July 23, 2010

Flea Market Friday ... a new blog party at Lemoncholy's

Happy Friday! Today I want to introduce you to a new blog party my friend Kecia ... of Lemoncholy's flight of fancy ... has begun hosting ... "Flea Market Friday"  It's very simple to play along, simply link up and share some photos of your recent flea market, thrift store, garage sale {you get the idea} finds you were lucky enough to come across.

I have been selling more lately at the Barn Market ... way more than I have been shopping ... good thing, I need some sort of income to fuel my junkin' addiction!

Below are my latest buys ...

an antique embroidered sampler ... perfectly aged and distressed .... perfectly priced ... $5

A French book for photo props or using the pages for altered art creations ... $1

And third ... a gorgeous old rosary with red glass beads and lovely findings ... prices on rosaries have sky rocketed here in my area .... I believe I paid $25 for this one ... Not too long ago, I used to be able to pick them up for a few dollars, not anymore. {sigh} Those were the days.

Will you be getting out to treasure hunt this weekend? I am ... The Man has generously volunteered our home Saturday morning for community theatre play practice ... I need somewhere to escape and we all know what goes on Saturday mornings .... Garage Sales here I come !!

Have a great weekend and please checkout Kecia's new party.


  1. oh man, jill, that rosary - yum! i know, they are harder and harder to find for the bygone price of a few dollars! thanks for playing,


  2. Hi Jill,
    Love that antique sampler! Just beautiful....
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. The rosary is beautful!! Great finds~ Heading over to check out Lemoncholys blog.

    Have a beautifully junkified weeekdn!!

    Xo Kel

  4. Great rosary! I know what you mean about prices - its been like that around here too.

  5. I just love old books and that Rosary is lovely. Thanks for the "heads up" on Flea Market Friday ~ Im going over now. Have a great weekend.

  6. The rosary is beautiful! I want to go yard salen! Thanks for the info on the new meme.

  7. What great finds! But like everyone else I just love the rosary.

  8. It's all wonderful, but my oh my, that sampler is incredible!
    I'm off to check out the party!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Can't wait to see what you create with that rosary..it's just gorge!

  10. Oh yes, I am heading out bright and early tomorrow morning. Last weekend I scored big so I can't expect that to happen tomorrow but that's the fun of it......."the thrill of the hunt". :) Have a great weekend! xo Lynn

  11. Beautiful over here as always...Love the collection of beauty you posted, it all got me thinking about my creating.

    thanks for the invites to check out the parties :)

    Thank you for all your inspiration to us.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    "KEEP on ROCKING our GYPSY souls"

  12. 25.00 for a glass rosary is a good price nowadays...I bet you will make some pretty jewelry pieces out of it too.


  13. My first time visiting your blog and I have to say I love the feel of it. I will look around a little more. That is a great rosary and that sampler was a great deal.

  14. I have fallen in LOVE with your blog after my friend Sandy told me about you. I have added you to my Blog Roll so I can keep up with what's going on. Sure would love one of your belt buckles in the clear colors. I see all of the ones with the clear & rhinestones are SOLD! Charlene

  15. Hi Jill,
    I'm a bloggerette sister too! I just came over to say "hi"! and what a beautiful blog you have!!!!

  16. GREAT finds, I especially LOVE your rosary!

  17. Hi Jill, how very exciting to find your blog tonight! I am eager to read more, but too tired. - Coming back tomorrow and will follow you for sure! Laila

  18. The rosary is so very, very, lovely!!

  19. I am new to the world of blogging--but not to the seek of beautiful things! I love your blog! I also just discovered Kecia's new adventure and am happy to say I participated this week! Thank you all for the wonderful inspiration and creativity!


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