February 20, 2010

Desperate times ... and selfish behavior at the Flea

Cabin fever finally got the best of me ... I had to get out to dig thru some junk, and when Beth called to say "Hey, you want to go to the Flea on Thursday?" ... well, let's just say she didn't have to twist my armAfter a few days of much anticipation, it was a bit of a disappointment to roll into the parking lot only to be greeted by this scene.

However, from our standpoint we couldn't see all the treasures waiting for us way beyond the snow covered benches. It turned out to be one of the best, if not THE best day of pickin' ... tons of finds and for the most part prices were in our favor!!
Nice parking job, Beth ... she was already scoping out the market, she wasn't paying much attention to what she opened her door and stepped into ... heee-heee-hee ... so happy I had the camera ready : )


I just had to try on these super cool bug-eye glasses .... so funny, we were laughing so hard the tears were running down our legs .... I was making fun of Beth and her glasses, but after we walked away I was afraid the poor man at the booth thought we were making fun of his glasses ... I swear we weren't, now that would just be plain 'ol mean!

I don't think he really cared ... we bought quite a bit from the gent ... and we didn't have to ask twice for him to pose for the camera ... love a guy with a sense of humor.


Okay, this is the find that almost destroyed the junkin' buddy friendship ... can you believe your eyes? We couldn't .... an antique album full of photos with a Gypsy on the cover ... we both touched it at the same time {Beth insisted she touched it first, but like you already know, her eyes were screwed up} ... I GRABBED it and she cried ... a verbal fight ensued ... and well, you can see who came home with the album. Yes, I feel bad and I DID try to make it up to her later by letting her have the pick of the litter from that time forward {I think} ... I'm not a mean person ... just call me selfish ... and blame it on my parents for only having one child ... me. me. me.

I did learn a lesson ... my best junkin' buddy, Beth, went out to the flea market again this morning ... and guess what ... I didn't get invited to come with her ... gee, I wonder why? I'll try to be better behaved next time ... promise.

Here are a few more of my finds ... some cool old books ... and some really super medal/charms ... I need to research these, the vendor claimed they were from a Cambodian temple and blessed by the monks ... will make for some great new spiritual jewelry.

Beth posted today about our trip as well ... she is so much more gracious than I am ... check out her post here to get her side of the story. In all honesty we really had a wonderful morning digging for treasures together ... doesn't get any better than that!


  1. No crying for this gypsy girl...it was wayyyy too much fun...thanks for a great day gypsy sister.
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  2. How unexpected! How fun! Digging for treasure is the best!
    Great post! Have a great weekend!
    Some days are diamonds

  3. I am certain that the Gypsy album is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Actually, perhaps a third party should become part of the Gypsy album acquisition challenge...so I'd be happy to keep the peace between your friendship and take the album off your hands! Hee hee. Just thinking! Have a great weekend. ~ Angela

  4. Sounds like a great day...and some great finds!

  5. OMG...I want that Gypsy picture album...I'm sorry sweetie,I would of knocked you down for that one...oh my gosh...you lucky dog!!! Ok,I've regained my composure now...lol. Enjoy you're great find!!!

  6. Whow what an amazing album! Too bad both your blogs are called something with 'Gypsy' otherwise it would have been obvious who won! I have to tell you that I would have changed the name of my blog in 'Gypsy LiLi M.' right on the spot though! Love your other finds too, next time I'll come over too ;-)! Have a great weekend, enjoy victory!

  7. Oh my gosh, your album is awesome, so many wonderful goodies!!!

  8. wow, you know that voice was in my head this week too but we all went thrifting instead! Looks like we missed a good day @ the flea! Ah well, we found some great flea market finds so all is good! I feel ya on the cabin fever though, this snow stinks after a while!!

  9. Oh my, I would have fought over that too! What an awesome find. I'm so jealous LOL.

    Still stuck on the couch with the cervical collar. However, hubby coaxed me outside earlier with boiled shrimp (spicy YUM), potatoes, and corn for lunch. Yep, middle of winter, you can still get fresh shrimp here in South Louisiana.

    Glad to see you got out to junk.


  10. A. Am jealous that you went to a flea. B. Funny story C. Is that really what it looks like there? I am working outside in what I'd like to call the garden, but is, in reality, a yard.

  11. Oh my gosh...you guys look like you have a riot when you go junkin!! Love love the Gypsy Album...full of photos no less, I see why the fight ensued!! Happy Weekend!! xOxO Nerina

  12. Now I can understand that treasure causing a fuss. It's really wonderful. My friends and I ususally make a pact and go our separate ways so we won't end up fighting over something. We still have fun!

    Great finds.


  13. Jill, I would have tackled you for that gypsy album too...hahaha...are there any pictures on the inside? Great finds for both of you...


  14. Ok I would have fought for that Gypsy book also. She did ok though, lol, I already visited her blog and saw all her loot! Well, you both did really well. Lots of wonderful finds...sigh...love junkin!

  15. Jill amor, what gorgeous finds and uhmmm I think you should be glad I am in So Cal and not in Tx...cause for that gypsy album..I coulda taken you, after all look how lil you are :) and even though I am the eldest of 2...since I have been with my husband since I was 18...it has always been about me, me , me..yet I am still happy for you!...I am so proud of me lol Besos, Rose

  16. All is fair in Love and Junking! Great find! Fun post. Fun to find your blog!

    Stop by my little blog and say hi sometime!


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