November 14, 2009


Quick update {added Monday, November 16th} ... ALL sales have been extended .... lucky you ; )
Shop talk, happenings and big, big, pre-holiday sales ... here's the latest scoop on what's been going on behind the scenes at the Gypsy Brocante. First off ... for this weekend ONLY, ALL listings in the brocante will be 50% off, yes 50% off!! Whatever is left after this weekend will be deleted off the Etsy site and website to go to it's new home here ... my new 'space' ... more on this later ... if you are interested in a piece of jewelry, please drop me a 'convo' [BEFORE making purchase} over at Etsy and I will be happy to adjust the invoice for you by 50% ... first come, first serve ... here's a sample of what's available ....

Next .... I've opened a new Etsy shop for my vintage treasures .... Vintageology ... why? I really like the look of keeping all the handcrafted items, like jewelry,rosettes,bags, etc. in one spot separate from all the vintage finds, that YOU can now find here .... and of course I can't have a sale in one shop and not the other ... so you are welcome to a 20% discount off all items in my new shop as well!! Just drop me a convo and I'll take care of the rest!

What?? Still not enough incentive? ... run on over to my third Etsy shop for some special ribbon to tie up all those gift packages, I'll be listing more styles this afternoon .... buy two Gypsy Bundles and receive a third FREE!! ... you know the drill, just drop me a convo!!

Third I will be moving into a new co-op antique space 'down the shore' ... that's Jersey talk ; ) ... next week, I'll keep you posted on that event ...

I am also participating in a few on-line shopping adventures ... approaching soon, stay tuned .... Hmmmm, I feel like I am forgetting something ... if it comes to me I'll be back...

Happy shopping and enjoy these limited time sales girls ... don't be kicking yourself later, like I do!!


  1. Lookin' fab, you and your THREE Etsy shops! You're a franchise, girlfriend! Hey, did ya notice anything missing from your new shop? Anything at all???

  2. have all the bases covered. I'm off to take a look make an offer that it is hard to refuse!

  3. boy, you have a few extra things on your plate at this time. but, you can't knock updates. you have interesting things on your sight. good luck with sales. hope you get swamped with orders.:) that would be good, correct? Bestest,Denise

  4. You are no ordinary Gypsy.....wandering aimlessly have a plan girl and it looks like it is coming together nicely!! Try and take a little time for yourself, you must be crazy busy with all this activity!!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! xOxO Nerina :)

  5. Hmmmm, I posted a comment here earlier...didn't I? Am I losing it? I was giving your new etsy shop RAVES, girlfriend! So check and see if you've sold anything!

  6. WOW three Etsy shops? And to think I was crazy to think about starting a second one????

    My mom and I have one for all the vintage stuff she finds and I've been thinking about starting one for craft supplies and handcrafted items that I will do. That way my handful of things doesn't get lost in all her stuff (she's got 144+ items listed!).

    Nice to know I'm sane. LOL!!!
    In all seriousness though, I love you items. I may have to scrounge around and find some spare change for some of the muslin ribbon.


  7. Your goods are amazing... I hope I am not too late for your sale! You are so busy with all your sites and sales, I love your enthusiasm... Have a wonderful day!

  8. I just saw you had a sale....late last night. I had my eye on a particular one of your brooches and it was gone :(

    I had to work at my space I did not get to visit blogs.

    You are moving into a shop...and I am moving out of mine(so is Gypsy Fish)....I wish you the best of luck!

    Are you keeping all of your Etsy shops or just 1? Let me know which one you want to promote for the Flea Market :)


  9. did not mention this...Have you been back to FiFis blog?


  10. Hey there! Just made a purchase in your shop. I'm MSEsoteria. That buy two get one free on your ribbon was too good to pass up!



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