October 13, 2010

White pumpkins and a quickie ....

White pumpkins and a quickie .... what do they have in common? Nothing really ... only that it's White Wednesday and this will be a quick post. I can't believe a week has flown by me ... I wish Father time could slow things down a teensy bit ...
I've been super busy preparing for the Gypsy Barn Market happening this weekend ... and still catching up on the home front with my daily 'chores' after being absent for a week. 
I wanted to take this quick second to thank everyone for ALL of your super nice comments and super response to my lil' Shabby giveaway {plenty of time left to put your name in the hat!}. 
I'm working my way thru e-mails and if you haven't heard a peep from me, I'm working on it.
I hope Father time gives you {and me!} a few extra moments to enjoy today!

October 10, 2010

Silver Sunday and my latest crush ....

Happy Silver Sunday Sistas ... I have a new silver crush ... well it's not all that new, but since my trip to Texas it's become a lot deeper. Silver trailers make me weak in the knees ....

Painted up Gypsy style ... what fun!

This gal even hauls her baby inside to use as part of her display and dressing room.

Just for the heck of it ... I checked out my local Craig's list and looky what I found!
and here
For now ... until I can save up ... I think I'll have to settle for these mini Airstream string of lights and keep dreaming! Now scoot your wheels on over to Gypsy Fish to check out all the Silver for today.
Happy trails!

October 8, 2010

Magnolia Pearl ... Marburger 2010

Can you imagine a better place other than Magnolia Pearl to play dress-ups with your girlfriends? ... and have Robin Brown play along with you? Me either ... come on, you can play too!

Could you not just dive into this pile of Magnolia madness? Swimming thru a sea of bloomers ... oh lord, my love for bloomers ...
The most creative displays litter the entire tent ... mannequins come alive formed from various pieces of rusty wire, metal and scrap ... dripping with the signature antique lace ... amazing!

And our playmates today? The Gypsy Princess, Cori {Beth's daughter} and all of the Magnolia girls themselves ... check out Cori's smile ... it did not leave her face the entire time, I believe she actually said her face hurt from smiling so much that day. What a great ache to have ...

The dress was a stunner .... created from many different pieces of colored crochet ... a real stand-out amongst all the muted neutral tones ... the pretty redhead is Polly from The French Cupboard {more about her later}
This is my favorite photo of Cori and Robin ... although I would like to see them holding hands and strolling thru a field of wildflowers ... perfect magazine shoot?

One other thing Robin dishes out besides wonderful clothing ... wonderful hugs!! ... this gal will wrap you up in her warm affection...And her husband, John, is always around to lend a helping hand ...

Even Cori's Mom couldn't resist getting in on the action ... it is contagious!! Very nice Beth!I did manage to try on one thing .. a scrumptious silk jacket in the prettiest shade of greyish blue ... getting one of those Magnolia squeezes ... wanna know what's running thru my mind? ... "God, please, please let a smidgen of this woman's talent rub off on me ... I promise to be really, really good" ... seriously, see how hard I'm pressing my cheek to hers trying to absorb some of her magic?!

For more behind the scenes and workings of Magnolia Pearl, take a look at Robin's blog, here.
Hope you had fun hanging out and playing dress-ups ... speaking of dress-ups, next post I'll have prom pictures from The Junk Gypsies infamous party!!

Happy Friday girls!

October 6, 2010

Lauri does white right !!

Lauri Evans of 2 Chippys does white to perfection ... this gal has it down pat ... take a look and you'll see what I mean ...

All photos are from Lauri's booth at Marburger farm's Antique show ... her style blew me away, along with her fun personality and infectious laughter ... and this girl can certainly tell a story or two to boot!Layer upon layer of many shades of white ... French inspired graphics abound.

How does she make her whites so fresh, modern and not the same 'ol same 'ol?
I believe it's her natural design talent ... she's choosing to combine her whites with deep rich browns ... lustrous golds ... warm greys ... a bit of deep green ... and just the slightest hint of black. This is what makes her whites stand out and her displays over-the-top GORGEOUS!

Did I say GORGEOUS? ... here is the most gorgeous 'item' in the booth {and she is an 'item'} ... dressed in what else? ... WHITE of course ... mixed with grey and black. Does she have this down to a science or what?!
I'm linking up to White Wednesday today over at Kathleen's {Faded Charm} ... hope to see you there.

October 5, 2010

Stargazing in Texas .... and a SHABBY giveaway

We all know how the song goes ... The stars at night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas ... well, they're pretty darn bright in the daylight at Marburger as well! One of the brightest stars in my design book is Rachel Ashwell ... creator of Shabby Chic {like you didn't know!} I have all of her books and have followed her for many years, I am a true fan of the original/authentic Shabby Chic style. Soft mushy rumpled linens in shades of cream and white ... a touch of romantic pastels .... and just a small touch of nature, perhaps a rose or two? ... all topped with the most elegant crystal chandelier!
While waiting for the gates to open early on Tuesday at the Marburger antique show, I asked my traveling companions, "Is this the place I may see Rachel?" .... their response, "Well, maybe ... but not likely ... she usually shops before the public and is given certain carte blanche privileges" ... Oh well, I thought to myself ... whatever. Then everyone left me alone ... two went off to get food and the other two went to the parking lot. I just hung out ... waiting and taking in the view. Little did I know my 'view' would include the Queen of chic herself ...

