December 31, 2009

A Year in Pictures ....

How do I put the last year into words? ... I can't, so I'll use a year's worth of snapshots ... here is a sample of what has left an imprint on my heart this past year ... family, friends, love, laughter, and good times shared together.

Bring on 2010 !!

Happy New Year, dear friends ... be safe and be happy!

December 21, 2009

Ugly Santa Finds Long Lost Brothers

If this is where it all started I think it's only fitting this is where it should end ... remember my first Vintage Christmas Monday post? .... the pathetic Santa ornament that was so hopelessly sorry looking he pulled at my heartstrings? ... that's him above. And look what we have here ... the picture below was sent to me by my blogging friend Lili M ... as in 'LiLi M's Adventures' ... Turns out my Santa is not the ugliest Santa in the world ... he has a twin brother, found in the Netherlands ... they must have been separated at birth !! LiLi M. and I are working out the logistics of reuniting the brothers one day soon ... we'll keep you posted with the details. What are the odds?

VCM has been a lot of fun and I've so enjoyed checking out everyone's vintage goodies ... a lot of memories have been refreshed. Thank you Joan for hosting this fun event!! Just in case you missed something the list of participants will be up until the 31st of December on her blog . I know I'll be going back for seconds and thirds ... it's the holidays, don't worry about it ; )

NEWSFLASH .... this just in ... 6:28 pm est .... look what our hostess Joan just brought to my attention ... do you see ANOTHER ugly Santa lurking in her Christmas tree?? ... it's NOT twins ... it's TRIPLETS!! ... she has found another long lost brother in her vintage stash ... BEWARE these guys are multiplying fast ... you better check your trees closely for 'ugly Santa flu' ...

{I guess I better stop calling these guys ugly, at the rate they are popping up I'm likely to offend someone soon!}

December 14, 2009

A Christmas Chevy

Hello and happy VCM! ... I wasn't going to do a post today ... only because I didn't feel like I had anything worth sharing this time around ... bummed me out ... but look what I found on my way back from Starbucks this afternoon !! An old vintage Chevy pick-up truck painted a deep Christmas green and adorned with two holiday wreaths ... sitting in a parking lot just waiting to have it's picture taken ... lucky for me I had my camera in my purse and ta-da a fun little post for VCM!

{click pic to enlarge}

I love vintage autos ... I wouldn't mind if Santa slipped this one under my tree {or driveway}, would you? Can you just imagine going junkin' in this guy? ... I think I would have to paint some big shabby roses in pink and white on the doors ... and how about slip covered seats done in a funky Cath Kidston fabric? ... ahhhhh daydreams ...

Stop by Joan's at Anything goes here to see what everyone else is talking about this Vintage Christmas Monday ...

December 10, 2009

Holiday Home Tour No.2 ... The Foyer and Staircase

Holiday home tour phase two ... a small addition to part one ... I've moved on to the foyer ... continuing with the rustique natural burlap theme ... and touches of nature brought in from outdoors ... birds .... berries ... greenery ... and dried hydrangeas from the garden fill out the tree nicely.

{click pic to enlarge}

This years decorating is going much slower than anticipated and these guys are NOT helping at all !! ... I have the habit of starting 'small' projects that snowball into much larger undertakings ... for example, when I began the foyer I cleared out all the furniture ... hmmm, great time to clean and wax floors .... hmmm ... now the woodwork looks drab .... clean that as well ... hmmm ... I could easily touch up that chipped paint here and there .... hmmm ... perfect time to oil wall tree before bringing back into position ... wait, that lamp doesn't match anymore ... look for new one ... yikes! cobwebs on chandelier, better do that too ... I could strip the dated wall paper ... that's when I finally came back to my senses, realized it was dinner time, and although the foyer was cleaner than it has been in YEARS ... I didn't have one single decoration up !! ... does this happen to you? Needless to say, I'm a few days behind on my holiday decor ... but I still wanted to share what I have finished to date ... moving on to the dining room and butler's pantry ... stay tuned.

December 7, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday ... Kneehuggers

Vintage Christmas Monday ... these three sugary sweet elves are sure to brighten any Monday morning ... aren't they adorable? I love how they are all wrapped and snuggled up hugging their knees. I found them at an antique store last week {for a mere $1.50 each} and could not let them stay there a minute longer ... home with me little elffies ... a new collection is forming in my head ... a whole vintage elf tree. That would make me very happy !! .... extra bonus, not made of glass ... but sure are tempting to play with ... Hmmmmmmmmmmm ......

Okay little elffies .... off your butts, uh.. I mean sweet elf cheeks .... and work some of your magic around here ... there are trees to trim, cookies to bake, presents to wrap ..... how about that for a fantasy?? A whole tree full of elves that did elf magic overnight .... hopped off the tree, danced around and spread a little magic Christmas elf pixie dust .... ahhhhh, a girl can only dream .....

p.s. stop back tomorrow for part 2 of Holiday Home tour.