July 13, 2010

The Sweetest White Wednesday .... and my friend Debra

A sweet White Wednesday... see the sweet package below? It arrived on Monday morning from my most sweet friend, Debra Oliver from Common Ground.

If you're one of the lucky ones to know Debra, you'll also know "sweet" is a complete understatement!
This is one lady who is loving and true through and through ...
and creative, too.
Inside the pretty box? ... This gorgeous necklace in shades of white.
White enamel flowers, pearls, butterflies, and rhinestones ...
... the sweetest matching earrings as well.... complete with sweet little Gypsy Prince eyes peeping in on Mom's photo shoot ...
Self portrait of me {including every sun spot I own!} wearing my new jewels designed and created by Debra. 
I LOVE them!!

This package came just at the right time ... a much needed pick-me-up after a weekend of Gypsy Barn Markets ...
Debra has just opened her own on line jewelry boutique...
and these sweet pieces below {plus more} are still available ...

They are only a click away ... please visit Debra's petite boutique and wish her well, maybe even pick up a sweet treat for yourself while you are there ...

Happy sweet White Wednesday girls  .... now get your sweet cheeks on over to Karen's place for more lovelies!

Note added:
Are you ready for a fun party starting tomorrow and running through the weekend?
Well then, here's all the details.

Want to know how to make a pretty French Rosette?


  1. JILL!!!! You are an absolute doll and how crazy cute does that look on you?!!!! Great photos, girl and you look beautiful in it. really fun little piece of jewelry! Your little guy is just so darlin'!
    You're a dear, love you!

  2. Debra is a sweetie. I love all of your goodies - you deserve it! I'm going to make it to GBM next month. Looking forward to meeting a felllow "South" Jersey Girl!

  3. I must say...I am a HUGE Debra fan as well!
    She has stood by me thru a few difficult times and I can't think of a more devoted friend. This necklace is adorable! I love the way it looks on you. Just the right size and super cool!
    I hope you have a fabulous week!

  4. You are so right about Debra, she is the best!!! I love her jewelry and do plan on buying one of her gorgeous pieces. I love the one she sent you it looks stunning on you!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  5. Wow Jill~
    Debra's jewelry looks FABULOUS on you!!!! I think she should hire you to be her very own spokesperson and model!!!! ;)
    (and when you two are both famous...please don't forget about little ole me!!!)

  6. Hi Jill ~ Does Debra know what looks great on you or what. She is wildly talented. Great photos as well. Happy WW 2 U!!

  7. Love the necklace but oh my those earrings are to die for!! Yep too cute!

  8. You look stunning in your jewels from Debra!
    Debra is so talented and as you said, so very sweet.

    I'll go check out her shop again, maybe I missed something.


  9. I KNOW Debra and she has the biggest, kindess, loving, giving heart than anyone I know. She is truly the best!

    Take care, Sue


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