June 30, 2010

White Wendesday and small details ....

There is just something about antique hardware that catches my eye ... it doesn't always jump right out at you, most the time you have to look very closely ... through layer upon layer of paint ...

... and there it is ...

... small details...
... beautiful intricate details ...

every now and then you have to take the time to stop, peel back the paint, and look behind the big picture ... you're sure to find some small detail to appreciate ... that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

These photos were taken on my last "trip" ... the one I was feeling a little a lot guilty about ... your comments eased my guilt considerably .... especially this one from 
Wendy {aka The Happy Homemaker}
"No worries, everything's slower in the summer.And, after all, if we aren't out seeing and doing...what'll we blog about?;)"

Happy White Wednesday friends ... wonder on over to Karen's place, Faded Charm, to get your weekly dose of beauty in white.

June 29, 2010

Almost famous ... in South Jersey

Have you heard?
Well, if not, you'll need to go here or here ... to read all about it!
Bring your champagne glasses and we'll supply the bubbly ; )

June 28, 2010

I've been a bad, bad ... very bad blogger ...

I really do have to apologize, to many of you .... I have been a bad, terrible, and downright irresponsible blogging friend ... and I'm truly sorry ... I know you don't think I'm being being sincere ... sitting here with my angel wings and all ... maybe you detect a little mischievous smirk on my face, no?

What have I done so wrong? Okay here it is, I'm way behind ... way, way behind in getting back to e-mails, questions, kind comments, blog hopping thru creative spaces, peeping in on all of my new sorority bloggerette sisters, and basically cruising around all of your wonderful sites to say "hello" and see what's new in your world.

Maybe being behind is not so bad ... but here's the thing {and this is what I really feel bad about} ... what did I do the first day I had a chance to catch up with all of you? Did I do it ?? No, I did not.

What did I do instead?
Grabbed my bff {you already know who that is} and barn market partner and went shopping!! 
{*reminder to self: get new sunglasses ... no wonder my teenagers don't want to be seen with me!}

Took off for a road trip to Renninger's Summer Extravaganza in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

{Road trip could not be more accurate ... a trip that should have taken 1 hr and 20 min each way turned into 2 1/2 hours plus each way ... HATE the turnpike!}

Found!! Authentic white cotton prairie skirts ... these are delicious ... can't mention how many I bought {in case The Man is reading}... but they were a steal! ... and if my waist EVER {hysterical laughter} becomes a size 18 in inches, I might just be able to wear one! Seriously, what pain and starvation did these women go thru?

Good thing that little peach taffeta number to the left had an elastic waist band ... that works!

We even got lucky and had the chance opportunity to meet Sweet Peg from French Vanilla ... here's a big "hello" from all three of us to Theresa{Garden Antiques Vintage} ... can't wait to see you in the fall!

Here's a collage of some of the great items I saw ... "saw" .... I did a lot of window shopping .. the prices were extremely high ... but the day was priceless ... spent laughing and having a ball!  I mean feeling really guilty for not being at home doing what I was suppose to be doing ...

Check out this ride .... this is what these dealers pack and drive their wares to the show in ... and then ... they sleep in the back at night, seriously! ... we got a kick out of that .... but I think the whole sleeping in the hearse thing would freak me out !! We did have a lot of laughs, so much our bellies hurt.

Loved these cowboy boots but when I asked Beth "Do they made me look fat?" ... she just laughed and replied ...

"well, what about these bloomers? do they make me look fat?" a few giggles later we left the boots behind and Beth bought a pair of bloomers for herself and a matching pair for me!! What a friend, thanks Beth!! {I guess she didn't want to look fat all by herself~ oh well, what are friends for?} Seriously girls .... I LOVE these bloomers !! .... and you know I have a thing for old underwear, remember this?

One last photo ... what do you think about these signs? "Crazy" right? ... bet you could think of a whole lot of people to buy one for ... I know I could ; )

So, there you have it ... please accept my apologies ... I promise to get back to good blogging behavior ... promise ... well, at least until the next flea market comes to town. Hope YOU are having some laughs and good times with your friends this summer and maybe hitting a market or two ...

June 25, 2010

Today is Rush day at the new "Bloggerete Sorority" ....

I've joined my first sorority ...

Karen, from the blog "Some Days are Diamonds" has come up with a fantastic blog party idea ... a bloggerette sisterhood !! And today we are being rushed .. relax ... it's all on the up and up, fun, and open to EVERYONE!! We rushees were presented with a challenge ... to take this photograph {below} and create anything we wanted to out of it ... okay that was the EASY part ...

Here's my almost finished project .... a vintage wooden basket purse ... painted and embellished with the photograph {altered slightly in Photoshop} ... some antique buttons, vintage lace, and a silk flower ... a little paint and viola ... done! oh right, almost done ... I still want to fix up the inside!

Like I said ... that was the easy part of being rushed ... the hardest part ... you HAD TO post a picture of yourself with your project ... yikes! I hate this part ... does anyone else feel the same way? ... I do not like my picture taken ; (

This was after a long, long day trip to the Renniger's Extraviganza Flea market road trip ... hot, sweaty, and tired!!

That's it ladies or sisters ... I'll be around this weekend to check in on all of my other sorority sisters and see what they came up with ... this weekend is full of blog hopping, I'm still in the mist of looking at everyone's creative spaces!

