March 7, 2010

Two winners on the first Spring Giveaway drawing !!


The Spring giveaway has been way more fun than I anticipated ... seems like I'm not the only one ready for the next season to arrive ... from all of the comments everyone sounds ready to watch the flowers bloom and welcome in Spring!!

The first name plucked from the flower pot this week was ...
Robelyn from red.neck chic ... stop by and say congrats to this chick ... you'll love your visit to her fun blog!!

And a surprise is going out to Ramona from Create with Joy for becoming the 400th gypsy girl to jump on the Gypsy Brocante caravan ... hooray and welcome  Ramona !!

I want to thank all of my Spring peeps who have left the sweetest comments, hooked me up, spread the word,jumped on the band wagon and have just been all around terrific ... thank you!!

All chances earned from this past week will remain in the flower pot ... we will keep adding additional comments, posts, and new followers to it ... everybody still has time left to win ; )

Wishing you all a great week ... we are one week closer .....
p.s. Robelyn and Ramona... please e-mail me your mailing address ; )


  1. Congrats Robelyn and Ramona!!!

  2. Conrgats to the lucky winners~

  3. lucky girls are going to love these flowers!!!! Congrats ~ xo

  4. Yeaaaa....Congratulations to Robelyn and lucky girls!


  5. congratulazioni ai vincitori speriamo alla prossima

  6. Oh! Oh! Oh!!! I'm springing around in JOY!!! I will wear my flower with pride!!! Thank You so much!!!!! I'm so excited - I DROOL over your gorgeous flowers - and now I will have one to wear!!! Yay!!!

    Thank You! ;-) robelyn

  7. Thank you so much Jill - I was so excited to become your 400th follower - I am even more excited to know I will receive a special gift from you for that honor! Your blog is fab and I look forward to seeing what other treasures you have in store for your readers!


  8. Jill-
    I love reading your blog & seeing all of your great finds! It's a highlight of my week!

    I've given you an award! Check it out....

  9. Congrats to the winners, checked your items on Etsy - the shears are kool! Had fun looking today many thanks, stop by...jennifer jennsthreegraces


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