June 28, 2010

I've been a bad, bad ... very bad blogger ...

I really do have to apologize, to many of you .... I have been a bad, terrible, and downright irresponsible blogging friend ... and I'm truly sorry ... I know you don't think I'm being being sincere ... sitting here with my angel wings and all ... maybe you detect a little mischievous smirk on my face, no?

What have I done so wrong? Okay here it is, I'm way behind ... way, way behind in getting back to e-mails, questions, kind comments, blog hopping thru creative spaces, peeping in on all of my new sorority bloggerette sisters, and basically cruising around all of your wonderful sites to say "hello" and see what's new in your world.

Maybe being behind is not so bad ... but here's the thing {and this is what I really feel bad about} ... what did I do the first day I had a chance to catch up with all of you? Did I do it ?? No, I did not.

What did I do instead?
Grabbed my bff {you already know who that is} and barn market partner and went shopping!! 
{*reminder to self: get new sunglasses ... no wonder my teenagers don't want to be seen with me!}

Took off for a road trip to Renninger's Summer Extravaganza in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

{Road trip could not be more accurate ... a trip that should have taken 1 hr and 20 min each way turned into 2 1/2 hours plus each way ... HATE the turnpike!}

Found!! Authentic white cotton prairie skirts ... these are delicious ... can't mention how many I bought {in case The Man is reading}... but they were a steal! ... and if my waist EVER {hysterical laughter} becomes a size 18 in inches, I might just be able to wear one! Seriously, what pain and starvation did these women go thru?

Good thing that little peach taffeta number to the left had an elastic waist band ... that works!

We even got lucky and had the chance opportunity to meet Sweet Peg from French Vanilla ... here's a big "hello" from all three of us to Theresa{Garden Antiques Vintage} ... can't wait to see you in the fall!

Here's a collage of some of the great items I saw ... "saw" .... I did a lot of window shopping .. the prices were extremely high ... but the day was priceless ... spent laughing and having a ball!  I mean feeling really guilty for not being at home doing what I was suppose to be doing ...

Check out this ride .... this is what these dealers pack and drive their wares to the show in ... and then ... they sleep in the back at night, seriously! ... we got a kick out of that .... but I think the whole sleeping in the hearse thing would freak me out !! We did have a lot of laughs, so much our bellies hurt.

Loved these cowboy boots but when I asked Beth "Do they made me look fat?" ... she just laughed and replied ...

"well, what about these bloomers? do they make me look fat?" a few giggles later we left the boots behind and Beth bought a pair of bloomers for herself and a matching pair for me!! What a friend, thanks Beth!! {I guess she didn't want to look fat all by herself~ oh well, what are friends for?} Seriously girls .... I LOVE these bloomers !! .... and you know I have a thing for old underwear, remember this?

One last photo ... what do you think about these signs? "Crazy" right? ... bet you could think of a whole lot of people to buy one for ... I know I could ; )

So, there you have it ... please accept my apologies ... I promise to get back to good blogging behavior ... promise ... well, at least until the next flea market comes to town. Hope YOU are having some laughs and good times with your friends this summer and maybe hitting a market or two ...


  1. No guilt or apologies needed. If we are to feel guilty, then I am in trouble! I am so far behind, forgiveness may never come! Looks like y'all had a blast! Love Peg, don't you? ~Mindy

  2. Who can begrudge a gal a shopping trip? I figure, generally it's cheaper by the hour! (Oh wait,,,,maybe not!)
    Looks like FUN to me!!!


  3. Jill, Had I been anywhere near you - I would've so been with you! And I can just hear my friend Joy saying "Start the car!"
    I want one of those slips! I will pay and pay for shipping if you ever find an "extra" one. (is there such a thing?) :) And I think you goofed on your post, it says size EIGHTEEN waist, not EIGHT! By the looks of you - an 18 would be around your ankles! :)
    Loved this post. Loved the pout! And I know you had a great time!
    :) Karen

  4. Forget the guilt! Looks like you had a fantastic time on a beautiful, sunny day!
    Wonderful angel pic! And that sign...Oh, yeah, I've got several people in mind! LOL!

