April 26, 2010

Hello there ...

Hello friends ... I've been missing you all ... this last month has been busy setting up the new Gypsy Barn Market. Our first sale was this past weekend and this morning I'm kinda just sitting here in my quiet house thinking "Wow, what just hit me?" ... it's like the calm after the storm feeling. Here's one picture of the set-up ... if you'd like to see a BUNCH of candid shots from the sale, please visit the Gypsy Barn blog.
I have a ton of catching up to do here in blog land ... like I said, I've missed our visits and will be taking the time to make the rounds ... Thank you so much for all of your comments and encouragement along the way with this new venture .... they mean the world to me!! Have a great week ; )


  1. Hi Jill! I too have been catching up in blogland... after seeing that gorgeous set up I now need to get over to your other blog to see the rest! Theresa

  2. All looks great!
    Have a great week

  3. gorgeous! how inviting. how fun.Bestest,Denise


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