April 15, 2010

Packin' and movin' on up ....

I'm packin' and loadin' up the small goods from my home this week ... and ... movin'em on up ... to the 'Gypsy Barn' that is! I've found things I forgot I had, not to much of a surprise, since I haven't been able to see to the back of my basement for a very long time ... I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel ... it's a great feeling!!
Yesterday Beth and I finished placing the larger pieces of furniture and now it's time to fill in all the nooks and crannies ... trust me, between the two of us, it's NOT going to be a problem ; )

It's hard to let go of some of my favorites ... but I've enjoyed them for a while ... now it's another person's turn ... isn't that the best thing about vintage? ... the more hands it past thru, the better it's character and life story.

So I've snapped a few good-bye photographs this afternoon ... I'll store them away on my computer for future use and relish in ALL of the 'new' empty space in my basement. Maybe this will put me in the mood to finally do some Spring cleaning? ...nah


  1. Hi Jill ~ I know ~ Saying goodbye is so hard. Then you let go and get over it. Start a new decorating project a few months down the road, know you have the perfect piece in your basement to make the space POP, then realize...OMG! I sold it for $20. Happens to me so often. But not before I tear the house apart looking for it, I would NEVER have sold it...would I? I so wish I was closer to your Gypsy Barn ~ At least you would know where all your lovelies went:)

  2. Ahhhh, but when you make space, you get to fill it back up, eventually! he he I have a feeling your buyers will be very pleased with what you are "letting go". Fun! ~Mindy

  3. It looks like it will be a wonderful sale. It is so hard for me to let go!!! But, it is time!
    I am sure your sale will be phenomenal!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your great photos, it is hard to say goodbye but I guess we all have to move on. I would so love to come and your shop.

  5. WOW...the Gypsy Barn is gonna rock!! With you two Gypsies doin your thing...how can it not!!
    Happy Thursday Jill xOxO Nerina

  6. Hi Jill. I have been in the biz for a decade now and I used to cling to treasures like they were my last dollar. I have found though that there is always something I love even more around the corner.


  7. Hello Jill, love stopping by to see what new exciting post you are blogging about... Always beautiful over here and inspiring.


  8. you cannot rush cleaning. when the time is right, that's when it will happen. you will work hard and when completed, you will so appreciate it. :-) Bestest,Denise

  9. Enjoyed your goodbye photo's.
    Wish you a great weekend,

  10. You just live too danged far away! :-( So I'll have to make do with your gorgeous, tempting photos!

  11. That means you have room for more treasures...lol

  12. Love all your treasures! What fun you'll have feathering your new nest. I know what you mean about letting go ~ I just made a few new things intended for the shop but I love them! Enjoy your weekend!

  13. I haven't been by for a while......I so LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK!!



  14. I need to do the same thing Jill! Empty the barn and what we call "the scary attic closet" to see what I really need to keep and what I can let go of... should be interesting! Good luck at your sale, Theresa

  15. Jill, you have found some wonderful things, wish I could be there. I am so excited you are coming to Texas in the Fall, OMG, I am saving you a front row seat and girl I have a great thing to offer you, I'll email you!!


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