August 12, 2010

Overwhelmed by generosity ...

Do you know Theresa at 612 Riverside? ... Lucky you if you do and I count myself in with the lucky ones ... if you don't, go introduce yourself right now! ... after that's done go on over to her Etsy shop{s} here and here. I was super lucky enough to win one of Theresa's giveaways a few weeks back {or was that months?} ... it was a shopping spree at her store ... let me tell ya, I had a hard time deciding, but as you all know, I have a soft spot for rosettes ... so I picked out two of my favorites, sent in my request and just take a look at what arrived in the mail yesterday!!

Uh yeah, talk about being knocked over with generosity ... can you  imagine how I felt when I unwrapped my brown box and all of this loveliness came spilling out? I was speechless ... just look at the presentation! Everything was wrapped and tagged and just stuffed full of goodies!!

Look at this skinny guy ...puts me in the mood for Fall ... he's going to have a place front and center on the mantle for Halloween this year.... and how about the little pendant? ... reminds me of the Gypsy Prince ... LOVE it!!

Here are the two rosettes I picked ... how fabulous?! ... they are soft and fuzzy, Theresa does a wonderful job making these crochet rosettes ... the attention to detail is outstanding ... and the price, affordable!
Thank you Theresa, I can't even tell you what pleasure you have brought to me today, I am truly overwhelmed by your generous spirit ... the happy gypsy dance will be going on for a long, long time here! xoxo to you!


  1. Lucky girl! I am off to her etsy shop ~ love the rosettes!!

  2. Christmas in August! Lucky you!

  3. oh wow, love all those goodies, those rosettes will be darling this winter on all sorts of fun things. Love Theresa, she's sooo talented and a sweetie too!!

  4. Oh my! You must have felt as if it was your birthday! How lovely to have all those treats! I am going to go take a peek at her shop right now!
    Thanks! :)

  5. You are so welcome! It's easy to be nice to nice people! I'm so glad you like your prizes, enjoy and thanks for saying such sweet things! xoxo right back atcha...Theresa

  6. I love love your work, and how cool to have gotten such amazing items, It is nice knowing so many amazingly creative ladies who love to share what they do-how they do it and give generously..

  7. It's so fun to get treats in the mail!

  8. Jill, you were the lucky winner of some fabulous things!!! I love the skeleton and her roses are so beautiful, wow, what a great parcel to receive!!!
    Of course you will make something super fantastic and creative with all of the goodies! I can't wait to see, I love your work!
    Margaret B

  9. What a great bunch of "goodies"! I have already checked out her blog and will be paying a visit to her Etsy shop next!!
    Happy Junkin! Cathy aka Girls gone Junkin

  10. Love all your goodies. I'm lucky to call Theresa a blog friend and yes she is as talented as she is sweet.

  11. I love the charms they are great, I live in Australia and would love to make some for myself, How do you do them????

  12. What a gorgeous giveaway lucky you I can hear you dancing all the way over here!!! :))


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