February 10, 2010

White Out .... white Wednesday ....

It's a white, white .... blizzard white Wednesday. I thought I'd share the view from my computer desk in the dining room this morning .... fitting for White Wednesday, don't you think?


In the foreground is our dining room table I recently painted ... I would show you the chairs as well, but they're not done yet, another time ....


Not quite a true "white out", yet, you can still see the trees in the park across the street ... the worst is yet to come they say. The snow is blinding ... actually hurts your eyes to look outside. I'm trying to appreciate the peaceful beauty in all of this snow ... it is pretty ....  the problem is, today's 20 inches is falling on top of 20 inches from a few days ago. That's a lot of snow for us!


The dining room is starting to look a lot like Valentine's day with all the red and white ... no need for "real" decorations ... maybe I'll throw in a couple cupids and hearts to make it look official.


This is the view looking out to the back yard ... tranquil and dreamy, and a lot of shoveling tomorrow ... well, I think homemade soup and a fire in the fireplace are next on the list. Make sure you check out all of the white Wednesday offerings over at Faded Charm!


  1. Hope you keep your electricity....and stay warm.
    It is BEAUTIFUL all the same.


  2. It's just as pretty inside as it is out!


  3. It's just so pretty. ..and I'm just enjoying the "view". I don't want any more snow for a while. WE didn't have near that much but it was enough for this Southern girl. TOOO cold.
    My Michigan hubby can enjoy it for both of us.
    Thanks for Mother Nature's contributed whites for today!

  4. Try to stay warm with all that snow. we haven't gotten any this year, but I wouldn't want that much.

    Enjoy your day.


  5. I don't know about you, but I have seen enough of this kind of white for now. We are in blizzard warning here in Pa, too. I just want to lay here and snuggle up, but I have plenty of things to do.
    Stay safe and warm.

  6. That is a *lot* of white! Love your table...isn't everything such a process?!

  7. We're getting it, too! Cold, bitter wind and sideways snow. Keep warm!


  8. Cold, and windy, and snowy ... you and I both did snow scenes for White Wednesday. Stay warm.
    ... Connie

  9. Jill, I've been thinking about you, with all the snow a flyin'! Hope you can stay home and not venture out. Your dining room table is wonderful, can't wait to see the chairs for the full effect. I bought one of your stamped rosettes yesterday. I'm so excited, they are just beautiful! Thank you for making more. Stay warm and cozy inside!

  10. It is pretty. I am hoping we get all of the snow now not at the beginning of Spring:) I can't wait to get out in the garden.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  11. I know you are probably sick of the snow but I am so jealous. I miss seeing that white and quite that goes with it. So serene and just to look at through your beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  12. We have just howling wind for now! Loved the last photo!

    Carolina Mountains

  13. Funny, I just finished making our homemade chicken soup for dinner and am waiting for the biscuits to be done so we can eat. And today when my little one was playing with his remote control snowmobile I tried to watch him and the snow DID hurt my eyes! So pretty though. Love your table... Theresa

  14. me too! so much snow! stay warm!

  15. Beautiful inside and out! Love your windows. You guys are really getting socked. We have been getting some snow the last couple of days but it hasn't amounted to what they were saying. fine with me
    Blessings and stay warm

  16. Hi Jill,
    A beautiful post for WW. Your snow is so pretty and your dining room, even prettier. Your table turned out so lovely. I can't wait to see the chairs.

  17. Cant get any whiter than that,Only white around here is the scorching sun i will trade you a few degrees.

  18. Hi, Lovely White Wednesday photos. Looks cozy from the inside ~ Stay warm. Rebecca

  19. my husband would kill me if I painted our table - but I so want to.......especially after seeing yours!

  20. Beautiful pictures... STAY WARM!

  21. I would loovvee to paint my dining room table ~ but I think I need to start smaller. I hear ya about the snow. Here in CT it just keeps a comin'. Makes for some lovely photos though.

  22. Hi Jill
    Well seeing I have never lived in snow country.. I think I would find it amazing to look out the window and see this beauty! Love your table too, it has the most beautiful legs!! ..Julie


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