April 19, 2010

The prettiest yardsale you'll ever find ...

There have been many "town-wide" yard sales going on over the past few weekends and I haven't shopped a single one ... that would totally defeat my purpose of clearing out my own space, now wouldn't it? And to be honest the shopping funds are still a wee bit low from this ordeal.

On Saturday I broke the rule and had to stop at just one sale ... just one, I swear!

Honestly, you lovers of all things romantic, shabby, and vintage ... would you have been able to do a "drive-by" if you saw this spread ?! I didn't think so ...
This is the home of a my neighborhood friend Valerie, a very talented and successful artist and designer ... it shows right? Valerie has her studio and shop located in town ... The Painted Cottage ... you can get a glimpse of the inside here.

Valerie also sells on line at Etsy ... you can find her shop here.

This is the spot I could have hung out all day ... the front porch swing ... positively dreamy.

These are the items that were here at 10am ... late by yardsale standards ... can you imagine what it looked like at 7am?
{click pic to enlarge}

I kept my control and picked up only one item for a dollar ... very hard to do when you want to scoop it all up and jam it into the back of your truck! However, I enjoyed my visit and catching up on what's happening in the neighborhood ... FANTASTIC sale Val!


  1. Wow - I would have bought everything she had out there! I'm guessing she did not have to schlep a lot of stuff back in at the end of the day!


  2. After showing us all the pretties at the sale, you didn't show what you actually bought. I am intrigued what it could have been if you had passed on everything else. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I bought a wire hat form for displaying hats ... it's still all twisted up and needs to be shaped .. if I showed a pic, you would have no clue what it was ; )

    Thanks for asking!


  4. ps ... what I really wanted were Val's red boots ... too cute, HUH? ...xo Jill

  5. Wow--so fresh and pretty looking and that porch would be calling my name,too! Can't wait to get out and do some yard sales myself!

  6. I would have been a buying maniac! That's the kind of stuff that makes me lose control, ha!

  7. Wow. So pretty. Would have wanted it all!!

  8. Wow, now that's a sale! Great pretty stuff.

  9. Wow~ I would have been in heaven at that yard sale...Are we really going to call it that? It looks like a beautiful sale.

  10. WOW!!! This is amazing, so fun.

  11. What a morning!!! best of luck on your sales..

  12. What a wonderful yard sale, I would love to come across one like that!!!

  13. I would have stopped no matter what! SO GREAT!!!!! Thanx for sharing.

  14. Wow Jill, that's the dreamiest yard sale I've EVER seen!!!


  15. That was a wow yard sale!!

    Beautiful when someone puts on a sale with great road appeal, and wow presentation, it's kind of like a party!

    The tent is inviting, she is like me, I like to stage my yard sales like a graden party lemonade stand and all.


  16. Oh My! I could go crazy there, you were a brave girl to get out and only spend a dollar. Can't wait to see your place when it's all put together! And wow, a clean basement. Maybe I should let you loose in my garage!
    love ya,

  17. OH - now why can't my neighbors have sales like that? Looks like a ton of fun. Blessings... Polly

  18. Holy Moly....that was a GARAGE sale? Wonderful.

    Warm blessings,

  19. Ohhh I want that mosaic table...prettiest garage sale I've ever seen too.


  20. You're so funny- and what self control you posess!!

  21. oh, why did i have to miss that one?!
    i could have spent all day wandering... and would have needed a u-haul to get it all back home! ;)
    it looked like such a great day!

  22. Oh, what treasures, bet you are happy you stopped in. Jane

  23. I would have loved finding treasures at that yard sale, and probably would have had a lot of fun too!


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