November 6, 2009

Vintage Black Friday ... In the Attic

I'm on the search for something to share for Vintage Black Friday ... all of the gals participating in VBF have really done a fabulous job each and every week coming up with new and inspiring vintage black items to share....and well, to be quite honest, I feel like I've been coming up a little lame in comparison. I was racking my head last night trying to come up with something original ... didn't happen, but this morning I had a thought ... what about the ATTIC? ... I don't go up there frequently {don't tell my kids, but it actually kinda creeps me out} ... I thought there has to be something up there just waiting to be featured on VBF ... but NO WAY am I going by myself at 6am .... so, come on .... you're coming with me ...

The attic is the first door on the left ... no, no, please, you first .... oh and yes these are my beautiful 'au natural' plaster walls in my upstairs hallway .... they've looked like this since we stripped the wallpaper 7 years ago ...

Two flights up ... don't worry ... I'm right behind ya .... promise ....

We made it .... which way do you want to go? We'll only do one of the three rooms ... we don't want to be up here all day ... What door shall we choose?

Okay ... door #3 is it ... no, no go ahead after you .....

Man, who put all of this stuff up here? ... couldn't have been me ; ) .... I did not place the survival box there on purpose, didn't even notice it until I downloaded the pics ... made me laugh ... you really do need a survival kit up here! ... back on track...searching for vintage black ...

Score!! I had forgotten about these very old black and white pen and ink sketches stashed up here .... yes!! ... but, yuck ... very dirty .... very,very dirty .... let's get out of here ... me first!!

A little elbow grease {plus a trip to the attic} and I have it ... something worthy of VBF. Two antique pen and ink sketches I found in an old home in Atlantic City, NJ ages ago ... I'm happy I have remembered them, these will go nicely in the newly renovated B&W bathroom.

Do you like the old black trunk? It was one of my finds at the thrift store this past week ... it's not in good shape and it smells bad, I plan on using it for a display piece at trunk shows ~if I can eliminate the odor ... only cost me $5!

Well, if you've stuck with me this long ... here are the details about my items ... The larger of the prints is a scene of a French river with men reading at what appears to be news stands, it's marked 'Paris Le Pont Neuf" and has a raised embossed area I can't make out, it is also signed by the artist, but I can't make that out as well.

The smaller of the pictures I just adore! It is so sweet and simple, a cane and parasol resting against a bench in the park ... makes me wonder though, where did the owners disappear to? ... maybe the bushes behind the bench, I'm just sayin' ... makes one wonder ... it is marked 'honni soit, qui maty h{p?}ense ... can anyone translate? ... it is also signed by the artist, again can't make out the name. Thanks for joining in on VBF and stopping by to check out my post this week ... and most of all, thank you for making the trip up into the attic with me .... oh, and if you thought that was bad... you should see the basement ...


  1. This was a fabulous adventure. And what a bounty. Lovely prints. Happy VBF...julie

  2. It was like you were on a treasure hunt in your own home! Happy VBF!

  3. Hey, Jill, stop pushing me up the stairs . . . it's spooky up here!!! But, oh, my I'd love to look through everything you have up here. I'm sure there's some real hidden treasures!

    I totally agree, that print with the cane and parasol is absolutely charming!!! Hmmmm, wonder what was stored in that suitcase that made it smell sooooooooooooooo bad!?!? You don't want to know where my ever vivid imagination is taking me, too many Criminal Minds episodes LOL

    Have a wonderful VBF!


  4. Hi Jill, spooky attic, you could have used this for a Halloween post. and before I even saw your caption my immediate thought was "Amityville". Such a scary book. The B&W art pieces are wonderful. Glad you found some things you could use in decor. Funny how we stash stuff and when we find it again it seems "new"...timing and fresh eyes.
    Thanks again for VBF. You know I'm a huge fan!

  5. Your pictures of the attic were so evocative, I actually thought I could smell that "attic" smell coming from my computer!!!!
    Who hosts VBF?

  6. What a great find in your own attic. Love the one of the bridge, looks like a Paris scene. Happy VBF :)

  7. I apologize for a previous comment - cleary I am new around here! I will try to find some appropriate black vintage.

  8. I love this weeks VBF! I love tresure hunts!
    Have a great weekend.

  9. I love the little bench sketch, it's so lovely! And the trunk is too. Happy VBF, you are as always an inspiration~

  10. I think the two owners are an older man and woman who are gracefully waltzing around without a care in the world while in each others arms :) Happy VBF!

  11. You always have the coolest posts! I've been enjoying VBF and hope I'm sending at least a few your way!

    Love the hunt for a VBF posting. Gotta love it.

    Smiles from a fellow VBF'er,

  12. Creepy..yes, but I would love to have your setup.

    Love those prints.....wonder what else is up there. That would be a terrific little workspace, very inspiring for writing spooky novels~lol

    I am busy today trying to get ready for the opening of my Flea Market blog.....I am doing a bit of black mixed with creams and white this week.

    Please stop by my new will open a 5 pm today :)

    Happy VBF!!

  13. lol...loved your post you scardy you found some VB goodies, although every week you have some nice VB posts to share.
    BTW...I put fresh coffee grinds in my old trunks and suitcases to get rid of that musty smell.

  14. Loved your post....that was a great treasure hunt!

  15. I want to go back up there and poke around some more! You came up with some great treasure for VBF! Love your prints and trunk too!
    Take care, Laura

  16. This is fantastic Jill. Love the spooky trip to find your treasures...thanks for taking us along!! That trunk is fantastic...I'm sure you can remove the odor...great display piece and those The will really finish off your Black and White bathroom. your own home once in a while sure brings great results!!
    Happy VBF...great finds! Hugs xOxO Nerina :)

  17. i loved your prints - i wish i had something that beautiful hiding up in my attic!

  18. those pictures are just beautiful! thanks for the attic tour- your house must be AMAZING!

  19. well, i went up in the attic with you and i thought it didn't look too bad. you should see my attic. no, i won't let you.yug! but, i have an idea for the smell inside your newly bought black case. maybe you know this,already. crunch up newspaper and fill the case with them. close lid and check in a few days, remove the stinky paper and repeat till it smells good. may take awhile ,but it works. hope this helps! Bestest,Denise

  20. this is a p.s. to my other blog. if you do the crunched up paper thing in the black case, be generous. use lots of crunched paper each time.

  21. I enjoyed that little tour. I really love the arch leading to the doorways. And I am so very envious of all that amazing storage room you have - I need that so badly....

    Cynthia K.

  22. Your attic is wonderful...not scary. I wish i had a room to rummage around in and find lovely vintage like living with a flea market upstairs....i cannot wait to see the basement!! ;)

    I adore you truck and a complete bargain even if it does the idea of coffee ginds or newspaper in the trunk...might have to try that with one of mine!

    Thanks for the post and for the de-smelling ideas, xxx

  23. Just found your blog, but have heard your name lots around the blogosphere. Lovely blog, fun post, jealous of your house and storage space!


  24. I just looooved the trip up to your spooky attic! Me first? No problem, I'm a thrill junkie and love haunted houses.
    I'm so sorry I didn't participate in VBF this week, I was a bit wiped out from my big buying trip.
    Hugs and stuff!

  25. The pen and inks are fabulous, I am partial to the one with the bench! What a trip you took, with 3 doors to choose from, that must have taken some time! I love your old trnk, I have one just like it! Very cool, thank you for sharing and Happy VBF!


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