I couldn't believe it! Rachel hanging out waiting for the gates to open. I thought it would be best to leave her alone...everyone else was, but then I realized they were used to seeing her here and if I wanted a chance to say "hello" I better make a move. I'm not a very forward person so it took me a bit to gather my courage, but I did ... I turned and said hello and introduced myself, the rest is a blur .... I'm sure I stumbled on my words and I know I was visibly shaking by the time I finished!

The gates opened and off she went ... how tempting would it be to follow and see how she shops? What she's buying ... so forth and so on. Well, I didn't ... my better judgement got the best of me, plus I didn't want to be a yucky stalker or anything! It was fun however bumping into her along the way ... our paths crossed quite a few times. Here she is wishing Robin Brown {of Magnolia Pearl fame} a happy birthday and checking out a new blouse.

I did see her at lunch, she was in-line behind us ... I didn't go as far to snap a picture ... I'm not that rude!! but, I'll tell you she had a plain cheeseburger to eat. We were lucky to have some more chat time while waiting for orders. Rachel was incredibly nice and down to earth. A very warm person. There was nothing pretentious about her ... it was a surreal experience to be able to have a conversation with her. I floated around on cloud nine for the remainder of the day ....
On Thursday the Junk Gypsies hosted a book signing for Rachel's newest book:
Rachel Ashwell
my rooms, treasures, and trinkets
I had two books signed, one for me and one for YOU!!
 That's where the giveaway comes in.
Since Rachel is a blogger as well, I thought it would be fun to have her sign a book to a "blogger" and give it away. 
The book is signed:
Happy Blogging!
Hope you enjoy my story
Rachel Ashwell
I also thought it would be nice to add a little something extra to the giveaway.
After a little thought and looking at my photos from the day ... I noticed both Rachel and I were wearing scarves. So I created a Shabby chic inspired scarf yesterday and will include it in the prize. One side of the scarf is a shabby petite flower print {much like the blouse Ms.Chic was wearing at Marburger} and the other side is a dreamy pale blue satin .... all ruffled together and adorned with vintage crochet and seam binding.

I will continue to add more Shabby Chic inspired items to the package through-out the month. I'll keep you posted on the "extras"... by the end of the month this should be the most "quintessential" shabby giveaway!!

Would you like to play? To gather the most entries, we'll do it the way I always do:

Leave a comment on this post earns 1 chance.
Become a follower earns 2 chances.
Already a follower? Let me know, earns 2 chances for you .
Mention and link to my give-away on your blog, earns you 3 more chances.
Last day to enter will be Monday, October 31st at Midnight est.

Have you ever been starstruck? Were you happily surprised or surprisingly disappointed? Please share your stories ... and keep your peepers open, you never know who may be standing right next to ya!

October 4, 2010

The Ladies of Zapp Hall ... 2010

Grab your morning coffee {you may need two cups} and let me take you on a photo tour of my favorite ladies of Zapp Hall ...
I'll let the pictures do most of the talking ... I hope you enjoy!!

{Garden Antiques Vintage}
First up is Theresa Cano of Garden Antiques Vintage .... Theresa has a great eye for combining tattered and torn with a touch of rich natural earthy elements. Love her style!
{Garden Antiques Vintage}
{Garden Antiques Vintage}
{Garden Antiques Vintage}
{Garden Antiques Vintage}
{Garden Antiques Vintage}
{Garden Antiques Vintage}
{Garden Antiques Vintage}
{Garden Antiques Vintage}
 Not far from Theresa's is Winnie & Tulula's ... they had the most scrumptious bedding and beds ... I could have climbed right in ...
Winnie & Tulula's
Winnie & Tulula's
Winnie & Tulula's
Winnie & Tulula's
Paris Montana
A few short steps away is Heidi of Paris Montana and the infamous 'Blacktop Jewel Box Boudoir' ... love, love, LOVE her petite airstream trailer ... inside and out!

Paris Montana
Paris Montana
Traveling with Heidi was Tricia from Vintage Bliss
 I didn't get a photo of Tricia's goods ... we were too busy yackin' it up and having a good time ... you can check out her fun items here ....
And last, but certainly NOT least were two gals I could not wait to get my hands on and give a big squeeze to Mindy of The Primtique and Robelyn of Red-Neck Chic!! Check out their way cool displays full of primitive and funk ...

{The Primitique & Red.Neck Chic}
{The Primitique & Red.Neck Chic}
{The Primitique & Red.Neck Chic}
{The Primitique & Red.Neck Chic}
{Red.Neck Chic}
 Look how silly Robelyn is closing her eyes for the picture ... her and I hit it off great ... we could cause a lot of trouble together!

And below is Mindy ... I had to wait all week to have the pleasure of meeting this gal ... it was sooooo worth it ... I couldn't stop staring at her, I felt like I found my lost sister, with her dark hair and blue eyes!

{The Primitique}

 That's all for today ... up for tomorrow is The Marburger Antique show, you don't want to miss it!
And I'll be announcing my Texas shows giveaway tomorrow .... here's a little hint ...

Have a wonderful day ... and thanks for sharing your morning Coffee with me.