Have a wonderful weekend!...and thanks for all of the fun Karen!!

June 19, 2010

Where Bloggers Create ... round deux ... and a Gypsy's journey

This is where my journey began last year ... my latest studio space was my sun porch ... just off the living room ... overlooking the back and front yards and gardens ... perfect for creating and keeping tabs on the Gypsy Prince all at the same time ... you can revisit last year's entire  post here.
After blog hopping with all of last year's party goers ... I was amazed and more than inspired by all of the creative spaces I had enjoyed visiting ... it took me a while to get through the participant list ... I can only imagine how long it's going to take this year !!

With the creative juices flowing I headed straight away to do a little "refreshing" of my sun porch studio ...the next two photo collages are the "afters"...
I made a little slide show of the actual make over ....

Okay, maybe your thinking "so that was last year ... what about this year?" I'm getting there ... how does that saying go ?? ... about enjoying your journey to your destination .... I feel that last year was  truly the beginning of my journey to making the connection with many women on a similar path as myself ... I found a vast support system and loads of encouragement from fellow creative bloggers. 

One incredible lady for example is Polly from Counting Your Blessings and French Cupboard. After a few motivational conversations with Polly, I jumped aboard French Cupboard {if you've thought about joining, do it!} ... Being involved at FC has opened many doors of possibility for me ... this past Fall we donated gift bags for Theresa's blog party, aka {Garden Antiques Vintage} I sent along some Prairie Gypsy Rosettes ...
Jo Packham wearing a Gypsy Rosette at the blog party in Texas last Spring ... can I tell you how honored I was ?? If that's not a HUGE confidence booster ... the fact that Jo would actually be seen wearing {in public!} one of my rosettes ... I don't know what is.   Thank you Ms. Packham!

Polly is also helping me live out another one of my dreams ... remember this? My desire to see the big shows in Round Top, Marburger, and Warrenton? Well, I'll be experiencing them THIS FALL, in person, with Polly and Beth.  Thank you for being you Polly!

Which leads me to another dream come true ... I can't give out all the details on this one just yet .... but here's a hint ... it comes full circle back to the lovely Theresa and her famous blog party !! Details coming soon ....

...back to the point of all of this rambling ... it all started with a blog party, this blog party ... my journey began as a side trip on Karen's own journey with "My Desert Cottage" and her dreams and visions. Thank you Karen, for dreaming and creating .... you've given inspiration to many, myself at the top of the list! 

Sharing with other women is key ... you never know whose journey your going to fuel!!

My story doesn't end here ... when I thought about getting ready for this year's party, I took a long hard look at my studio space. It was a disaster .... I had outgrown the sun porch, plus I had been feeling guilty for overrunning {again!} a family space of our home. Where to go? ... back to the third floor attic ... yikes ...

I wanted to finish by today ... IMPOSSIBLE!! ... but this is how far I've come with making a new creative nest in the rafters ... literally ..
 I'll keep you posted on my progress in the new work area ... I have soooooo many plans for this space, including bringing up a vintage easel for The Gypsy Prince and all of his supplies ... The Gypsy Princess' collage makings .... My oldest son's graphic design work and music instruments ... and my husbands musical workings and theater library. I'm hoping to make the third floor space a place the whole family can enjoy creating and pursuing their passions.

I'll be making the rounds to visit your space over the next few weeks, I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for all of us this year. 

I can't wait to read about your journey, what inspires you, and what direction your creative blogging path is leading to ....

June 16, 2010

A Simple White Wednesday ....

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, maybe my most favorite ... I always wish they would last a little longer ... frilly, fluffy, and fragrant.

These three were the last of the white ones ... I was able to photograph them just in time ... the petals were literally dropping off as I took the pictures. Head on over to "Faded Charm" where our hostess, Kathleen has a whole list of scrumptious whites .... happy Wednesday to you!!

June 4, 2010

Vintage Black Friday ... No.05

Today is Vintage Black Friday over at The French Cupboard ... it's never to late to link up and strut your stuff !!

Would you like to see what I'm creating with the above pile of vintage black treasures?? ...

looky here ....

Have a great weekend everyone ... we are heading "down the shore" for our first official family beach weekend ... I hope you're having nice weather where you are, it's hot, hot, HOT here on the east coast ... always one extreme to the other!

June 2, 2010

Happy 50th to you ... White Wednesday ...

Happy 50th ... today is the 50th running of White Wednesday amazing! Doesn't she look great at 50? I thought I would share with you some old white, chippy, rusty, garden statuary ... these are my latest pics, seems like wherever I go I can't resist a shot or two of these plump angels or mysterious animal figures ... they never fail to intrigue me. Head on over to Kathleen's blog, Faded charm, for your fill of pretty whites today.

It's been awhile since I've done a White Wednesday post ... I thought this week would be a good one to jump back on the wagon, because not only is today White Wednesday but ... Friday is Vintage Black Friday over at the French Cupboard and Sunday is Silver Sunday over at Gypsy Fish . {oops, Beth just called to let me know SS is NEXT Sunday ~12th, not this Sunday, sorry!} .. what's better than a whole week of fun color themed parties ... nothing! ... Hope to see YOU over at the other parties later this week ... until then enjoy all the serene bliss in the whiteness!