February 9, 2010

Rosettes are back ... and there's a new girl in town

A few of my blog peeps were asking when the rosettes would be back in stock ... well, they are finally back ... with a new one in the mix ... The 'Prairie Gypsy Rosette' ... that's her below. She's full, soft, and feminine, just like a prairie skirt with a touch of paisley and pink shabby roses.

She's a little tattered with hand torn muslin and tea dyed petals .... a touch of Grandma's antique Chantilly lace ... and a vintage cut crystal center.


She comes in two choices of colors ... the palest of pale pink ...


...and tea stained with just the slightest touch of pink on a few petal tips. You can find either one here.


And here is her ooh-la-la girlfriend 'Parisian inspiration' ... whose petals are hand stamped with everything 'French'. Petals are a soft tea stained color with vintage lace and linen tucked in between, leaves are a rich green velvet. 


The center of the 'Parisian inspiration FANCY' rosette will be made from a piece of vintage jewelry.

Each rosette will vary slightly, as each are made by hand, layer upon layer ... and will have a different jeweled center ... each one beautiful.


The 'Parisian Inspiration Simple' is exactly the same as her cousin above, but has a more subdued center ... a single vintage cut crystal.


Rosettes all have a pin on the back that can be added to almost anything your heart desires ... adds instant feminine vintage style to any outfit ...


Try it on your jacket ... a jean jacket, khaki trench, or cashmere cardigan.


Spice up your home decor with a touch of romance ... pin to a vintage lampshade ... or simply incorporate into a vignette anywhere around the house.


A beach or gardening hat ...


... or any handbag or market tote ... possibilities are endless ... top off a gift ... place setting for a garden party ... party favor or hostess gift.

Limited availability ...  for all designs.


  1. I wish,I wish, I wish ... sigh ... I'd love each one like my children!

  2. They are absoulutely gorgeous!!!

  3. WOW Jill...these are breathtaking and yet, so full of whimsy at the same time!! Gorgeous!!

  4. You make all the pretty things I see in my head but don't have the talent or ability to create myself. :-)

    So beautiful!


  5. WOW!!! They are all so gorgeous, love them.

  6. Just beautiful, they are really pretty!

  7. They are just gorgeous, Jill!!!!

  8. Hi Jill, I love them all. Rita mammabellarte


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