January 31, 2010

Don't Judge a Box by It's Cover ....

As the old saying goes ... don't judge a book, or a box for that matter, by it's cover .... I found that to be oh so true this past week. See this box below? This has been sitting in my basement for seven years, unopened ... only shuffled around a couple hundred times. As you can see "flatware" is scrawled across this rather uninteresting box ....  although I can tell it's my Mother's handwriting, the box never called out my name or gave me the slightest whisper to open it and take a peek inside.

Until this past week that is ... searching for something to share for Silver Sunday, this box named "Flatware" finally said something ... "please stop walking past and ignoring me, take a peek inside my plain wrapping and a treasure you might find ..."


SO I listened and obeyed, wouldn't you if you were standing in the basement of a hundred year old home and a box spoke to you?! Above is what I lay my eyes upon ... Not one, but two generations of family silver "Flatware". The first one below was my Great Grandmother's, Elizabeth Greener Frost Rowland or "Nana" to me. I'm blown away that this heirloom has been sitting neglected in the basement slowly tarnishing, right below the formal dining room, all this time. I'm smitten with the set .... I can't wait to polish it {did I really say that?} and use it for Easter.


The next silver set seems to be only a portion of the whole and was my Grandmother's, Lois Margaret Rowland Caskey, or "Mom-Mom". Now I remember this set was given to my Uncle Ron Caskey upon my Grandmother's death, but being a bachelor he didn't have any interest and my Mom held onto the set. My Mom has has also reminded me that my Uncle's middle name is "Sterling" ... Ron Sterling Caskey ... How cool is that? There are also many miscellaneous pieces here that I haven't taken a closer look at to figure out their origin. Another fun to-do project! And yes, you can bet I will not be judging anymore boxes that sit in the basement by their "covers" .... I'll soon be opening every single one ... you never know what lies within .....


More fun things this week ... two announcements !!

1.)The winner of the Gypsy Brocante necklace give away is ............ Jenn from "The Apiary", CONGRATULATIONS Jenn I can't wait to start designing a piece of jewelry for you! Please e-mail me your mailing address.
Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in my latest giveaway, all of your comments are so well appreciated, they give me so much encouragement ... another old saying I'm learning to be very true. "It's better to give than to receive" ... I'm having a blast giving out treasures, it really does make your heart feel good!

2.)Oh I have been BUSTING at the seems for this one!! ....

Vintage Black Friday is back! .... starting next Friday, February 5th will be the first round. There are two major changes this time .... we will be gathering only once a month, the FIRST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH ....and will be hosted by The French Cupboard!! You will need to go here to link up to the party next Friday ... everyone is invited to join, grab the revised button and I'll see you there next week with all of your vintage Black ... can't wait!


How exciting Silver Sunday will be sticking around on a Monthly basis!! Thank you Beth, you're a great hostess. Please run over to Beth's blog to visit all of today's participants and don't miss her posting about her Great Grandmother's Sterling Silver Chatelaine ... it's fascinating!


  1. I can't believe the treasure you found in your basement! Lucky girl!! The two sets of flatware are amazing. Do you have any other boxes in the basement you need to open :-)
    I'll go check out The French Cupboard and get signed up for Vintage Black Friday.

  2. Arrrrgh, you have some wonderful loot there, Jill!! Beautiful silverware!!

    Have a fabUlous day!!


  3. Don't you love a treasure hunt and especially when you actually find a treasure....I would be down in that basement tearing through those boxes. Can't wait to see what else you find.

  4. wow, what fun opening that box of gorgeous silver, it will be so fun using it a Easter!

  5. Wow- the treasures you had hidden in that box for so many years...guess everyone should unpack everything they are given by relatives! What a wonderful surprise of family heirlooms!

    Wonderful post.

    Miss Bloomers

  6. What a nice surprise to find such a treasure, Jill. All is beautiful. And I love it all polished...julie

  7. Oh my goodness Jill, if that's the wonderful treasure you "found" in your basement...what else is down there!?!! Wow, what a wonderful surprise and that they were your gr grandmother's also is just amazing. And it is beautiful and monogramed to boot! Happy polishing

  8. Hi Jill... oooh, I am in seventh heaven just looking at your treasures! How fun that your house is 100 years old... I would so love to live in an old, old house... I am sure it was your grandmothers who spoke to you... and what gorgeous treasures and precious memories you uncovered... that is really cool that your uncle's middle name is Sterling! Would you please post a photo of your home from the outside sometime? Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie PS I am in LOVE with my belt buckle!

