November 13, 2009

Vintage Black Friday ... A Black Hat Collection

Who knew I had a black hat collection? ... not me, that's for sure! ... this seems to be how all of my so called collections begin ... unknowingly ... Happy VBF to all my VBFers!! ... I'm going to be the first to admit black is becoming a bigger challenge than I imagined ... was that me back in the first post bragging I had enough black to last forever?? ... maybe I should have just rationed a little more carefully ... another challenge with black ... photographing it, and I've heard this from more than one participant ... it's difficult to get a great photo of an item that is all black, very easy to loose the details.

Here you are ... the collection I didn't even know existed ... various styles and fabrics ... some in better shape than others ...

At the moment the above hat is my favorite ... I would wear it, but it's too small ...

If my memory serves me correctly {yeah, I know ... how can I say that when I didn't even know I had this, right?} ... I believe I purchased these at this flea market over the past summer ... I was the first shopper at the vendors booth that had probably over 75 hats ... all shapes and styles ... the price? ... ONLY $2 per hat ... that's what I said and started making a pile as fast as I could ... then like an idiot, I got choosey and started putting some back and rethinking, etc . ... walked away with an armful ... about 15 minutes later I realized my mistake and went back for more ... I kid you not, by this time you could not get near the hats and the price was up to $7-10 each!! ... I still kick myself for not taking them all ... the guy probably would have even made a better deal with me if I offered to take them all in the beginning!!

I'm off to make the rounds ... hoping to visit everyone earlier this week ... keep the comments coming, they are all going into the pile .... I've added another way for the VBF winner to spend her winnings ... not only can you shop the Gypsy Brocante, but you will be able shop here as well!!


  1. That pillbox hat with all the netting is fabulous! Happy Vintage Black Friday...the 13th!

  2. I just love hats and these are wonderful! The second and last one are my favorites. These remind so much of my Aunt Nena. Have a wonderful VBF!!


  3. These are wonderful, love the ones with the netting! So mysterious! How many times have I done exactly the same thing...walk away when I knew better. Glad you grabbed the ones that you did! Have a wonderful VBF! Thanks again Jill!

  4. The hats are wonderful and each very are right it is hard to capture all the detail but I can see that this is a terrific collection.

    Interesting story about the booth.....I think we all have those times when we regret not making a purchase.
    I did this on a vintage urn...I am still crying over that~lol

    We are getting more vendors for the Black Friday Flea market....don't forget your ad button and your apron pic :) Sheri

  5. I hate when I think things to death. What you got is great, though. And you got your favs, so that's a good thing! ~Mindy

  6. I love black and it is starting to be a challenge to find things to post, but it has been a blast. The posts of the participants are very interesting.


  8. I love the hats. Happy VBF Jill...julie

  9. Happy VBF, Jill! I love all the hats and am so sorry that you missed getting all of them!

    Thank you so much for my gift - it came in the mail while I was away and I just opened it this morning. What lovely treasures!


  10. Isn't that so crazy..all the great stuff we passed on that beckons to us still! Love your black hats, Jill, and the one I see you in on your sidebar.

  11. Happy VBF! What a hat collection! Beauties!~ Thank you for sharing! xoxo

  12. Ohhh I love vintage black hats, they always remind me of Jackie O! Very classy and very Tiffany's.

  13. WOW...I am in love with all of these love the 4th pic and the one with the pin and netting. You have the best flea markets...lucky lady!! The image that these hats evoke brings a smile to my face!! Happy VBF!! xOxO Nerina:)

  14. Jill... your collection is very nice, I like all of them. My Emily is feeling much better my sale sucked and i do not want to go back tomorrow :( I have not posted my VBF yet... but I am getting on it :) Have a great weekend :)


  15. love them! I would be playing dress up all the time with them!

    Smiles~ Michelle

  16. Love those hats!!!!! Which is really funny, considering I can't stand anything on my head, or to even have my head touched.



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