August 31, 2010

Rosette Swap Party .... and the winners are ...

Finally ... today is the blog party portion of the Gypsy Brocante Rosette Swap ... the day we all get to show off our fabulous rosettes we were gifted with from fellow rosette lovers !!

Before I reveal my rosette, I just want to thank EVERYONE who participated in my first ever swap ... I'm sending out big hugs to you all who had the courage to sign up and play along with me while I learned the ropes, so to speak, of hosting a swap party.
I HOPE you had as much fun as I did!

Now looky here ... see that HUGE box sitting on the sofa? That's what came in the mail from my rosette swap gal ... I almost fainted when I picked it up at the Post Office ...

It was wrapped really pretty, but do you think I could wait until I got home to take it's picture before opening it? NO WAY! I tore it open on the sidewalk in front of the PO. I had more errands to do that day and I wouldn't be home for hours ... one thing I'm short on PATIENCE!

So ... here's all the very pretty wrapping {I saved it!}, in a rumpled mess ...

... and here is my pretty french ribbon rosette in a peachy pink color ... dripping with seam binding and lace ... just my style!

A hand made card and gift tag ... with pretty rhinestones and glitter ... dreamy! But why such a big box for a rosette? Because .....

There were two rosettes ... THIS ROSETTE was in there as well.... 
A petite version of the one above in cream ...

YES ... can you believe it??!! ... a PURSE ... 
Yep, brought tears to my eyes ... seriously ... could NOT believe it. Could NOT believe my partner would be so over-the-top GENEROUS. I will always treasure my rosettes and purse from Daphne. Her talent is as big as her heart {a creative genius, don't believe me - check out ALL of her scrumptious designs HERE} ... we'll I should have known ... she's from Texas and isn't everything bigger in Texas?
I'm hoping to have the chance to meet Daphne next month and give her a big hug in person ... I might even pick her up and swing her around! I swear!!

Speaking of Texas, I'm already making plans for my new goodies ... don't you think they're the PERFECT accessories for my Texas outfit? Giddy-up!

Beth was kind enough to take this picture at our Gypsy Barn Market last week ... HA! then she was kind enough to try and steal my new goods .. LET GO of MY BAG!!... this got a little ugly ... but don't fear there wasn't any damage done ... not to the goods at least ; )

I LOVE rosettes !!
and ... I LOVE to give rosettes ...
I want thank all of you who left wonderful comments over the past month or so and posted about the swap and giveaway ... THANK YOU!
Here are the three winners of the Giveaway:
2.}Cassandra from My artful Adventures
3.}Charlene from My Hearts Ease

{please e-mail me you mailing address and I'll get your package out to you}

Stop by and visit all the rosette swappers below ... we'll be sharing the very special packages we have received from each other ... I'm sure there are many beautiful roses here to fill your senses!

And thank you again, EVERYONE, for joining in the fun!!


  1. WOW! You are a lucky girl for sure! I think your Texas outfit is perfect... you look gorgeous! Love the bag, she is amazing! Have a great day! Theresa xoxo

  2. Oh My - that purse is absolute stunning. You lucky gal. I love everything about it and both rosettes are beautiful.
    ~ Tina

  3. Congratulations to the winners. Jill, that includes you as well, that purse Daphne created is GORGEOUS!!! She makes the most fascinating purses. The purse is just right for your Texas outfit!

  4. Oh my goodness! Oh my GOODNESS! EEEEKKKK! I was so excited when I stopped by and saw that I was one of the lucky winners . . .. eeeekkk! Thanks so very much! This swap was completely amazing! This is the very first time I have ever won anything online and I am just so excited! I will be sending you my address and posting my revel today. Thanks so very much! :) Cassandra

  5. You definitely hit the jackpot! Beautiful items!!

  6. ...WOWweWOWwowWOW!!!!
    I'd say you hit paydirt!!!
    (what does that mean, exactly, anyway?!)
    Your rosette package is stunning!!
    Love it all, and YOU make it look even more fabulous!!!
    Thank you for hosting this party! I hope you have an awesome week, sitting on a beach somewhere ~ under your gypsy girl umbrella!!

    xoxox, Rosemary

    OH! ~ and congrats to the rosette winners of your giveaway! I know first hand, YOUR rosettes are like no other and crazy beautiful!!

  7. Hi Jill! I was so surprised to see my name among the winners, Whoo Hoo! I am so excited!


  8. Wow Jill...that purse is amazing and it's so you too. I love it and I love the fact that you took the time to have this fabulous swap. I was honored to be a part of it. thank you!

  9. Beeeeautiful!!!!!
    Do you have a tutorial on how to make those wonderful rossettes?
    I'd love to add some romance to our bedroom lamps and pillows!
    Thank you.

