May 1, 2010

Creating 'Muchness' ... and memories ...

I signed up a ways back for the French Cupboard's "Mad About Alice" blog party ... the idea was to show off your "muchness" ... your creative creations all about Alice in Wonderland. Sounds like fun, no? ... Well, I had a problem ... I had NEVER read or seen an entire Alice story and was too embarrassed to admit so ... how could I create with my heart behind this project if I didn't even know the entire story? I couldn't ... I searched the Gypsy Prince's bookshelves for Alice ... nothing on Alice, plenty of Peter the Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, Velveteen Rabbit, Tom Sawyer, Mother Goose .... he had all the classics, except for Alice. To the public library we trot! Now I'm on a mission ... FIND ALICE!!

We easily found her on the library shelf .... many different renditions of her and her cast of characters.

I thought best to start at the beginning and chose the 'original' Alice.

Since checking out the book ... every night we have read a portion of The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. We haven't finished yet, so we don't know how the story ends ... 
So you ask ... where am I going with all this? ... I was coming down to the wire and thought I really needed to begin creating some "muchness" downstairs, alone, in the studio ... by myself ...

What? NO WAY!! ... it dawned on me and if you have read this far, it has probably dawned on you as well ... I have ALREADY created as much "Muchness" as one possibly can ... a little prince of a boy who has been waiting for me, every night, to read to him ... Alice in Wonderland ... The classic.
All is not perfect in Wonderland ... this is how the night usually ends when I tell him it's time to get into his own bed and turn out the lights ...
At least one of the monkeys around here always have a smile on their face !!
I did manage to create a charm bracelet for the give-away portion of this party ... would you like to see it? You'll have to go here to have a chance to win ... and while you are there, make sure you check out all the "muchness" ... special thanks to Beth and Polly for hosting this event!


  1. thank goodness....are you reay for this??? i'm not familiar with this classic tale, either!
    can you believe it? i'm almost ashamed to admit that! :)
    i know that i've seen snippets of the movie when much younger, but i need a refresher course!
    i thought i was the only one! ;)
    it's been really fun faking it! ;) i need to get ahold of the book, too.

  2. How I miss those days!! All these pictures are so precious, thank you for sharing. Have fun creating and hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  3. Such adorable photos and a fun story, to boot. Your wee one is precious! ~ Angela

  4. Boy would I love to win something of yours...Your child is so beautiful..

  5. Have you never watched the movie either?
    And there was me thinking every American knows Alice in Woderland by heart he he
    Well I think there is not much more muchness a woman can create than a sweet little munchkin ;-)
    Sending you my best wishes from Germany

  6. sharing the Alice story is the best! yay for monkeys ;-D happy Alice muchness day!

  7. Cute pictures, great story.

  8. Passing on the magic to youngsters is what it is all about!

    very sweet!


  9. sooo cute, i just finished participating in an alice in wonderland much fun!

  10. You're right, it doesn't get much muchier than that! What a precious boy.

  11. That little man definitely has "muchness"! You can tell by the look in his's just brimming over! Definitely your finest "piece of work"...
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  12. How Sweet Jill
    I think introducing your little one to Alice is a lovely outcome.. and full of 'muchness'... he's a cutie.. and so is the monkey!! Have a lovely May Day.. xx Julie

  13. Awww... he's so precious! Yep - bunches of muchness!!

    Blessings... Polly (p.s. I hadn't read it or seen it either. Steve and I had a date night and went to see the new movie after Beth and I announced the party!)

  14. So glad your making the time to find out about Alice and share them with your little one. Memories that will last forever.

  15. I just love it! Thank you! It is perfect.

  16. OK, now this is truly a darling post! Love that sequence of bedtime reading. So real! I wanted to participate, but didn't get it together. Love your angle. You know how to think out of the box! Great job!

  17. What a wonderful way to enjoy the book and your child!
    Come be my friend on my blog and enter a giveaway!

  18. This is the perfect "muchness"...of instill sweet dreams for a sweet little guy, so? we all have to cry a little sometimes!


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