April 27, 2010

A very important date ...

Have you heard? ... this Saturday is a very important date ... it's the 'Mad About Alice ... a day full of Muchness' blog party over at The French Cupboard !! You don't want to be late ... take a trip down the rabbit hole with me and everyone else participating in this FUN get together. Share your Alice creations or come and check out what's been created ... oh and yes there will be party favors ... it's a day of muchness and what would a day of muchness be without over-the-top party favors? Nothing! TEN big winners this day of celebrating Alice ... you need to come here to see what the fuss is all about ... see you Saturday.

April 26, 2010

Hello there ...

Hello friends ... I've been missing you all ... this last month has been busy setting up the new Gypsy Barn Market. Our first sale was this past weekend and this morning I'm kinda just sitting here in my quiet house thinking "Wow, what just hit me?" ... it's like the calm after the storm feeling. Here's one picture of the set-up ... if you'd like to see a BUNCH of candid shots from the sale, please visit the Gypsy Barn blog.
I have a ton of catching up to do here in blog land ... like I said, I've missed our visits and will be taking the time to make the rounds ... Thank you so much for all of your comments and encouragement along the way with this new venture .... they mean the world to me!! Have a great week ; )

April 19, 2010

The prettiest yardsale you'll ever find ...

There have been many "town-wide" yard sales going on over the past few weekends and I haven't shopped a single one ... that would totally defeat my purpose of clearing out my own space, now wouldn't it? And to be honest the shopping funds are still a wee bit low from this ordeal.

On Saturday I broke the rule and had to stop at just one sale ... just one, I swear!

Honestly, you lovers of all things romantic, shabby, and vintage ... would you have been able to do a "drive-by" if you saw this spread ?! I didn't think so ...
This is the home of a my neighborhood friend Valerie, a very talented and successful artist and designer ... it shows right? Valerie has her studio and shop located in town ... The Painted Cottage ... you can get a glimpse of the inside here.

Valerie also sells on line at Etsy ... you can find her shop here.

This is the spot I could have hung out all day ... the front porch swing ... positively dreamy.

These are the items that were here at 10am ... late by yardsale standards ... can you imagine what it looked like at 7am?
{click pic to enlarge}

I kept my control and picked up only one item for a dollar ... very hard to do when you want to scoop it all up and jam it into the back of your truck! However, I enjoyed my visit and catching up on what's happening in the neighborhood ... FANTASTIC sale Val!

April 15, 2010

Packin' and movin' on up ....

I'm packin' and loadin' up the small goods from my home this week ... and ... movin'em on up ... to the 'Gypsy Barn' that is! I've found things I forgot I had, not to much of a surprise, since I haven't been able to see to the back of my basement for a very long time ... I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel ... it's a great feeling!!
Yesterday Beth and I finished placing the larger pieces of furniture and now it's time to fill in all the nooks and crannies ... trust me, between the two of us, it's NOT going to be a problem ; )

It's hard to let go of some of my favorites ... but I've enjoyed them for a while ... now it's another person's turn ... isn't that the best thing about vintage? ... the more hands it past thru, the better it's character and life story.

So I've snapped a few good-bye photographs this afternoon ... I'll store them away on my computer for future use and relish in ALL of the 'new' empty space in my basement. Maybe this will put me in the mood to finally do some Spring cleaning? ...nah

April 11, 2010

Silver in the Springtime ....

A few weeks ago, on the first spring like day, I pulled out some silverware, china, linens, and a few vintage props. I set forth to 'play' in the beautiful warm sunny weather ... and had so much fun doing my own little photo session. You can read my original post here ... but for Silver Sunday I'm going to let you sift thru the photographs in peace ... enjoy!
Happy Silver Sunday all ... enjoy your day ... and to fill your day with more joy, stop by Beth's blog to get a glimpse of what everyone else has to share today !!

If you have a second ... stop by the 'Gypsy Barn' to see what Beth and I have been up to this past week ...

April 3, 2010

News to share ...

I have news to share ... that I have been keeping under my hat and can now finally reveal ... do you remember when I mentioned I was going to take a look at a site for a future Gypsy barn market? ... well I did and well ... it was perfect ... all the details have been worked out ... and I can official say "it's official ... we're going to have a Gypsy Barn Market !!" Yes, I said "we" and that is the best part ... I get to travel down this new path of adventure with my close friend Beth, a.k.a. Gypsy Fish ... how awesome is that?! All the hard work will be worth it, I know we will have a blast creating and cavorting ; )

This has been a dream of mine for a few years now. After learning what a blog was ... and cruising around all of the amazing and inspirational sites out there, I spotted a new retail trend ... the "occasional sale" ... sales held usually on a monthly or quarterly basis. I'm sure you gals have spotted them as well. It seemed like the perfect fit for me ... do my art, shop my flea markets, round it all up and open shop only a few days a month ... low overhead and a flexible schedule. My frustration? They were all on the West Coast ... or at least half way to the West coast!! Way to far for this East Coast girl to participate in an occasional sale ... what to do? Open my own!

 I will fill you in on ALL of the details very, very soon ... so please stay posted ......you can also keep informed of what's going on at the gypsy barn by stopping by our new blog 'www.gypsybarnmarket.blogspot.com' 

I truly can't wait to show you ALL the goods we've been squirreling away ... ALL the jewelry that's been created .... many, many boutique items ... oh! and painted furniture ... fresh flowers ... the list goes on and on!

I'm also hoping this will be the chance to meet some of my fellow bloggers that may be nearby or who want to make the trip ... hmmm, maybe a blog party in the future?

Stay tuned fellow gypsy sisters!!

April 1, 2010

Tomorrow is Vintage Black Friday ...

Here's a sneak peek ... of what I have posted for Vintage Black Friday over at the French Cupboard

 Come on ... don't be shy ... and join the party ... we would love to see you there !!

xo Jill