January 6, 2010

White Wednesday .... My First

Hello White Wednesday gals! Welcome to my first attempt at this super blog party hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm ... of course this party needs no introduction ... everyone knows about White Wednesday!!

Either you love or not ... I happen to love it {The Man ~ not~ "you actually paid money for that? Yeah, that's what I said, too! ... just doesn't get it sometimes} ... my white string collection ... so much in fact I kept the collection on the living room fireplace mantel for an entire year. I would change out the embellishments for what each season called for ....

... spring {pictured here} had white and cream silk flowers strewn about. For the summer I swapped out the flowers for white seashells ... the fall out went the shells and in with pumpkins and skulls ... finally at Christmas some simple evergreen branches.

I cleared the mantel when it came time to put up Christmas decor ... after 10 months of display, those glass vessels were becoming a bit 'frosted' with dust ~ inside and out!
Believe me, they look the best when you can see what's inside them ; )

So now the Christmas decor has been put away and my mantel sits bare and naked ... what to do? This time of year is the hardest for me to be inspired as far as decorating goes ... how about you? What is your favorite look in between the big holidays and Spring?

Happy day to you all!


  1. They sure look pretty and simple on the mantel. I volunteer at a thrift store and alwasys sigh when we throw that yarn away. If only I knew tatting! During these gloomy winter days I like to add color to my decor. I brought out all of my cranberr glass (not many pieces) and placed it in the garden window to cheer me up while doing dishes. lol

  2. What a wonderful display! LOL, Jill, that is something my husband would say! Of course he calls a lot of my treasures "junk"!


  3. Hi Jill,
    I love the yarn/string collection! Initially, about a year ago, when I put collections of string in bowls, jars etc. in the barn for sale, my customers just didn't get it..so a' home they went. I have them displayed in an old metal rack and in glass jars...I love them so much that I can't stop buying them...so, off to the shop these went...NOW, I can't keep up with the demand. Funny how that is. Glad you've joined WW...I love your potography...it's some of the best out there. Have a great day

  4. hehehe, here's another comment from me. I just read your post on my Silver Sunday charm bracelets and I am so there for a charm swap! I'll let you plan it since I have no idea how that would work.

  5. Welcome to White Wednesday!!! I love your string collection. I have a small collection that I keep in a wooded bowl. Mostly differet sizes of jute and string. I love the different textures.
    Stop by and say hello. I poste white wednesday too.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. Wonderful photos, and welcome to "White Wednesday"! I look forward to your great pictures next week. String in a jar is something that is so simple but says so much.
    Take care, Sue

  7. I love the romantic look and texture of your mantel display. Just beautiful. I would even call it therapeutic!

  8. Again - stunning in it's simplicity and beauty! Any collection displayed this beautifully is automatically elevated to a higher status!

    Sylvia - your thrift store should put items like this on etsy.com - they could raise funds (and awareness) :)

  9. You have a great collection of string and it is displayed beautifully. I'm starting to accumulate quite a few of these beauties myself.

    Thanks for joining in.


  10. pretty! I love it!


  11. Gorgeous!
    I love every single picture... very dreamy.

  12. Love it...and the guys really don't *get* it, do they? white is a color! Who would have thought that *thread* could have been so cool? Welcome to WW!

  13. My husband just shakes his head and when I say, "isn't this beautiful?" he replies yes without even looking!
    I think that your thread collection is awesome and each glass jar looks like a work of art!

  14. Jill your first attempt at white Wednesday is bliss. What a beautiful mantle. I agree that once the Christmas decor comes down it's tough to come up with something new to live with the next few months. I usually do just live with nothing for awhile until I'm re-inspired.

  15. COOL! a string collection-love it and how clever! Bestest,Denise

  16. haha, I can see why the MAN would not get it! I however love it, but then I am not a MAN!!!!

    happiest 2010 to you


  17. This was your first White Wednesday? Really? Well, it'd better not be your last. LOVE your mantle! We are without a fireplace for the very first time, so we are mantle-less...enjoy figuring out what to do with your beautiful predicament! :-)


  18. Jill ~

    LOVE, love, love!!! Gorgeous. Beautiful. The hubs just don't get it do they??! Mine at least has figured out to keep his comments to himself...most of the time :)

    Happy New Year!

    :) T

  19. Hi Jill,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and for becoming a follower...how very sweet of you. I love meeting new blogging friends and visiting their blogs. And I must say, yours is very lovely. I love, love, love the picture of the cowboy boots on your header. I am definitely a cowboy boot wearing kinda gal...As a matter of fact, I wore a white pair of them under my wedding dress. I ♥ Cowboy Boots :-) Anyway, your mantle looks gorgeous with your string collection and buttons. They look so pretty in the apothecary glasses. Gotta love those...you can display just about anything in them. Great first White Wednesday post. Looking forward to visiting again soon. Hope to see you around my blog again too. It was very nice meeting you. Until next time.


  20. I never thought about string before and looking at it, the way you have it arranged is gorgeous - Its so original. Perfect White Wednesday addition. I have a room I tell my husband "Just don't open the door and we'll stay married" God only knows what he thinks is in there. If you like string (and I think you do) - you have to see the movie Mouse Hunt with Nathan Lane ~ Hysterical!

  21. Oh I soooooo agree! I have no inkling to get in there and decorate. The hardest decorating time of year just came and went and I need time to recuperate. I will start up again when it comes time for Valentines Day. Until then - it's lookin' a little bare around here. :)
    Great post!

  22. Ahh yes the post christmas decor dilemna.I have no answer one night (its always night) some inspiration will hit and i will be out there arranging an rearranging stuff and it will begin aknew.Love your first white wednesday i just did my first as well.I am Now following yours.

  23. Hi Jill... your whites are beautiful... I love to collect vintage threads of all kinds... and you mantel looks like the perfect spot for them!... I love the jar with the buttons inside too... xoxo Julie Marie

  24. Pretty whites and a refreshing post... it is cold and snowy here in Illinois.

    I have added you to the list for Vintage Valentines, and as I said you can pick your button preference. It will be fun to see which you, the button designer, picks! xo Joan

  25. jill - every single photo here is beautiful and serene. i really love the mantle arrangement!


  26. My heart skipped a beat with the string. Since I make sooo many tags I truly do love this cotton string and every little color it is made in :)
    Your blog is delicious!!
    ~Angela Harris

  27. Love this!!! After the holidays I was scouring the internet to see how bloggers decorated after the holidays...could not find a thing...so I decided to do a snowman theme and made the most adorable snowman for my mantle...kinda kept the snow theme from the holidays and made it more January feeling...thanks for the ideas. xoC


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