December 10, 2009

Holiday Home Tour No.2 ... The Foyer and Staircase

Holiday home tour phase two ... a small addition to part one ... I've moved on to the foyer ... continuing with the rustique natural burlap theme ... and touches of nature brought in from outdoors ... birds .... berries ... greenery ... and dried hydrangeas from the garden fill out the tree nicely.

{click pic to enlarge}

This years decorating is going much slower than anticipated and these guys are NOT helping at all !! ... I have the habit of starting 'small' projects that snowball into much larger undertakings ... for example, when I began the foyer I cleared out all the furniture ... hmmm, great time to clean and wax floors .... hmmm ... now the woodwork looks drab .... clean that as well ... hmmm ... I could easily touch up that chipped paint here and there .... hmmm ... perfect time to oil wall tree before bringing back into position ... wait, that lamp doesn't match anymore ... look for new one ... yikes! cobwebs on chandelier, better do that too ... I could strip the dated wall paper ... that's when I finally came back to my senses, realized it was dinner time, and although the foyer was cleaner than it has been in YEARS ... I didn't have one single decoration up !! ... does this happen to you? Needless to say, I'm a few days behind on my holiday decor ... but I still wanted to share what I have finished to date ... moving on to the dining room and butler's pantry ... stay tuned.


  1. Oh Sweetie...
    Everything looks so festive. I especially love the burlap wrap around the Christmas tree and the banister. Looks so festive. Thank you fo sharing.

    I love the garland it looks like around your window at the top of the stairs. It outline it beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing. I love it. Please stop by and say hi. I would love to have you visit.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  2. Hi Jill, you are too cute! I have all my decorations up, but my house is not all cleaned like yours! (The fake snow is great for covering up dust until after Christmas, tee hee hee!)... love all the touches of Nature and the little birds! Love to you... Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Jill! Puts my bannister to shame, LOL

    Oh, yes, every time I decorate the house gets a good cleaning and I too find all sorts of things that need to be fixed, spruced up . . .


  4. lovely! can't wait to see your Butler's pantry! I want one so bad!

    Smiles~ Michelle

  5. It all looks so lovely. You have wonderful taste and the burlap wrap is chic!

  6. I'm loving the way you are using burlap, Jill! I totally understand the dilemma of decorating an area and seeing dust bunnies, or a smudged window, or something that needs 'adjusting.' Before you know it, the whole thing takes days!


  7. Very very beautiful post. Love your holiday decorations. Just found you tonight and joined as a follower so I can come back again for a visit.
    Your site is very lovely

  8. Love love your bannister and the tree with the upholstry creative and it looks fabulous!! I do the same thing and decorating seems to take forever!! Hey, at least because of decorating our homes are cleaner than if we did'nt decorate!! Enjoy your evening!!
    Big Hugs xOxO Nerina :)

  9. If that's what slow decorating looks like, I'd hate to see what you'd call my house! ROFL, girl, your place looks spectacular! Really. And I love your collages, the more pretty pics I can get, the better.

    A-ha, so you spotted that gorgeous little shabby card holder, did ya? I *LOVE* it!!! :-)

  10. I hear ya. It's easy to see more projects once in "project mode". It's looking good! ~Mindy

  11. certainly sound like ME! I do the same thing. How can you decorate with Yorkie Hair on the tile? Nope, no can do!

    I love your sweet blog...truly fabulouso. Right up my alley!

    I'll be back soon.

    Love, Rebecca PS: Thanks for the compliments on my Stockings...

  12. Last week decorations turn into todays major cleaning day. One thing just leads to another.
    I love the burlap ribbon. I haven't seen that around here. Looks fab...I had one of those little elves with the folded up legs. Memories...

  13. Your house looks beautiful. Keep up the hard work...Thanks for stopping by...julie

  14. Congrats Jill! You are the winner of Day 4 of our 12 days of Christmas giveaway! Drop by and check it out....I need your address!

    Love your inspiring blog.....your home looks lovely!


  15. Girl, I feel you...although you are making more progress than me. I always start with good intentions and end up rearranging the room and then wonder why I'm so cotton pickin' tired!
    Maybe we'll have it all done in time for Santa, you reckon?

  16. Jill, I think everything looks just gorgeous! But if you think that is slow...well you are 10,ooo steps ahead of me, maybe by Christmas Eve we will be done...maybe :) Besos, Rose


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