January 17, 2010

Silver Sunday No.3 ... Silver Spoons and Soup

Silver Sunday No.3 .... Silver spoons and soup. Nothing fancy or frivolous. Simple and satisfying.

It's been cold ... really cold ... not just here on the East coast, but it seems everywhere ... and it's still flu season ... my family hasn't been suffering from the flu ... just two rounds, for everyone, of a yucky stomach virus.

What does the bestest ever Mom-Mom do for her family? ... Soup, she brings soup ... her best homemade chicken noodle soup !! What does a good Mom do? ... serve it with her favorite silver soup spoons, of course!

I'm blessed to have a Mom who lives around the corner from me and who is generous and willing to do anything for me {without asking} ... tonight she showed up with soup ... she always shows up just at the right time, just when she's needed ... she always shows up. Nothing fancy or frivolous. Simple and satisfying. Thanks Mom .. I love you!

These are my most used silver items ... my silver soup spoons ... I LOVE soup and eat it year round, doesn't matter if it's 102 degrees outside ... I'll eat soup, but I never had the right soup spoons ... until I found these at a small flea market this past summer ... a great bargain at $2.50 for all six spoons! ... they are engraved with an "N" ... our last name begins with an "H" ... doesn't matter to me, they work just the same!

Not only does my Mom know how to cook, but she has a few kitchen tricks up her sleeve ... here's one she passed on to me a long time ago ... you can use toothpaste to polish silver ... yup, not only does it polish your pearly whites, but you can shine your silver with it as well ... try it, I swear it works.

LinkAs promised last week ... we have a winner of the silver chalkboard tray give-away! First though, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway ... those who became a follower of my blog, those who blogged about my giveaway, and mostly to those of you who left for me such wonderful and sincere words in your comments ... THANK YOU!! ... I wish I had 100 plus trays to give-away ... but, there's only one and it's going to {drawn by my favorite Gypsy Prince!} ..... Maija at 'maigirlz' ... congratulations, Maija!!

Here are two things to keep in mind for next week .... 1.) another silver Sunday giveaway and 2.)An exciting announcement about Vintage Black Friday ... remember Vintage Black Friday? ... stop by next week for the latest VBF update ...

Thanks to Beth for dreaming up Silver Sunday, make sure you visit ALL of the participants ... may take a few days ; )


  1. So Jill, what time is soup? I'll be there! Looks just yummy...thanks for hooking up McLinky on my blog...I can always count on you!
    thanks for coming!...See you next Sunday!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  2. Oh Jill, I am also a soup lover and eat it whenever I get the chance. I have those big round soup spoons (not silver though), if you're gonna do it..do it right. I think I will be on the lookout at the fleas this year....those spoons are gorgeous! Your Mom is your Mom for life and you are fortunate to have her just around the corner, I'm sure that makes her happy as well, to be able to take care of her 'little girl'.
    Happy Sunday xOxO Nerina

  3. Oh, my, that soup looks so GOOD!! We're expecting a whole week of rain and snow up in the higher elevations, up to 10 feet of snow they say! I think soup is most definitely in order!

    The spoons are lovely, Jill, and you are so lucky to have your mom around the corner! Total comfort!

    Congratulations, Maija!!

    Oh, yes, I clean my jewelry with toothpaste!

    Have a wonderful Silver Sunday, Jill!!


  4. Oh, how wonderful that your mom lives close enough to bring you comfort in a soup pot! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

    I love your soup spoons . . . you could eat some serious soup with those! LOL! And what a bargain!

    Congratulations, Maija! Enjoy your tray!

    Thanks so much for sharing Jill! Happy Silver Sunday!


  5. Mmmm Jill that soup looks good, we should exchange recipes, I grew up with Chicken soup, no noodles and eat it whenever I can too. Those spoons are the crackers to your soup, yummy!
    My ears have perked up with the mention of VBF..cant wait to hear more...hugs..Sylvia

  6. Love your soup spoons. And so wonderful you have such a giving caring mom...
    I will be here to hear about Black Friday...I definately can join in on that!

  7. Love your yummy soup and spoons. Big fat spoons are the only way to eat it. I consider soup a comfort food for sure!
    p.s. I'm in love with my necklace. I wear it all the time! (well, not all the time, but you know what I mean) And VBF? can't wait to hear!!!!

  8. Hello Jill... what a wonderful mama you have to bring you soup! I love soup year round too... I also polish my jewelry with toothpaste... really makes it sparkle! I really love your old silver soup spoons... maybe the "N" stands for "nummy"... just like the soup!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. We really could have used some soup this week. Thanks for doing the giveaway, I mentioned you again this Sunday with a big thank you.

  10. Your soup looks delicious and I have never seen a piece of silver cutlery that I didn't love.
    Happy SS!

  11. Haven't you heard - "N" is the new "H"! Those spoons are fabulous, and such a great deal you found. Thanks for the toothpaste reminder, a great choice for cleaning silver. Congrats to Maija for winning your fab giveaway. ~ Angela

  12. I love eating chicken soup when I feel sick. It's even better when it is served with such sweet spoons. Hopefully you and your family will recover soon from that virus.