  9. Oh Jill, What a great box of treasures you have found! Good thing that Silver Sunday had made you open it! It's great that you plan to use the beautiful flatware. Since SS had started I find myself using much more of the silver than before.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. ...congrats to Jenn!
    and oh what fun to have treasure in your own basement!! no shovel required! well, off to check out black friday info! xo

  11. I'm so exited for Vintage Black Friday! We're going have a ball. I'm delighted that you're still the "spokeswoman"!! Blessings... polly (p.s. what a wonderful flatware treat!!)

  12. WOW...what an amazing surprise!!!
    And a FAMILY treasure at that how special.

  13. i love that this box spoke to you and alas you listened!!! ; )

    what a lovely treasure it held so closely for the last 7 years...it is absolutely gorgeous!!


  14. how come all the boxes in my basement are filled with just "stuff". What a treasure you found. Glad you looked in it.

  15. What a find!!!
    Sometimes the reward for a little clean out is more than we imagine!

  16. oh, i am so jealous! i wish i had a magic box of stunning flatware hiding away somewhere. those pieces are gorgeous! what a fantastic heirloom!

  17. Unbelievable!! I think I might go treasure hunting in my attic myself! I love the silver cuttlery. Maybe I'll join you on vintage black Friday!

  18. Wow...that was a find. My boxes and drawers do talk to me...so I totally understand. Glad you finally listened...happy shining. Happy SS!

  19. I am so excited!!! Can't wait.. Great Silverware, I love when I find a box I forgot about and it has something good in it.. Of course I have never been that lucky to find a box of silverware..

  20. How wonderful you decided to open the box of family heirlooms...hope you will use it...I say if it isn't good enough for my family it isn't good enough for anyone...can you tell I use what I have and don't keep it for "good".

  21. My goodness, how could you resist opening that box until now? Beautiful silver...love the monogram....how Southern. You know we have to stick our name or initials on everything.
    If I couldn't win...I'm so excited to see my baby girl did. She had all fingers, toes and eyes crossed hoping she would!
    Thanks for a wonderful post and giveaway!

  22. Isn't that great. And what beautiful silverware it is. How funny you'd never ripped into it before! Congrats to your lucky winner.

  23. Isn't it cool when you rediscover something spectacular like that right under your nose? :-)

    Oh, and I did get your e-mail, but didn't actually read it until yesterday. I'll mail ya back soon!


  24. Hi Jill,

    What a treasure!
    Do you know how to polish them? Put some layers of silver foil in a cake pan and put the silverware on top of it. Add a handful of salt and then boiling water. They will be clean in a minute!

  25. Hello
    How sad that you have been missing them! How glorious a find! Happy DANCE! Enjoy such a sweet family treasure.

  26. You know how they say "leave no stone unturned" -- open up them boxes! You have just reminded me that I got my Mamaw's silverware set when she passed away. It's in a wooden box with velvet lining. When I see other's posts, I am reminded of silve pieces I forgot I had. Have a great day and I hope you find more basement treasures. :) Tammy

  27. Wow! Lucky gypsy! That's a really cool find...how come you didn't know it was there? Oh yeah I forgot your basement looks just like mine.Can't wait for the return of VBF!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for being part of Silver Sunday....see you next week~
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  28. Oh what fun! Isn't it great to have something from your family that you can truly treasure? And those pieces will make polishing them even more fun.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  29. Jill amor, what an amazing thing it is when you listen to that little voice in your heart that tells you to stop and pay attention :)You found a beautiful family treasure! Besos to you , Rose

    ps..Congrats to your winner, I know she will love her beautiful creation from you! Sorry I am so late on commenting, getting over a bad cold/flu :)

  30. Okay Jill, looks like we ALL need to go shopping in your basement!!! ;)
    Just wanted to stop in and tell you that I really have admired reading all of the Silver Sundays that you have hosted and blog hopping to visit others.
    I hope that once the Super Bowl is over (& the Saints win) I may be able to "play" with you one Sunday in the near future...it looks like sooooo much fun! Thanks for hosting such a fun event as I am sure enjoying it.

    everything vintage

  31. I received my beautiful win and I adore the way you made the chalkboard tray!!!!!

  32. What great treasures you find! I'm a sucker for family heirlooms, even ones that don't belong to my family!

    Going now to check out the Vintage Black Friday and Silver Sunday events, as I've never heard of them until now.


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