  10. This post and that beautiful rosette has now convinced me to learn to make them...damn you people! So far my home since getting started with this blog stuff has transformed. Everything went from vintage and dark wood antique to buying a gallon of Antique white every week! haha Awesome post and I adore that flower. Oh and all your beautiful creations.


  11. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I can not believe I won your Give Away!!! This just makes my week! And I needed a BOOST since playing "Nancy Nurse" (it's been a 12 days since Hubby had Open Heart Surgery & he's been a bear). This just makes my heart smile. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    And I love all the goodies from your swap partner! She did an awesome job! You looked adorable in that outfit & it will be perfect for you Texas Debut. You'll be the belle of the CowGirl Ball. THANK YOU AGAIN! BIG TEXAS HUGS! Charlene

  12. Hey darlin'!

    What an exciting event you had...and all those loverly treasures!!! By the way, your outfit down here in Texas will be perfect!!! now ya just need to strap on a hold your water! LOL

    Hope to meet up with you when you get here...I live about 68 miles away so I come back and forth. Just email me when you are going to be in town and how to get a hold of ya and I will try and meet up with you! xo..deb

  13. OMG... I would have absolutely fainted at receiving such an abundantly generous, beautifully crafted and delightful amazing exchange package. You look stunning in it all, I'm SO happy for you.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  14. I've been visiting around and looking at all the art that's been created. I'd say this was a huge go girl!
    I knew that had to be from Daphne as soon as I saw the cowhide. Aren't her bags divine? Lucky're gonna be hard to top at the blog party toting that bad boy!

  15. As always you are the hostess with the mostess!...hey did you take that bag away with you?...I think I better go check on your house, you know, to be safe, make sure your house sitter is doing her never know what might go missing while your away....
    big hugs

  16. OH MAN! You do know if you have that purse anywhere in the vicinity of your class on Friday that - well - I confess - you might as well just consider it GONE! :) LOVE IT! Very special swap for you that's for sure!
    Thanks for hosting this! It's been GRAND! I love mine!
    See you very soon- Joy isn't coming! :( I'll flying SOLO on Labor Day Weekend - I cannot even imagine the traffic . . . UGH!
    HUGS! Karen

  17. Wow, those are just beautiful !
    Thank you for hosting this swap, it was a lot of fun and I looove my rosettes.

  18. Hi Jill, I don't know where to start except to say thank you sooooo much for your kind words, they meant so much to me! I hope you recieved my email I sent you after you picked up your package, if not I can resend it to you, just let me know. Your email was just beautiful and made me cry ( happy tears of course) This is my first swap party and it has been so much fun! You've been such a great hostess!!! I love your pictures especiall the one of you and Beth playing tug of war with the purse!!! hugs~~~ Daphne

  19. Wow, what beautiful rosettes and that purse, oh my goodness!!!! All of the rosettes are so unique and scrumptious!!! You all did a fantastic job...I can't wait to see the rest of them!
    I wished I hadn't been so ill, I would have loved to send you some roses!!!
    Next time!
    Margaret B

  20. Found your blog through Pink Pixie Forest, who was the lucky recipient of YOUR rosette...BEAUTIFUL blog - I can see this is going to be one of my favorites. Have been doing ribbonwork rosettes for quite a few years, myself - they are one of my favorite ways to pass a few hours, playing with beautiful ribbons and sparkly embellishments!

  21. Oh Jill how I wish I'd been there to see you tearing open your parcel outside the post office!! And what a fabulous parcel it was..... and you deserve every bit of it! Thanks so much for being a great hostess. I didn't think I would be able to join in tonight but guess what - my rosette arrived all the way from Australia THIS VERY MORNING!

  22. WOW...what a beautiful gift you is beyond gorgeous! It will be the perfect accessory for your outfit!

  23. This looks like delightful fun! That purse is one Texas beauty. I live in East Texas. A very talented gal made that one. You lucky girl you!

  24. Jill,

    Thank you so much for hosting such a great party. I had so much fun making and sending my rosettes. And so much fun receiving my wonderful package as well.
    I love all the goodies you received. How awesome is that bag. It is perfect with your outfit, which I must say that I completely want.
    Have fun down here in Texas at the Round Top show. Maybe I will see you there,
    Spells and Wishes,
    Wendy from wonderland

  25. Congratulations to all the winners!
    These rosettes are all so lovely...this was a really fun swap Jill, thank you so much for assisting us to spread beauty!!
    You lucky duck...that purse is off the charts and the!!
    Big Hugs xOxO Nerina

  26. Oh, how lovely and innovative. Marvelous!
    Have a bella day ~ xox Alexandra

  27. That purse is to die for!!!! Wear it in good health!


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