    Hugs and love,

  13. Jill,
    How wonderful it is that your Mom always knows when to step in! That soup looks like the best! I'm with you.. love,love a bowl a good soup and with those silver soup spoons..now that's a treat!
    Can't wait to hear about VBF next week.
    Take care

  14. Soup, yum! I'm going to use that toothpaste on my silver stuff. Congrats to Maija! Those trays are gorgeous, lucky girl!


  15. Vintage silverware is so great....it does not matter if a monogram does not match, it still works. I like your soup spoons...and that chicken noodle soup looks yummy...I like soup all year round as well. Can't beat a good soup.

  16. Congrats to the lucky winner!
    I'm a big soup fan too and love that I can make a huge pot of it.
    Can't wait to here more about VBF.

  17. Love soup in this cold weather and the silver soup spoons make it even better!

  18. I love spoons too, doesn't matter if they don't match, just need to be pretty!!!

  19. Oh, none of our silverware matches and I'm fine with that! Your moms soup looks delicious and is in order over here @ 612 also as we are having a round of the stomach bug too. :( My poor kiddies are down for the count right now so soup it is for dinner tonight. Lucky you to have your mom around the corner to bring it to you! ~ Theresa

  20. I love your collection of silver spoons in the pitcher. I had forgotten you could polish silver with toothpaste, thanks for the reminder. Happy SS.. hugs ~lynne~

  21. Don't know whether my comment came throught. As I was clicking away I noticed some red characters...
    I wanted to say that soup is always great and healthy! My grandmother used to make her fresh pot of soup every day and simply couldn't understand that my mom could live without her cup of soup every day. She lived well up to her eighties! Eating soup with these spoons may be even more delicious!
    Have a great start of the week!

  22. love your spoons... the little pitcher holding them is precious! Your soup sure looks yummy. TFS Have a wonderful Silver Sunday and finally thanks for stopping by.

  23. HI Jill ~ I was going to say "how does she get her spoons so shiny?" Now I know. Great tip. You have honestly inspired me to break out the split peas today. Thanks very much.

  24. Wow, that soup looks good! I am going to try toothpaste on my silver waiter tray now-I've had a hard time cleaning it so I haven't shown it off yet! Thanks!

  25. Now isn't that just like a Mom! I'm sure you feel better after eating that delish soup.
    I like the silver soup spoons too, it makes the soup taste even better.

    Happy Silver Sunday.

  26. nice tribute to your mother. bless you. Bestest,Denise

  27. Oooooo that soup looks delicious and I bet it was fun to eat with those nice silver spoons. BTW, I got your package of goodies. Thanks so much!

  28. What a wonderful Mom to bring you soup! You gotta love a mom like that. And your spoons are just perfect for that chicken noodle soup.
    Looking forward to hearing about Vintage Black Friday. Didn't get to participate last time but would love to this time around.

  29. I just had a big bowl of chicken noodle soup tonight, I think I'm getting the flu. :-(

    Sounds like you have a wonderful mama! ANd some pretty nifty silver spoons, too!

    Yay for VBF! Is it coming back???


  30. Sorry you haven't been feeling well, but that soup does look delicious. What a sweet Mom you have. Love your silver spoons.

    Enjoy your week!


  31. I love your silver spoons and thank you so much for the tip. I have some old silverware that was my grandmothers and I haven't been able to get it cleaned up well. I'll try this.

  32. HI Jill
    And congrats to the winner!!
    Your mum's soup looks delicious.. I too can eat soup anytime and this chicken soup looks like a winner... so is your mum for being there at the right time!! Your silver spoons are lovely too and such a bargain.. Have a great week...

  33. Toothpaste makes such a good silver cleaner. Plus you don't have that nasty chemical smell from actual silver cleaners!

  34. Oh you're so lucky to have your mom living right around the corner! Love your silver spoons and what a great price! Thanks for the toothpaste tip too, I didn't know that! Marva

  35. So nice to have a Mom that does wonderful things for you!!! I wish I was closer to my daughter and her family..... my son is down the street, so I have to make do helping the bachelor!!!
    Love the silver spoons!
    Margaret B

  36. Love your spoons and the soup looks really good. Have a great week...julie

  37. Hi there,
    Just came across your blog. That soup looks so good. I am one of those people too! I can eat soup everyday!
    Your blog is really pretty!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  38. I love your cream soup spoons!

  39. Love those spoons and the simple photographs are great. Soup is always a welcome gift!

  40. Congratulations Maija! And Jill your spoons are gorgeous.


  41. Good Morning Jill~
    I found you through my friend Maija. You have a lovely Blog and I just adore your jewelry designs.

    The soup looks so scrummy that I could eat a whole pot of it!

    Have a lovely day!

    LuLu Kellogg

  42. soup is good, Mum's who make soup are good, silver spoons to eat soup with are good! Rachaelxo


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