August 27, 2010

Butterfly Wings .... and letting them fly ....

Have you noticed how fast children wish for wings to fly? If you're a Mother I'm positive you have. Whether it's a little girl looking for fairy wings or a little boy with a super hero cape ... they all seem to want to fly. I remember having dreams when I was younger that if I ran fast enough I would begin to fly and soon I would be soaring above trees ... I never wanted to wake up from those dreams.

Now that I'm a Mom to three of my own ... I've watched them yearn for wings and receive them ... so bittersweet. 
As I watch my oldest prepare for his last year in College, nervously anticipating his "adult" wings ... while my middle child is still trying on different wings and searching for the "right fit" ... my youngest is putting on his first pair of "big boy" wings to fly away to pre-school this fall.

Me? I want to take all of their wings away from them. Yes, that's selfish ... they've earned them and deserve them, I need to let go. 
It's hard. 
I think it may be time for me to shed my wings and try on a new pair ... not completely new, just a little new.
I'm thinking "creative wings".
I'll let you know how I do.

The collage above is what I made for the French Cupboard's Paperie Party that's happening today.

A little girl dreaming of her wings ...

I used an old cardboard ashtray as the frame ... distressed with ink .... lined with a vintage dictionary page ... cut out digital graphic images ... 3d tape ... gel medium ... and glitter, of course!

As I arranged the papers I noticed that I completely by chance used the dictionary page that had the word "grateful" on it. That's what brought this all together for me ... I am "grateful" for my children and their individual wings, they are the biggest joy of my life. 

Getting lost in a creative project is my quiet time and when I can fully spread my wings  ... this is when I can relax and reflect. I'm thankful to be a part of such a wonderful and supportive group of women like you here in this blog world. Where are your wings taking you?

Remember this post not too far back? Well, here's what I've come up with ... Surprise packages!! ...
a vintage standard size cigar box filled with vintage and antique papers collected by me ... all from estate sales, flea markets, and auctions. 

Each box will be chocked FULL of unique items ... to learn more please click HERE
Wishing you all a happy and creative weekend ... and a little extra time to enjoy your childrens' wings!


  1. ...I soooooo get this!! My son is in his Senior year and my daughter is entering the 8th grade...oh the wings I've kept along the way...some gloriously still sparkling ~ and some so tattered and torn that only a mother could find the joy in them...
    and don't get me started about how I am constantly trying different butterfly wings on too (I thought we were supposed to already have those LOL!! eerrr...maybe that's when we get to heaven!!!)
    biggest squeezes love,

  2. I love this project. One of mine just "flew" off to college while the other is preparing to go next year. Such a bittersweet moment, and captured so perfectly in your work.

  3. This was so perfect for today. We are packing the car and will leave at noon to drop my daughter off for her freshman year. She is so excited and I am weepy. But I am so grateful to be her mother.


  4. What a Beautiful Paperie Creation & a Wonderful Post ~ As Moms we so want to keep them grounded, yet they Need their Wings ~ Let us Not make the mistake of Clipping their Wings to just Keep Them Close ~ Fly On Little Ones...

  5. How your creation is beautifull, love it---
    xo Dorthe

  6. Your "wing" thoughts brought tears to my eyes. When my son, now 35, got married, the mother/son dance song was "wind beneath my wings". The reference being that I was the wind beneath his wings that enabled him to soar and fly he sure did. I am very very proud of him....awww I am really crying. :) Love your converted ashtray. A paper ashtray??? lol...that's funny! Have a wonderful weekend. xo Lynn

  7. I'm with Lynn...a paper ashtray? Love how you transformed something that was obviously just for show into a show piece!
    Funny...I just did a post on my son's first day at school...33 years ago. I sure wanted to clip his wings that day...glad I didn't!

  8. Gorgeous paper true, where did they get those wings from in the first place?!!!! I guess it only gets better after they start bringing home the grand babies!!!
    Margaret B

  9. Completely adorable. Lynne M

  10. I loved this. Experiencing an empty nest for the first this year as my daughter is able to stay home and I no longer will be caring for my granddaughter (I have had her for her first 10 years). I am excited to begin my blog and put on my creative wings again--it will be bittersweet as I miss having her every day. Your creation is wonderful and inspiring!

  11. I often wish I could clip their wings but I also want to help them fly. It's so hard being a mom!

    I love your art, Jill! Blessings... Polly

  12. The love and wisdom of a mother ... knowing what we need to do and then doing it. sigh. Thanks for the memories.

  13. Jill, what a wonderful, loving, and reflective post! Your paper collage now speaks volumes!


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