  5. Hi Jill! Guess what... I saw at theshabbychiccottage that you won my giveaway!!! I was so excited it was a friend of mine who won, someone who knows be... well you know what I mean! So about your post, I must say, I love the first photo of you, sooooo cute. And then I get to the bottom photo and low and behold I see the signs I coveted at the show I did here in Mich. this past October. I love his stuff, the furniture he makes out of all kinds of different pieces is remarkable! I wish I could remember his name but I forget it right now but I would recognize those signs anywhere. I talked to him for quite awhile when we had some down time on our second day. (He's quite the character and well I love to talk... imagine that!) I love them but they were out of my price range I'm afraid. Well I can't wait to see what you pick out for your prize, remember you can go to either store... Take care, Theresa

  6. okay .... I forgive you
    now get your cute little buns blogging

    and let's catch up

  7. Um, let me think...blogging...junking...blogging...junking...junking...junking. Yeah...junking wins!
    Love the skirts, but I think I would have to wear one on just one thigh!
    Peg's a doll isn't she?

  8. Don't feel guilty, looks like you girls had a wonderful time!!! Blessings~~~Daphne

  9. Well, I think you may have company in the bad blogger boat. I just can't catch up. Does sitting in a chair blogging all day make MY butt look big? a-yea-uh!!! And Jill, seriously that comment you left me on the sorority post was just so so sweet! Love you to pieces, and I'm going to have to tell everyone about the necklace, a lot of people commented about it. You know, I wear it almost everyday!
    So you're off the hook with me, kiddo!

  10. Oh and p.s. love the sign, there's a lot of us "disturbed women" out here!

  11. Hi Jill,
    You are just too darn cute!
    No more feeling guilty please...live your life!
    Loved seeing all the loot at the Extravaganza...
    Take care,

  12. Man I want that sign it actually really did make me LOL. The hearse ahhhhhhhh, yeah gross.

  13. I went to Kutztown once. We had a lot of fun , but didn’t buy too much ( we had to ship to California) I too thought the prices high but it was fun ...enjoy yourself...we all take time out from time to time and so we should...Blogging has no rules...we make em ourselves...that’s what’s so great about it. So Enjoy girlfriend!!!

  14. Oh, Jill ~ No apology necessary. If I had a great friend like Beth nearby, a sunny day and a Flea Market (lets throw in the 18 inch waist while we're at it) I would probably blog once a month. Blogging is when you feel like it - when you have something you want to share. Otherwise we fall into the rut of making it a chore. I would hope everyone takes time out this Summer to do exactly what they want. Fall is right around the corner - perfect blogging time:) But you do look adorable in the wings:)

  15. Never feel guilty for having such a good time! We would all do the same, if we could. I love the 'Insane' sign and could use that in my own home.

  16. Jill, how sweet to wave to me and I can't wait to see you all, including sweet Peg ~ I've been missing seeing her at the shows. It won't be long...

  17. No worries, everything's slower in the summer.And, after all, if we aren't out seeing and doing...what'll we blog about?;)

  18. The little outing you just took us on helped us get over missing you! Looks like you had great fun ~ isn't that what it's all about?! Thanks for sharing!!

  19. Glad you girls had a great time! Peg is a sweetheart! I hope to meet you in Texas this fall as well!

  20. Hi Jill, You are one adorable little bloggin' angel!! Love that picture of you! It looks like you had a ball that day and I don't blame you at all for wantin' to get out to a flea instead of blogging! Thanks so much for becoming a follower of mine and adding a mention of me on your sidebar~~I really do appreciate it so much! Hope you're having a good week! Junkinjulie

  21. I've been there and I understand!!!

  22. Asylum for the Insane! At first, I thought it said "Escape Exit". ;) Actually, it really looks like y'all had a great time. Nothing like friends and junkin'! Really great photos of the two of you and Peg just having fun. Love it! ~ Angela

  23. that's ok, i'm equally as behind as well! don't think i'll ever catch up (although i'm taking a few minutes to visit you and beth before i go back to the grindstone!)

  24. No guilt, no worries all fun! I have to say I don't think anyone knew I was gone until a pile of stuff showed up on the back porch....hee hee.
    hugs my friend,


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