studio for being a fellow jewelry designer, a fellow Etsy seller, and mostly a fellow Jersey girl!
5.)Anne from Fiona and twig for having a huge Teaxan heart, gotta love this gal, ya'll!

email me your mailing info girls to claim your prizes:

Nope I didn't forget THE GRAND PRIZE a $50 shopping spree at Gypsy, AND once again, I've opened it up to ALL of my on-line shopping venues .... Vintageology.etsy, Gypsy Flea Market.etsy, or Gypsy Brocante.etsy

Reminder on how I'll pick the grand prize winner ... ALL comments that were left each week on my posts for Vintage Black Friday have gone into the pile for a random drawing, including this week's post.

I will be drawing the grand prize winner, and all prize winners from today's games on this Sunday evening, November 29th ... I will also post a list all of the winners at that time ... make sure you check back to see if you've won something or somethings {plural}!

I hope you are all back from your early bird black Friday shopping and can now have some fun shopping {winning} here for the best price of all FREE!! What are you waiting for?? On your mark, get set, GO!!

November 23, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday ... A Sorry Santa

Go ahead laugh until your sides hurt, seriously ... have a good whole hearted chuckle at my first attempt at 'Vintage Christmas Monday' ... is this the saddest, sorriest, most miserable Santa you have ever seen? Answer honestly, you won't hurt my feelings ... that's exactly how I felt when I spied him at the bottom of a long forgotten box of Christmas ornaments at a flea market last year ... all covered up by the 'pretties', fancy and sparkling balls in pink, aqua, silver and so on ... I'll admit I bought the pretties too, but this guy was so homely he had to rescued as well ... speaking of rescued, I also rescued him from the jaws of my new puppy that Christmas, guess my sorry Santa kinda looked like a chew toy to him ... I'm not surprised!

{click on photo if you really have to see him more closely}
So why do I choose him to share with you? Because he has become a small treasure to me .... so sad you have to feel sorry for him and therefor love him ... and he grew on me ... he never got crammed back into the box and put up in the attic with all the 'pretties' last year ... he stayed in my studio all year, watching over me ... maybe checking to see if I've been naughty or nice? {verdict still out on that one, depends on who you talk to!} ... that's the other reason I've chosen him to share ... he was readily available, standing and waiting for his picture to be taken ... you've come a long way Santa Baby, from years in a dusty old cardboard box ... to the world wide web ... enjoy your fifteen minutes!!

Note to me ... get busy and start bringing out the Christmas decorations!!
Second note to me ... find some fabulous vintage decor to share next week!!

Click on the button above to be whisked away in Santa's sleigh to Joan's blog "Anything Goes Here" our super host of this party running from now until Christmas .... and make sure to visit all of the participants while visiting with Joan ...I'm sure there's a lot of great items to ooh and ahh over! .... I'm happy you had a good laugh at my sorry little devilish {oh, I noticed his devil horned look and pitch fork like tree, too ... I just wasn't going to 'go there'!}

November 20, 2009

Vintage Black Friday ... Creating My Own

Yes, I've resorted to creating my own vintage black furniture for Vintage Black Friday {the girl is getting desperate!} ... okay, it WAS already vintage, I only helped with the black portion ... here's a little before and after show ... let's go ...

Ugly, ugly well past their prime VINTAGE dining room chairs {shhhhh...found curbside!}

First coat of black spray paint ...

After a few more coats of spray paint .... the seat before, I should have taken pictures of each layer of fabric I tore away ... it felt like traveling thru time a few different decades ...

I chose a faux burlap feed sack to cover the seats in ... made the grain sack myself ; )

The chairs looked a bit bored and lonely, so I searched out an authentic vintage black table for them to pair up with ... this table was also a great find, not free but quite close ... I love the fluted legs and it's little hidden drawer ... you can't see the drawer, it's hidden!

Here's the new trio ...

Plus the newly covered seats ... and ta-da! .... a fresh new vintage black set ready to go!

Finished just in time to take to my new booth space today ... and hopefully sell it ... It can't stay in the foyer, doesn't work well with opening and closing the front door!

Happy Vintage Black Friday! .... can you believe next week will be the last one? ... I have some fun things planned ... enjoy your weekend, maybe shopping for some vintage black?